Soon summer will pass and autumn will come, the golden autumn in September, it is time for the animals to eat till they are plump* and get ready to accumulate fat for winter.
The beast at this time was not only tasty in meat, but also had enough of long and soft fur.1

So at this time of the year, the royal family always likes to go hunting in the mountain which belongs to the royal hunting ground.
By the way, they can solicit their officer* and check the princes's riding and shooting*.2

In this hunt, the third prince, who was granted the title of King An, and the fifth prince, who had not yet been granted the title of king, made a great performance.
The Crown Prince was fond of martial arts, and always been very strong among the princes.
Unexpectedly, he lost to the third prince this year

Huang Fu Jie, who was named King Ning, also came this time, but he came with an uneventful performance and a furious look on his face.
After Emperor Sheng's routine commendation, he left the camp alone on horseback, with Zhang Ping naturally following behind as his slave.

The second prince had been paying attention to the poor performance of Huang Fu Jie when he saw him leave the camp and immediately followed him quietly.

“Third Brother is now quite a marksman! Foolish brother bow to your superior skill.” After the routine commendation of Emperor Sheng, Huang Fu Hun went to the third prince and praised him.1

“I dare not.
I'm just lucky.
It's not as powerful as the crown prince.” The third prince Huang Fu Kun suddenly changed his topic and said, “by the way, did eldest royal brother see the fourth brother?”

“No “

“But this foolish brother saw him go to the East alone.
What's more, the second royal brother also followed.”

“Oh?” As soon as he mentioned his biggest opponent Huang Fu Jin, Huang Fu Hun narrowed his eyes slightly.
Although he has been named Crown Prince, now there are still many secretly supporting the second prince, and the faction of the second prince has been looking for his fault.
Although the fight between the two factions is not in the open, it is already known to everyone.

“Great Royal Brother, don't you find it strange?”

“What's strange?”

Lao fourth took part in hunting for the first time this year.
He should reasonably work hard, but he was angry and unhappy from the beginning.”

Huang Fu Hun laughed, “Did someone say to his face that he looks ugly again?”

“Haha! Well, you only know if you ask him.”

“Great Royal Brother, since Second Royal Brother has gone after Fourth Royal Brother, why don't we take a look too?”

Is it a trap? This is the first thought in Huang Fu Hun's mind.
Looking back at Wei Wenxin, who was already a second-ranking official, he saw that he was also hesitating.

“Your Highness, His majesty the emperor just said that he would like to discuss with you the matter of dividing the territory for several princes' highness.
Shouldn't you come earlier to listen to the imperial edict?”

“Oh! Fortunately Wenxin reminds me, This prince almost forgot about it.
Third brother, I'm sorry.
It seems that I can't go to look for the fourth brother with you this time.”

“Nevermind, I just mention it casually.
The eldest royal brother is now the crown prince, and his royal father is very important.
Naturally, the state affairs are the utmost priority “

“Haha, then this foolish brother will leave first.” Huang Fu Hun was in a happy mood.
He was intoxicated by his superiority over all his brothers.

“Take care, Royal Brother.” The third prince leaned down on his horse and send them off.


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“Wang Ye.

Huang Fu Hun rode away, followed by a large number of attendants.

“Hmm? “Huang Fu Kun straightens up.

“Just now, Wei Daren mentioned the matter of granting ruler of the territory ….. “1

“Well, the royal father was worried about the instability of the crown prince's position at first.
They granted me and the second the title of king, but not the right to rule the territory.
We are forced to stay in the capital, but we are not given real power.
Now that Lao fourth have been named king and out of the palace, his father now proposes to give me and Lao second the right to rule the territory.
Probably he wants us to let us hold back so as to ensure that Huang Fu Hun can successfully ascend the throne.

It's also possible that the Royal Father didn't really want to pass the throne to Huang Fu Hun, so he granted the title of King to several princes together but didn't send them out of the capital.
” Huang Fu Kun sneered at the crown prince's distant back.

“Then what do Wangye think?”

“Me? This king don't mean anything.
Since the father wants to give our brothers several fiefdoms, we will happily become king of the fiefdoms.
If not, we will stay in the capital.
The eldest brother will never let go of the second brother before the foundation is stable.
We don't have to do anything, just wait for the benefits of sitting and collecting the profits.

“Wang ye is so scheming.”

“Less flattery! Go! Let's see what Lao second wants to do behind the ugly fourth.”

Over there, the Crown Prince Huang Fu hun beckoned and a guard stepped forward.

“You follow King An and see what they want to do.
Come back and report it in detail to this prince.”


