Huang Fu Jie holds the tea cup and waits for Yang Momo to think about the next move.

“Although Zhang Ping's move scared me, but it was a good opportunity when I thought about it.

“Oh? I'm listening.”

“It's very simple.
I want to use this opportunity to create a gap between the crown prince and Wei Wenxin.”

“How to do it?”

Huang Fu Jie chuckles.。

“If you can separate the crown prince from Wei Wenxin, I'm afraid that Huang Fu Hun will not sit for long as the crown prince.
” Yang Momo's eyes looked a little compassionate.

“Yes, I have asked Shifu to send a message to my grandfather, asking him to join with several daren to urge the emperor to grant the crown prince a marriage.
They will naturally suggest some suitable candidates, and if the father wants to help Huang Fu Hun consolidate the crown prince's throne, he will definitely choose that Daren's daughter for him.”1

“What if the Emperor didn't choose that person's daughter? “Yang Momo has a clear idea.

Huang Fu Jie smile, “That only shows that the father emperor has dissatisfaction with this newly crowned prince and wants to move him.
Wouldn't it be better.”

“Zhang Ping, Why is he anxious?” Yang Momo thought for a long time, but couldn't help but ask again.

Huang Fu Jie lifted his head and looked towards where Zhang Ping was staring blankly, revealing a smile that only he himself knew the meaning of.

Yang Momo looked at Huang Fu Jie's eyes at this time, and there was a little uneasiness in her heart.

Who in the imperial court didn't know that Wei Wenxin, the son of the Prime Minister and the official worshiper of 3rank as one of the Han Lin bachelors?1

Also, who doesn't know that Wei Wenxin, a man of erudite wisdom and one of the best talents, is the crown prince's trusted subordinate?

But few people know that The eldest princess desire Wei Wenxin, has long been pestering Emperor Sheng to marry him.

Even fewer people know that Wei Wenxin already has a sweetheart, his sweetheart is Li Dianzhi, the young daughter of Li You, the Minister of War, the old officer for two dynasties.1

But some of the princes and their supporters knew more or less about the news.
Of course, everyone pretends not to know on the surface.

Wei Wenxin was very troubled these two days.
His future father in law*sent letters to inform Emperor Sheng to discuss with him several times, and each time he mentioned the crown prince's marriage intentionally or unintentionally.1

The Crown Prince is eighteen years old and has not yet married a crown prince's consort.
Wei Wenxin also does not know what Emperor Sheng means.
Now, it seems that Emperor Sheng intended to be in-laws with Li You, the minister of war.1

And the only one in the Li family who was of marriageable age was the young daughter of the Li family, Li Dianzhi, who was 17 years old.

Wei Wenxin is twenty-one this year, previously because the crown prince has not yet been decided, he has also been delaying the marriage, and now Huang Fu Hun has become crown prince, He is planning to marry Li Dianzhi at the end of this year while taking a breath, but now came such news.

What should he do?

Wei Wenxin is worried.

While Wei Wenxin over there is considering whether to meet with Emperor Sheng to present his situation, on this side The King Ning residence is more lively than ever.


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The crown prince came.

It was the first time that Huang Fu Hun stepped into Huang Fu Jie's new royal residence, and he was shocked by a shabby atmosphere that was hard to describe.

The palm-sized palace, old buildings, and no ornaments were seen along the way.
The servant was so pitiful, the steward didn't even dare stop him when he saw him coming and let him break into the King Ning mansion all the way.

Huang Fu Hun wasn't afraid of what Ugly Fourth dared to say.
Besides, he's been ordered to investigate the case of the Eldest Princess's humiliation.

The journey was like entering a no man's land, directly into the courtyard where King Ning was said to be living.

“This servant bows to your highness the crown prince.” The two maids, who probably came from the palace, recognized him when they saw him and immediately knelt before him, blocking his way.

“Where is your Wangye ? Let him come out to see me.”

The slave servant will go and ask Wangye right now.” A palace maid got up, turned around and headed for Huangfu Jie's sleeping quarters.

“Wait.” Huang Fu Hun squinted his eyes, it was reasonable to say that Ugly Fourth should have heard his voice, why hasn't he come out yet? Thinking of this, he immediately called the palace maid, “He's in there isn't he? I will go in and find him.”

