Reluctantly, Zhang Ping sent his parents and fifth younger brother away, he returned to the palace almost one step at a time, carrying in his arms the salted bacon that his mother had specially brought to him, he even walking some degree lighter.

However, as soon as he entered the inner palace, Zhang Ping's expression changed, becoming a little silly and a little wary.

Back in the courtyard where he lived for more than five years, his highness is practicing archery.
The yard is not big, so he can only practice arm strength and accuracy at close range.
Zhao Gonggong, one of the two great shifu nearby, pursued after him with an open ended steel sword.

Huang Fu Jie, wearing a mask, not only has to avoid the pursuit of Zhao Gonggong, but also has to shoot arrows continuously until the arrow in the pot is finished and finally see how many arrows he can hit the bullseye

At the beginning of the training, Zhao Gong used a wooden sword, then there was the unsprung sword, and then came the open bladed sword.

At this time last year, not only was Huang Fu Jie unable to hit the bullseye and he would be injured, now he will suffer a bit of injury but the odds of hitting the bull's-eye are much higher, four or five out of ten arrows will always hit.

If there is no movement or pursuit of experts, Huang Fu Jie's arrow would definitely hit ten out of ten .
Besides, he has great strength, not to mention a hundred steps, even at a distance of twice as far he can also shoot at the target

Zhao Gonggong is very satisfied with Huang Fu Jie's archery skills.
He mainly taught riding marksmanship, art of war, martial arts and other external skills*.

On the other hand, Yang Momo who is doing embroidery on the side and looks weak, teaches Huang Fu Jie internal skill* and some of the rarer things she was willing to teach.1

“Zhang Ping, did your father and mother come? Did you bring any delicious food?” Qingyun ran over first.

“Qingyun meimei” Zhang Ping giggles.
He likes the lively Qingyun very much.
If it wasn't for the one below gone, maybe he would try to steal Qingyun home to be his family daughter-in-law.

“What are you laughing for? Silly!” Qingyun poked Zhang Ping's forehead with a finger.

Huang Fu Jie shot out of the target.

“What's that bulge in your arms? Take it out.”

“It's bacon.
Tonight I'll have steam bacon for you all to eat.”

“Great! I just like to eat bacon.” The eighteen-year-old Qingyun smile blossomed.

After greeting everyone in the courtyard, Zhang Ping went into the kitchen and honestly chopped wood and boiled water.
In this courtyard, for five years he was basically a handyman, doing everything that Qingyun and Bailian did not want to do.

Originally, eunuchs in the palace had their own posts, but because their small courtyard was in a special situation, they didn't want too many people to disturb them, so the work that should have been done by some eunuchs in the palace also fell to Zhang Ping's head.

Zhang Ping doesn't care, everything was done as his practice exercises.
So he chopped that wood well, picked the water steady, and swept the leaves in the yard fast.

While Zhang Ping boiled water for everyone to bathe, Huang Fu Jie had successfully finished today's practice.

Seeing that Huang Fu Jie's nine out of ten arrows hit the target, and four of them are on the bullseye, Zhao Gonggong nodded with satisfaction.
He can't say how much he likes this fourth prince, but he appreciates his talent in martial arts and military skills.
Two years ago, he officially accepted him as a disciple and taught him some unique skills from the bottom of the chest*.
At the same time, he became more strict toward him.1


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“Your Highness, this is a letter from general Yan.
” Bailian came and greeted him and handed him a secret letter.

Huang Fu Jie sat down on the stone bench in the courtyard.

Bailian immediately served a fragrant tea and retreated.

“What message did your grandfather send you?” Yang Momo asked while embroidering.

Huang Fu Jie waved his hand, “good news.

At night, inside the Fourth Princes' quarter.

“The fifth prince seems to be called to questioning.
The servant of the Sixth Prince proves that the sixth Prince received a post from the fifth prince that day when he went to LiuYun palace.
But why did the fifth Prince kill the sixth prince? Moreover isn't it obvious that he did this?”

Zhang Ping puzzled and frowned in thought.
Although the little brat was annoying, but he was gone just like that, It still didn't feel good to hear about the incident.
It was not about his status as a prince but it was also a human life.

Huang Fu Jie is holding chess pieces on the sandboard to play against the two armies, it looks just like child's play.

“Your Highness, I'm asking you.” Zhang Ping poked Huang Fu Jie , who was fully absorbed.

The Fourth Prince looked up.
A deep face different from ordinary people would definitely make people remember.
The herringbone-colored birthmark extending from his brows to the ears, made his face startling.

Maybe Zhang Ping has been used to this face, he not only doesn't find this face ugly, but also thinks it's masculine.

“It's not him.
“After saying these three words, Huang Fu Jie lowered his head again.

“You mean the killer wasn't him? Why are you so sure?”

“That day, the fifth child and the sixth child went to the legendary haunted Liuyun Palace.
Lao third, me, and the eldest, and the third princess all know this.
Lao Sixth had the favor royal father and was always the target of jealousy of several princes and princesses.
Someone had long wanted to teach him lesson.

“That day at the Royal Garden, the eldest princess asked me to frighten the sixth prince.
At that time, she also asked me to act as a ghost to scare him.
I refused.
Later Lao fifth said that he would ask the Lao sixth to go to the haunted Liuyun Palace to test his guts.

“You are saying that the one who knew that the sixth prince will go to Liuyun Palace that day was not only the fifth prince? “

“Mm.” Huang Fu Jie continued playing with his sandbox.

