When the third prince, Huang Fu Kun arrived, He saw that the two of them in the forest were doing things just like King Hui had said.

His second royal brother told him that he had left because he felt uncomfortable seeing this scene

Huang Fu Kun stood at the edge of the forest, listening to the masked Fourth Prince cursing, seemingly resentful of woman's rejection of him, he was also angry at his poor performance in the competition today, and all his anger seemed to be directed at the slave under him.

The slave he knows is the eunuch Zhang Ping, who has been with Huang Fu Jie all along, and his brain is not so good since he came out of the internal warden torture chamber.3

As a matter of fact this eunuch's fate is really bad.
It's enough that he was assigned to serve the unfavoured fourth prince.
Later, he also offended the current Crown Prince for the ugly fourth and almost lost his life.
Even better now, he has become the Ugly Four's sexual object.
Poor guy is tied up to play, 80% he was unwilling.1

Zhang Ping is more than 80% unwilling.
He is not willing at all!

Huang Fu Jie tied his hands behind his back with a belt and pulled his lapels open without taking them off, while his pants were pulled to his knees, and then he felt it was inconvenient to take the trouser off one leg, and after that, he pulled his legs apart and wrapped them around his waist.

When Huang Fu Jie forcibly opened his legs, he was ashamed and indignant, especially when he noticed that his Wangye was actually staring at him there with a very focused gaze.2

Later, his Wangye put his hand on it.
Seemingly rough yet in fact, he gently rubbed the castrated part with his thumb.

An uncontrollable shriek came out of Zhang Ping's mouth.

A frantic look of madness shot out from the eyes behind Huang Fu Jie's mask.
He hold Zhang Ping's lower part and beat it wider, lifting his hips to observe his rear hole.

Huang Fu Jie's hand slid back and forth under Zhang Ping, as if confirming the touch

Zhang Ping is overwhelmed by panic and shame, gritting his teeth and enduring.

The fifteen-year-old boy panted heavily, sticking his tongue out to lick his own lips and pulling away his pants, covering his slave with his body.

And this is what King An sees now : The tall fifteen-year-old showed his eagerness as a teenager, vigorously shaking his lower body while scolding.
The slave under him is like a dead fish, left for him to spoil.

The third prince watched it for a while, and felt that he had obtained the answers he wanted and left satisfied.
Damn, the two men's erotic scenes actually made him feel.
He had to go back quickly to find a maid to vent out the fire.1

Huang Fu Jie lies on Zhang Ping's body and gasps painfully.

“Help me, help me”

Zhang Ping doesn't want to talk to him.

Huang Fu Jie quickly untied his belt, pulled his hand and pressed it on his male root.

“Help me, I feel unwell!”

Zhang Ping wanted to be angry, wanted to curse, but saw his face was red, there was even miserably hard as iron, he could not bear it.

What the hell was he thinking? Zhang Ping really didn't understand.

If he really wants to use his body to relieve his lust, just now he was perfectly capable of making it to the end.

But he didn't, he kept rubbing his lower body with his upright dick, from a distance it looked as if they were having sex.


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But the look in his eyes at the time ….

“Ping, Zhang Ping…I said I wouldn't hurt you, don't you believe me? Don't you believe me? Huang Fu Jie seemed to be in real pain, “I feel so bad, I'm going to explode!

Zhang Ping's mind was tangled with many things, and before he finished tangling his hands he had already realized it by himself.

“Next time I'll never do anything like this for you again!”

“Zhang Ping, it's soo good……
Zhang Ping …
Ah …” Huang Fu Jie lies on his body, his eyes are blurred, his name is called out in his mouth, one hand is holding him, the other hand is touching and kneading in his clothes.