“Your Highness please wait a moment.
Your highness, Wangye is not up yet, please let the slave ask him to come out and meet you” The young and beautiful servant girl showed an anxious look and dared to stop Huang Fu Hun.

“Hmp! Move out of my way! “Seeing that she was so anxious, Huang Fu Hun felt that there was a ghost in the house, so he pushed the palace maid and ordered the guards to open the door.

There was silence in the room.

Huang Fu Hun walked into the room after his attendants and saw that King Ning, Huang Fu Jie had risen from bed, put on his mask and put down his veil.

For a moment, Huang Fu Hun clearly had seen someone hidden behind that veil.

“It's Royal highness the crown prince, why are you coming here? ” King Ning Huang Fu Jie was a little embarrassed.
Seeing him coming, he hurriedly put on his shoes and came forward.

Poor him as a Wangye, a lot of people broke into the bedroom, not only can not make a sound of blame, but also to put on his shoes to welcome them.

Huang Fu Hun glanced at him.
his clothes weren't neat and he obviously put them on in a hurry.

“This prince came here to see you.

“Crown prince's gracious present.
It's really ……..Ha ha, great royal brother, please take a seat.

Huang Fu Hun didn't bother to be polite with him either, and once he lifted his robe, he dwarfed himself and sat down on a chair.

It was only at this point that Huang Fu Hun noticed the ornaments in the house.

This is the prince's bedroom?

It's just plain lacking.
To put it bluntly, it's worse than some chief eunuch's house.

“I don't know what the royal brother came to order this time?” Huang Fu Jie loudly orders Bailian to serve tea.

Huang Fu Hun's gaze swept over to the bed again.

Huang Fu Jie noticed his gaze and bowed his head and laughed twice.。

“Who's in there? Who can keep the fourth brother from getting up in bed after noon?” In fact, Huang Fu Hun wants to say that which woman who is so bold can go to your bed has not fainted.


” Huang Fu Jie seemed a little embarrassed and looked at the attendants around Huang Fu Hun.

Huang Fu Hun treated it as if he hadn't seen it, and even in the Imperial Palace, he would not easily get along with anyone alone.

Huang Fu Hun suddenly got up and walked over to the bed and pulled open the veil as soon as he could.

His action was extremely rude, but he has been a crown prince who gained power for a long time, and Huang Fu Jie is a cowardly and unappreciated prince, none of the people present felt that this was not right.

Even Huang Fu Jie gave an “ah” and walked quickly to the bed, smiling apologetically at the Prince : “Royal brother, this foolish brother I …
You know that this foolish brother looks so scary, I can only use this lowly slave to let off the fire.”

In the gauze tent, Huang Fu Hun saw a rather familiar young eunuch.

Now the eunuch is tied with a rope and tucked under a quilt, his hair was disheveled and his skin was red and blotchy, and he looked like he hadn't worn an inch under the quilt.

He saw the eunuch trembling, and he didn't even dare to lift his head, Huang Fu Hun showed a hint of contempt in his eyes.

Closing the veil tent, Huang Fu Hun turned around and put on a fake smile.
“Lao Fourth, you don't really know what I'm doing here, do you?”

“This foolish brother don't know.” Seeing that Huang Fu Hun didn't pursue his actions, the Fourth Prince suddenly seemed much more relaxed.

“Oh? You don't know about the eldest princess? ” Huang Fu Hun asked tentatively.
Although this matter has been kept secret, it doesn't mean that these princes don't know, their noble mothers are very skillful.

“Ah!” Huang Fu Jie stood up from the chair in fright., ” Royal brother, you, you know everything?”

Huang Fu Hun was a little surprised, why was he so frightened, and why did he confess himself before asking? Even if you have a guilty conscience*, you can't let him take you down so quickly, right?1

“What do I know, you tell me.”

Huang Fu Hun watched Bai Lian put down her tea and didn't even touch it.
Instead, he looked at the beautiful Bai Lian a few more times, he couldn't help but think.
It's really a waste to put such a beauty beside the fourth.
But the ugly old forth most likely could only see but not eat, otherwise he wouldn't have to make do with the stupid eunuch around him.
Thinking about it this way, he feels much better.