At this moment, the unhappy fourth prince was riding on the horse, and said quickly to Zhang Ping, who was half a horse behind, “King Hui is behind us.
I have to lead him today, which is very important to me.
Zhang Ping, I may do something too much to you later.
You must be patient and never resist.
Remember! “

Huang Fu Jie didn't even give Zhang Ping time to ask questions or object, and suddenly stopped with the reins of his horse.

Zhang Ping also got off the horse and was about to ask, when he saw Huangfu Jie kick him.。

By the time the second prince, who was granted the title of King Hui, arrived, he heard that the furious fourth prince was lashing out at his slave.

“Who the hell are you! How dare you crawl on this prince head when I'm slightly nice to you ? You get down on your knees!”

Zhang Ping fell to his knees with a thud and said, ” Wangye calm your anger, Wangye calm your anger.”

“This person that person, none of you put this prince in your eyes? Good You Qiu Xinlan, dare to refuse this prince, damn it! Damn it!” Huang Fu Jie scolded in anger.

“Wangye, don't be angry.
It's just a daughter of a second grade official.
If she is unwilling you can find someone else.
” Zhang Ping listened to the sound of a slight branch being broken in the woods nearby, and played more and more attentively along the tone of Huang Fu Jie.
Hearing this, he had understood the purpose of Huang Fu Jie.

“Find who? Who can this prince look for? You all each one of you look at this prince as if you've seen a ghost! Even the royal father”

“Wang Ye! “Zhang Ping called.

“What are you shouting for! ” Huangfu Jie was in a bad mood and kicked Zhang Ping down with one kick.

You cheap slave, last night this prince asked you to serve for me.
You dare make excuses to stop me! You don't think if you didn't have this prince, you would have been killed! Take your clothes off! “


“WangYe! Wang Ye spares my life, Wang Ye begged you not here …” Zhang Ping clutched his collar and begged.
What is this kid doing? Zhang Ping yelled in her heart.

“Not here then where? This prince going to do you right here! Hurry up! Don't dawdle.”

“Don't Wangye, please forgive me.
This slave will serve you well when we go back.”

“Pa!” Huang Fu Jie slapped Zhang Ping to the ground with a slap in the face.

“If you want to die, let me know.” Huang Fu Jie raised his sword.

“No! Wangye spare my life!”

“Aren't you going to take it off yet!”

“Wuu-wuu.” The servant Zhang Ping trembled in fear, and reached out to unfasten his lapel with a look of fear.


Maybe King Ning felt that the servant's hands and feet were too slow, and went to tear his clothes and pants.

“Wangye, I beg you …”

Zhang Ping pleaded pitifully, on the contrary, the Fourth Emperor seemed to like it, his expression of excitement on his face was too obvious.

“Today you'll see if this prince don't do you to death, you bitch!”


“Wangye spare my life!”

When Huang Fu Jie saw him expose his chest, he immediately pounced on it with impatience.

Even the slave Zhang Ping didn't dare to resist, so he could only wail and beg.

Huang Fu Jie wore a half mask, licking and biting at him and fumbling around with his hands.

Zhang Ping was anxious, only to feel that the play was a bit overdone.
But it is impossible to stop now.
And why must he do this to him?

Didn't the second prince come over?

Didn't Qiu's family have a deep relationship with him?

You hurry and show up this instance to bribe our Wangye ah!

Don't tell me you majestic prince plan to standby and see the spring palace from beginning to the end?1

If that is the case…..

“Wang ye,” Zhang Ping was in a real hurry, “Wang ye, please don't….” Let's stop playing, okay? Get off me, now!

“Ah!” You scumbag, where the hell were you biting!1

Huang Fu Jie also didn't know how much time was being wasted, or whether he really took a fancy to the two small grain of rice on Zhang Ping's chest.
In general he seems to be fascinated that he repeatedly lick, bite and suck, and sometimes pinch and twist it with his fingers.1

Zhang Ping wants to cry.
He doesn't want to act the play for real!

Why does Huang Fu Jie have to perform this kind of play with him every time for others to see? Last time it was the Crown Prince, this time it was the Second Prince's turn.
Who's next?

The Wangye of his family finally managed to untie the belt of his trousers, which he had tied in three knots, and successfully penetrated into his crotch.

Zhang Ping immediately clamped his legs.

“Wangye!” Zhang Ping screech.

“Cough cough!”

Zhang Ping heard the cough, just like hearing the holy voice, his eyes burst into tears.

Second prince, you have finally appeared.


Huang Fu Jie looked up, and seemed to be uncomfortably disturbed.
The masked face looked even more frightening at this time.

“Second royal brother?”