The speed of Zhang Ping's hand accelerated, and this prick* became more and more excessive.
Before when he was willing to touch him himself, he was already so happy to death.
yet now …

“Zhang Ping …Zhang Ping …” Huang Fu Jie imagined himself sprinting and thrusting in and out between the hills and valleys he had just seen and touch, imagining himself teasing that poor spot with his hands and lips, imagining Zhang Ping letting out an unbearable cry and moan under his ravages…..4

He thought about it a lot, and the image that became clearer and clearer in his mind was the one of Zhang Ping being brought into the inner palace execution room five years ago to be punished.

The youth bare naked's body was hoisted by ropes, the faint moans that leaked out because he couldn't hold back the pain, the tight, firm buttocks that were beaten bloody red by the bamboo board….

Huang Fu Jie let out a roar and shot out.
He's not normal, which, he already knew.

He has long been rotten from the root, a dark and filthy demon, and now he is going to pull the simple and Zhang Ping into hell.

While hesitating, he felt inexplicable excitement to pollute Zhang Ping like him.

Zhang Ping is his.
From head to toe, from inside to out, every single hair, every bead of sweat belongs to him.
Momo's advice was good, so that Zhang Ping would be his.1

Imagining Zhang Ping going from unwilling, to half-loathing half accepting* and then becoming lewd and obedient, he would…1

“Hey! Have you had enough?”

Huang Fu Jie opened his eyes, lifted his head, and bit down hard on Zhang Ping's cheek, “I want more.”1

Zhang Ping smashed his head in with a single punch.
Let's get your nose be on your face*.1

When Huang Fu Jie went back, All the people who saw him showed a meaningful smile.
Some people's smiles are rather obscene and vile.

Oh, good deeds go unnoticed, but bad deeds spread thousands of miles, how many people in this hunting ground still don't know about him playing with slaves? I'm afraid His Highness Royal Father will know that soon too.1

Even now the Crown Prince especially came to his table at the dinner banquet and looked at the slave who was kneeling behind him and said in a slightly mocking tone: “Lao fourth, why don't you seek a replacement for the one beside you? Just such a stupid idiot is serving for you, arent you worry that he won't be able to take care of you?, I'll tell you what, how about brother choosing two smart ones and send them for you? “

“If Royal brother really want to give me a gift, please give me a more beautiful woman.
This kind, humph !” the Fourth Prince's current tone of voice seems to reveal his discontent that he only take down the lowly servant just to make do*.1

“This prince remembers that there should be two palace maid serving by your side,” Huang Fu Hun said suddenly.

Hearing the Crown Prince mention the court maids by his side, Huang Fu Jie's face collapsed at that moment, ” Alas, don't mention it.
So that Great Royal Brother would know that those two little hooves were the ones my mother had arranged to supervise me by my side.
Don't mention touching them, If there is any disrespect, they will report to my mother.


Very satisfied with Huang Fu Jie's confession.
Huang Fu Hun laughs and says, “In that case, this brother will go to the trouble and help you choose two well-behaved and obedient ones later.” Not long after Huang Fu Hun's new marriage, everything was moving in his favor again, and his mood was simply great.

“Great royal brother…” Huang Fu Jie reached his head to Huang Fu Hun's side, as if he wanted to say something private to him.

Huang Fu Hun cooperated and leaned his head over.

“This foolish Brother doesn't want to such an obedient person, I don't want to scare off a few more.
Royal brother, see if you can get me two …

“Fourth younger brother, what are you talking about! Nonsense!” Huang Fu Hun whispered softly, and saw Huang Fu Jie's eyes dimmed, so he whispered,Then he said in a low voice, “of course, they will be sent to you by your brother after being well groomed and trained.
As for what it would be like to close the door, it's not of this princes concern “

“Ah! Ha-ha! Thank you, brother!” Huang Fu Jie was so happy that he even saluted Huang Fu Hun with three cup of drinks.

“Royal Brother, so when are you going to send them in?” A look of greed and lust showed in the eyes of The fourth prince.

“Don't worry, I'll send it to you in a couple of days.” It's rare for the crown prince to meet one of his fellows among the princes.
At this moment, looking at Huang Fu Jie, he felt that he was much more agreeable than before.


