Speaking of Zhang Ping, she remembered at the beginning.
At the time, she accidentally found that Huang FuJie's this small young boy was not what he seems, and there is more lying beneath.
She Immediately interested to delve further, then she discovered that his internal Qi had been adjusted by another person and that he had practiced orthodox Taoist methods, her curiosity swelled to the highest level.

Who taught him?

At that time, she wasn't in a hurry to teach the fourth prince, instead, she began to observe the people around her.
This observation alone revealed to her a very interesting person.

His name was Zhang Ping, an ordinary little eunuch.
When the little eunuch learned that she was aware of his martial arts, he was completely frank.
He also let them in about his plan to cultivate Huang Fu Jie to become the next emperor with the second-best martial arts in the world.
He would cover the martial arts, but he would leave it to them to educate Huang Fu Jie to become the emperor

Moreover, when the little eunuch found out that she and her husband's martial arts was unknowingly how much higher than him,he not only didn't feel ashamed of his previous boasting, but also felt that he had found a shortcut to become the world's best martial art master.

He started stealing her knowledge, and she …
let him steal.
What is annoying is that this boy would rather steal her knowledge than to worship her as a teacher openly and honestly.

Well, although this kid Zhang was a little bit blank, but with him in the secluded little courtyard, the boring and tense palace life has become much more interesting.

She particularly likes to see Zhang Ping and Qingyun Bailian the two little servant girl acting like a fool, and Zhang Ping seems to have been trying to win over the two little girls.

She didn't know whether he had succeeded or not, but it was a fact that Xianfei and Hongxiu, including General Yan, didn't know the depth of Huang Fu Jie.
Not to mention about Zhang Ping.
The two little girls seemed to ignore his existence intentionally or unintentionally in their report.

Tut, he may look blank and distracted, but not stupid at all.
By the way, what about Zhang Ping? How come he was not seen all day?

Zhang Ping is both happy and expectant, he's been looking forward to it for a year, he finally got to see his parents again, and this time even his fifth brother came here.

His parents have been visiting him once a year since he entered the palace.
They didn't see him the first time because he was sent to re-education, Thankfully, they see it every year after that.

His parents reassured him by telling him everything was fine at home, His sister-in-law gave him two more nieces, the fourth brother was also married to the village's green girl* at the end of last year.1

Zhang Ping had saved some silver money on hand over the past two years, all of which he had shoved to his mother.

His mother didn't push back much either, kept half, and returned half to him, saying let him keep it for himself.
Zhang Ping left only five taels of silver, and the rest was stuffed back to his mother.
The reason is that he serves the prince, there is not much room for him to manage, and his monthly silver has risen to three taels and six yuan a month.

“How is the fourth prince you serve? What kind of person? Is he good to you? Did he usually beat or scold you?” His dad asks the same question almost every year.

Zhang Ping smiled and reassured his parents, “The Fourth Highness has been very kind to me and never scolded me.” His eyes, on the other hand, looked to Lao Fifth, who was accompanying his parents, and the boy was scowling at him with a very strange look that hadn't said a word to him until now.


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His father and mother looked at him carefully and found that Zhang Ping's looks really good, and he has grown taller, now he is taller than his father.
The twenty-year-old looks like a decent guy, his eyebrows are widened, However, at this age, the youth should be a little childish, but he completely can see that on his son.

But fortunately, Zhang Ping's shade of softness are not heavy.
Maybe because of his long-term martial arts practice, his body looks very strong.
don't know why his voice doesn't sound shrill which is unique to ordinary eunuchs, but rather hoarse and soft.
It doesn't sound bad.

“I heard that the Fourth Highness looked ugly, is it true?” His father whispered in his ear.

“Dad! “Zhang Ping smiles,”you listen to the nonsense outside! The fourth highness is the prince, but his appearance is a little different from that of ordinary people.
It's not ugly.
It's all rumor.


“It's true, of course.
Your son serves him every day.
Shouldn't i know whether he is ugly or not? Dad, hurry to go back with mother.
You have so much silver on your body.
Be careful on the way back.
” Zhang Ping wiped his sweat in secret, the rumour even spread among the people.
His fourth highness was too pitiful.

“Humph, why should we go so fast.
Think about your father these year…
Ouch, my child mother lightly,I haven't seen my son for such a long time.
Would you give me some face? “

“Face? You don't even have a substance* yet you still want to keep your face*? Staring and asking if the prince is ugly, why? You hate I'm old and ugly don't you?”1

“My child's mother, i was wrong, my wife, you know how i felt about you…

“Dead face*!” Zhang ping's mother sheepishly pushes away her man, she turns to hold her son's hand and says,”You should be careful what you do.
Mother won't say much.
Accompanying a king is like living with a tiger.
So was the emperor son also the same.
Even if you have been serving that Prince for many years, you should pay attention to discretion and don't overstep it.

“The palace is not like the outside, There are people watching anytime anywhere, you can't feel it now, wait later you …”

“You still saying I'm a nag, you're more nagging than me.” Zhang Ping's Dad muttered off to the side.

His mother glared at him, and the two of them got into an argument again.

Zhang Ping giggled with joy and followed the two elders to send them out of the palace.
Now the place they meet is the accommodation hall for eunuchs to meet their families.
It was built on the outer periphery of the palace, the north gate is used for access.

Zhang Xi, the old fifth, was naturally one step behind and walked beside Zhang Ping.