“Ahem, fourth brother.
What fun can Fourth Brother get out of a rude eunuch who wept again and again?” The second prince, who is famous for being romantic and well-versed, walked slowly out of the forest with a smile on his face.。1

Huang Fu Jie rolled over from Zhang Ping, Zhang Ping wanted to escape, and was held by him.
One hand was still stuck in his pants.

Zhang Ping was very ashamed, curled up and covered his face with his hands.

“It's not interesting, but it's just cathartic.” As if to prove his words, Huang Fu Jie put his hands into the slave's legs and slowly rubbed them.

Zhang Ping's body was stiff for a moment, then began to tremble uncontrollably.

Stop it! do not do that!

What is that circulating in Huang Fu Jie's eyes? His fingers move slowly without stopping.

From a distance, Huang Fu Jin could see his hand twitching in the slave pants.

The servant boy also shivered more and more, but the cry was gone.
It may be fear of more severe punishment.

“Fourth brother, would you let go of that servant slave so that we brothers can have a good talk?”

“Oh, what can I do for you second royal brother?” Instead of letting go of the servant, Huang Fu Jie yelled at him, “Spread your legs!”

The servant's body was shaken and a plea came out of his mouth: “Wangye, please spare the slave, I beg you…….”。

“Humph! Bitch! Go back and I'll teach you a good lesson.” Huang Fu Jie, looking furious that he was not having fun, pulled out his palm and kicked him aside with a smooth motion.
To give a play of a reckless and brutal nature to the fullest.

When Huang Fu Jin saw it, he was disdainful in his heart, and he was more confident of drawing him in.

“What do second brother want to talk to this foolish brother?” Huang Fu Jie stood up in full clothes.

“Haha, my fourth brother, I just walked here accidentally just now, I heard that you seem to be interested with Qiu Xinlan, the only daughter of Qiu Jie, the Minister of Revenue, I wonder if this is the case?”」

Huang Fu Jie seemed to be a little on the alert, He looked at the second prince's eyes and said slowly : “I'm not really interested, but I took a look at her in the Imperial Garden last time and thought she was okay.”

“If the fourth brother have interest, this brother can help you lead the red line.”1

“Oh?” Huang Fu Jie became interested.
“Second brother, you don't deceive me?”

“How can your brother fool you.
If you don't believe it, wait for the good news for your brother after the hunt.” After a pause, the birdsong came from the distance.
“It seems that someone is coming.
So brother won't talk to you much more, You….go and enjoy yourself “After he said that, the romantic king looked at the servant who was already kneeling down on the ground while wearing his underwear.

“Second royal brother” Huang Fu Jie call.

Huang Fu Jin turned back.

Only to see the masked Fourth Prince say seriously: “If Second Brother can really help his brother with this, this brother will definitely take this favor to heart.
Thanks for your trouble Second Royal Brother's .”

Huang Fu Jin was also a little surprised.
He did not expect that the ugly prince really had a different intention for the famous flower of the capital.
Then he sneered in his heart again, you look so ugly yet you want to marry a beauty, humph! You also fool around with an eunuch, and you are still brazen.

Nodding slightly, Huang Fu Jin walked into the forest immediately.

Huang Fu Jie walked to Zhang Ping, stepped on him, and bowed his head, “Guess who else is coming?”

Zhang Ping's anger rose in his heart and he kept his head down, refusing to look at him.

“Are you angry?”

Zhang Ping didn't want to pay him any attention.

“Whoever came, he will surely meet the King Hui, and King of Hui will surely tell him that I am playing with a slave.
Zhang Ping, no matter how angry you are right now, we have to keep this drama going.”

Zhang Ping couldn't tell if Huang Fu Jie had any personal feelings in his words, and he always felt as if he had fallen for a big trick.

“Zhang Ping, you know I won't hurt you.” Huang Fu Jie's voice spoke in a low voice, and slowly, he pushed down the man who had lost his manly symbol once again.

He felt it again just now, and it felt a strange.
Zhang Ping's response was also unusually big.

“Don't be afraid.
You touched me too, didn't you? That's pretty much it, except this time I might be a little rougher, and instead of you touching me, I'll touch you instead.
It will all be over in a moment, as soon as they verify the cause of my disorder today.”

Really? Vaguely, Zhang Ping felt that things weren't quite as his family's Wangye had said.

Whether it was his movements or expressions, nothing seemed to be acting, but …
he could feel it, and he had an erection there when he pressed him under him.

“If you really don't want to, should I tie you up?

“No way!” Zhang Ping blurted out.

“That's it.
It'll save you trouble.” Huang Fu Jie smiled behind the mask.

Zhang Ping didn't know why, he felt that his look through the mask made him creepy.

“Don't do this.
I can cooperate, don't tie me up.” Zhang Ping softly begged.
Wrong, really wrong.

“Shh, you should call yourself a slave.”

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