” Royal brother …..
I, I ” Huang Fu Jie seems to have difficulty speaking.

“Say! “Huang Fu Hun put on a poker face.

” Yes, yes.
” Huang Fu Jie replied repeatedly and hesitated for a moment before saying: ” I was going to ask my father to marry me off, but I didn't know royal brother had his eye on her, if I knew you liked her too, I wouldn't have dared to take my brother's love.”

“What are you talking about? You said you were going to ask Father to give you a marriage?”

That's the first time he has heard of it.
Huang Fu Hoon raised his eyes, showing some interest.


“Which daughter? “

“Yes, Qiu Xinlan, the daughter of the Minister of revenue.
“Huang Fu Jie said in a low voice.

“You have your eyes on her? “

“Yes,  since the last time this foolish brother saw her at the Royal Garden Flower Banquet, she has been …

“And because the eldest Princess laughs at you, the toad wants to eat the swan meat, so you intend to revenge the eldest princess, don't you?”

“What?” Huang Fu Jie shouted, “I'm taking revenge on the Princess? How could I have the guts? And what would I do to get back at her? Although she laughed at me along with several other girls, they were also telling the truth.
Besides….” Huang Fu Jie lowered his head and squirmed a bit.

Zhang Ping gulped at the bed, his family's highness was getting better at pretending.
But the rope is tied really tight.
Where did this kid learn how to tie people up so well?

” Whats more can you say?”

In fact, from the very beginning, Huang Fu Hun felt that the ugly old fourth had absolutely no courage to do this kind of crime, and he did not have the superb martial art that could allow him to come and go to Weiyang palace freely.

And the people around him no matter how he looked didn't seem to have this kind of feats and guts.
Even if General Yan, as the backing behind him, has sent someone to help him, but how could General Yan, who is so resourceful, take the risk of sending a master to shave the Eldest Princess's hair just to help his grandson? It's impossible to think about it anyway

But with or without that possibility, he still had to make the trip.
It's not just that Huang Fu Jie has the best reason to do it, also because he wanted to see what Huang Fu Jie, the most humble of their few brothers, was doing on a regular basis.

Now he's relieved, what was there to worry about a prince who couldn't even handle the female maids around him and could only play with cowardly servants? What can he possibly do in the future?

Huang Fu Jie replied, “Besides, Miss Qiu sent a letter to this foolish brother, she said she was rude that day and told me not to be offended.
If it wasn't for Royal Sister joking with me that day, how could Miss Qiu have remembered me and sent me a letter.
Royal Brother, this foolish brother really likes her, just like Wei daren likes Miss Li, the daughter of Minister of war, and they are all sincere.

“How do you know that? “Huang Fu Hun's face changed drastically, and with a wave of his hand, he expelled all his attendants.

“What? Oh, did you say that Wei daren likes the Minister Li 's daughter? ” When Huang Fu Hun drove away all the attendants, Huang Fu Jie's voice seemed a bit frightened.

“I asked you how you knew about this.” A thick killing intent bubbled up on Huang Fu Hun's face.

“That day in the Imperial Garden, this foolish brother saw Wei daren secretly give a flower to Miss Li and that Miss Li snuck one thing to him.
So this foolish brother dares to guess that they…….”

“Shut up! “


“Huang Fu Jie, if you let this prince know that you are talking about it outside, hmp! ” Huang Fu Hun suddenly drew his sword and slashed at his bed.

Huangfu Jie's eyes  contracted rapidly and he opened his mouth to called out : “Royal Brother, That's my only such obedient servant, I beg you to keep him for this foolish brother.”

When Huang Fu Hun stopped, he heard Huang Fu Jie say again : “This foolish brother can make sure that he doesn't go out and talk nonsense.
He doesn't have the courage.

Huang Fu Hun turned around, “I can't see that you really value this slave.”

Huang Fu Jie laughed mockingly, “It's just this stupid brother has no one to serve him”

Huang Fu Hun put away his sword and grunted coldly, “Remember what you said.” He turned and walked away.

“This foolish brother bid royal brother farewell.”

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