“The eldest princess knows, It means that her highness the empress may also know, behind the empress there is also the grand prince.
The third princess know that means her highness Gui Fei may also know, Gui Fei is also mother of the 2nd prince.
Well, there are all the suspects.”

“Is it” The fourth Prince's lips slightly curved.

It can be seen from the news from his grandfather that the current situation in the imperial court is unclear.
Although Emperor Sheng has not yet established a crown prince, but due to the pressure exerted by the court high officers, he will most likely make his eldest son, Huang Fu Hun, as the crown prince eventually.

Is it so easy to give that man what he wants?

He he

“You must also be careful.
You must take me where you are going in the future.
Although my current skill is not the best in the world, I have more than enough to protect you.” Zhang Ping deliberately made trouble and hid two black pieces.
During this period of time, he watched Huang Fu Jie practice sandboard every day and learned something about it.


After snapping out of his thought Huang Fu Jie looked back and realized that the two ambushers soldier he had set up were gone.
He looked up at Zhang Ping and smiled with a wide grin.

“Do you believe I could have won even without these two ambushers?”

“Oh? If this is the case, Zhao Gonggong must be very happy.” A strange feeling rose up in Zhang Ping's heart, why did Huang Fu Jie not seem to take Sixth Prince's death seriously at all? And why did he have a strange feeling that his highness knew who the killer was? Zhang Ping shook his head and stiffly suppressed that feeling.

Huang Fu Jie looked at Zhang Ping, who was accompanying him, in the candlelight, and felt an impulse in his heart.
He wanted so badly to tell Zhang Ping what happened that day.
He knew that Lao Five hated Lao Six, he hated him for being the only one in his father's favor and for stealing all his attention.
He just had a little chat with the Lao Fifth intentionally or not intentionally and said a few pranks.

Then everything happened naturally.

He didn't worry that someone would find out that the murderer was him.
When he saw that the sixth prince didn't know where to get the news, he planned to play ghost and scare the fifth prince, He knew that the fifth should drag all that could be dragged into the water.
The pool of water is muddy.
It's not easy to find out the murderer again.
What's more, this time is not that time.

He wasn't worried that someone would find out that the murderer was him, when he saw that the sixth Prince had gotten the news from nowhere and had resorted to trickery to scare the fifth Prince in turn by pretending to be a ghost, he knew then that Lao Fifth should drag down all that could be dragged into the water.
The pool of water is muddy, trying to find the killer again will not be an easy task.
Not to mention that now is not the right time.
Ha ha!。

When he saw the boy emerge from the water with his face down, he was really happy.
Somehow he thought of Zhang Ping's torture four years ago, and then that night he unexpectedly had a wet dream.

“Zhang Ping.” He still didn't dare to tell him.
Yes, he dares not.
He could not imagine what he would become if Zhang Ping looked at him with a look of disgust.
He couldn't bear the consequences of Zhang Ping leaving him either, just thinking about the possibility of Zhang Ping leaving him, he was so scared that he couldn't even sleep.

“What? Ready to admit defeat?” Zhang Ping smiled, revealing a small, pointed tiger tooth.

Huang Fu Jie wanted to touch that little tiger tooth.
But he just thought, and didn't make a move.

“How is that possible?” Said the 14-year-old half-big prince with a smile.
It seems that Yang Momo's proposal, well it's a pretty good one.

The three judicial offices conducted a trial, but the final result was shocking.

The fifth prince, the eldest princess, and the third princess were imprisoned behind closed doors for three months and their salaries were deducted for one year.
The fourth prince was also fined for half a year because he did not report.

The punishment was imposed by the emperor himself.
No one dared to talk lightly, because the murderer who killed the sixth prince has not yet been caught.

But even the second prince's faction thought that it was her highness the Empress who took the opportunity to kill someone and properly escape the blame.

The bodyguards who were in charge of patrolling the LiuYun palace were all severely punished that night.
It was Tian Sheng, the Changle commandant of guards, who pleaded for help to avoid the death penalty.

In the middle of the court, when it was widely rumored inside and outside the palace that the eldest prince murdered the sixth prince to become the crown prince, the emperor issued the two decree.

First, in order to clarify the case of the murder of the Sixth Prince,  the three judicial office investigation reveals that it was the work of assassins from other countries.
Killing his beloved son only to sway his emotions so that he would have no interest in politics.

The second was an edict to make the Grand Prince the Crown Prince.

Inside the Ruihua Palace.

“The emperor's will was probably forced by the situation.
The evidence is not clear.
He can neither detain the eldest prince for thorough investigation, nor allow the rumors in the court to fly to damage the Royal prestige.
He can only appoint Huang Fu Hun as the prince.” Xianfei's face was a little ironic.

The royal father is also probably worried that the grand prince faction will be forced to rebel.
By then, either the fish dies or the net splits.
He can make him a prince today, and in the future he could naturally abolish him as a civilian.” After Huang Fu Jie heard that he and several princes and princess were punished, there was a strange feeling in his heart.1

“It's a pity that this time the thunder was loud but the rain was small.
Several factions did not hurt the root.
Hump! “1

Huang Fu Jie raised his masked face, yes, that's it.
With the favor of the emperor to his sixth younger brothers, how could he let them go so easily? Although the killer has not been decided, the punishment may be lighter.
It's like protecting someone.

Who is he protecting?

Certainly not him.

What about the rest?

The eldest prince? The 2nd prince? Eldest Princess? Third Princess? Or is it the fifth prince?

Huang Fu Jie sneered.
If that's the case, he thought, he'll have to change the order a bit.

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