“Xizi, how's the family?” Zhang Ping asked his brother in a small voice.
He hasn't seen this brother for five years, luckily the general appearance hasn't changed.

Thirteen-year-old Zhang Xi looked up at him and said nothing.

“Be honest, don't lie to me.” Zhang Ping put his arm around his shoulder.
Zhang Xi struggled, but did not break free.

“Last year …
dad's old injury recur after he watch you came back.
He lay on bed for more than half a year.
When he was sick, he kept crying and said I'm sorry.
Mother was scared to death, thinking that Dad would not survive.
An old friend who knew medical skills came to visit and saved Dad.
The man saw that our family was in a bad condition, and sighed for a long time, and even paid for the medicine.
Later, when he left, he also took away the youngest* brother and said that he would make him his apprentice”1


Zhang Ping's heart was a little heavy.
His father's injury happened just after he was born, don't know who had hurt him, but after that, he and his mother went back to their hometown with several children and began to settle down in the life of ordinary people, never mentioning those past again.

A penny kills the hero han, regardless of what his parents were used to be, now they are just ordinary little people who have to run around all day to make ends meet.1

Knowing that life at home is not easy, he gave money to the two elder every year since the year before last, but they refused to ask for it.
If it wasn't for this year's difficulties at home, he's afraid the two elder would not take his money.
He came to the palace as a eunuch to support his family.
It will probably become a permanent thorn in their parents heart.
That's why his parents were so reluctant to take his money.

“Do you know who that person's name is?” Zhang Ping thought that if he had a chance, he would have to repay that person.
In the passing he would like to check whether his youngest brother been mistreated or not.

Zhang Xi thought for a while: “Mother calls him brother Hu, and father calls him medicine basket.
I don't know the name, father and mother should know.”

Zhang Xi suddenly changed the topic and said, “Third brother, do you know that people in the village are secretly laughing at our family, saying that there is a eunuch in our family.
When I play with the villagers, they all laugh at whether I have it underneath, Third brother, why do you have to be an eunuch? The village Fang picked up two children and sold them.
No one laughed at them.

Zhang Xi had probably been holding these words in his heart for a long time, his tone rather flushed.

“And dad, since you left, dad has always stood at the entrance of the village and looked, when he came back, his eyes were red.
Last year, when that medicine basket doctor came here, he also said that the old wound would relapse only when father was depressed.
Dad often tells us that he was the most sorry for you.
He also said that we must treat you well after you leave the palace, or we will not be children of Zhang's family.”

“Mother doesn't say it, but she treats everything you leave as treasure.
Big brother and second brother feel sorry for you every time they mention you.
Third brother, you don't have to be a eunuch, why don't you go back with us? ” Zhang Xi said and choked.

Zhang Ping couldn't help but put this half-size brother in his arms, the words of a child, though hurtful but they are also true.

” I'm sorry.
Brother didn't think that much of it at the time and just wanted to make things better for the family.
But the next time someone jokes about your brother being a eunuch, you tell them : My brother is very good*.
He didn't steal, rob or cheat.
Isn't he just short of that thing below? You all who say that are less of a man than my brother! “1

Zhang Xi wiped his tears, a little embarrassed.
Having not seen his third brother in over five years, he was a bit shy about his current closeness.

“Third brother, don't get me wrong.
I'm not saying you're bad, I'm just…”

“I know what you mean.
If the eldest brother or second brother became an eunuch, I would not be able to raise my head.”

“Certainly not! Third Brother, you will definitely rush up and beat up those who say bad things.” Zhang Xi shouted, even more embarrassed afterwards.

Zhang Ping laughed and said, “Yes, your third brother is a man without brains.
Xizi, I will rely on you to protect this brother when I come home.

Third elder brothers, don't worry.
We brothers have made a promise.
When you come back, we will let you stay in the largest room.
When you go out, we will have a person to accompany you.
No one will bully you! Later, if they dare to call you eunuch, I'll fight them with my life!”

“Haha.” Zhang Ping laughed to tears.

“Fight with your life? Stupid fellow, your third brother's martial arts is so strong, he still needs you to fight with your life? Besides, it's true that I became an eunuch.
When they laugh let them laugh.
We can live a good life ourselves.
In the future, I will try to earn more money, and when my family gets rich, maybe those who mock your brother for being a eunuch will regret how they didn't become one in the first place.

The two elder of Zhang family looked back and did not understand what the two brothers were saying that could make them laugh and cried.
But seeing Xizi getting close to his third brother again, the two elders are still very happy.
They brought the fifth child this time, because this fifth child back home, did not know what cow horn have poked him that he yelled at his elder brother and said that he never wanted to see his third brother again, and was beaten severely by his big brother.1

“Third brother, you really won't come back with us? “

Zhang Ping shook his head, “I can't go back yet, I have to wait for the palace to release me.”

“Then how long will it take for them to release you to go back? “

“Soon, wait till you get married.
“Zhang Ping talks nonsense.

“Okay, then when I get home I'll ask mom to get me a daughter-in-law.” Zhang Xi nodded earnestly.。

Zhang Ping hugs his fifth brother and laughs.
How can his brother, like his highness, be very clever at ordinary times, but sometimes he will be stupid for no reason? But his own brother is still better, no matter how resentful, they would just talk it out.
Unlike those in the palace.

If Huang Fu Jie is here at this time, he will tell Zhang Ping: Whose brother is like who, don't get me involved.

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