At night, everyone in their own tent.

Zhang Ping came to bring his footwash, Huang Fu Jie was self-conscious and took off his shoes and socks by himself.

Zhang Ping put down the foot wash in front of the low stool, sat on the low stool, took off his shoes and socks, and put his feet in the moderately hot water.

Huang Fu Jie, who was barefooted with two large feet, looked at the basin of footwash and then stare blankly at the man about two feet away from himself.

Zhang Ping's feet were soaked in hot water and his brain was very confused.

Huangfu looked at the man's face, for a moment he was fierce and vicious, and for a moment he was full of doubts and puzzlement.
After a while, his face turned red again, and then turned white again.

The teenager sighed slightly, knowing that today's excitement was really a little bigger for this person.
Even when he walked up to him in his bare feet, he didn't react..。

Huang Fu Jie got down on one knee and picked up a cloth towel on one side and put it in the basin.

It wasn't until Zhang Ping's feet were caught in the other man's palm that he felt anything wrong.

“What are you doing?”

“Washing your feet,” said the young King Ning faintly.

“You wash me …
oh! I brought this water for you, what am I doing?” Zhang Ping was startled, and hurriedly lifted his feet out.

Although he didn't regard the youth as his master in his heart, in order to not give the game away and establish Huang Fu Jie prestige as the prince, he never go overboard1

Huang Fu Jie grabbed his feet and dried them with a cloth towel before letting go.

“That…heh heh, I'll go and get some water again.” The shoes were hastily put on, and Zhang Ping, who was originally angry, became embarrassed.。

Huang Fu Jie shook his head and brought the water basin to the bedside, putting his feet in the water he had washed.

“That's not good, is it? Zhang Ping was even more embarrassed.


Huang Fu Jie looked up and smiled, “What's wrong with that, it's not like anyone else has used it.
Come and help me massage my feet.”

“OK.” Zhang Ping quickly sat down in front of him, holding a low stool.

“Uh, are you really going to let the Crown Prince put someone on your side?” The man was still in awkwardness and had nothing to say.

Huang Fu Jie smiled in his heart, but his face was indifferent.

“Don't worry about it so much.
Anyway, they will send someone to place by my side sooner or later, so taking the initiative to give them an excuse now will lower their guard, and they'll be better off later.


“Established as a king is unlike living in the palace.
In the royal residence wife, concubine, maidservant and I live separately, so there is no need to worry about what they might know.” Huang Fu Jie let out a comfortable sigh.。

Zhang Ping sat on the small stool and dried his family's Wangye's large outstretched feet.

“You will definitely grow taller in the future.”

“How can you tell?”

“I know by looking that you are not so old yet your feet are so big.
You see your feet are bigger than me now” Zhang Ping moved away from the foot wash.

Huang Fu Jie opened his face with a smile, stretching out his bare feet and wrapping them around his servant Zhang's waist, and circled him in his legs to keep him from going away.

Zhang Ping didn't push him away, he was still embarrassed about what had just happened.

“But what I'm worried about now is that they have arranged for people to enter the palace in advance.
Maybe they have already arranged for them.”

“There's nothing to worry about.
Isn't that what happened at the Ruihua Palace? Why do you think I've survived this long?” Huang Fu Jie laughed eerily.

“If they don't know what the people at the Ruihua Palace, including my own mother consort, have done to me, how can they allow me to live until now? If I don't act reckless, lecherous, and unambitious now, how can they trust me and rest assured? But I can't be too incompetent, otherwise my father would never have let me show my face in front of people.

Zhang Ping is silent.
He knows the difficulty of Huang Fu Jie.
If he really had no ambition and only wanted peace, maybe he would not be in such a difficult situation.
However, his fourth highness ambition is not small.
In the past , he could be regarded it as a child's heroic words, but now1

Zhang Ping wanted to say to him : Why don't you just be a Peaceful* Wangye with the second-best martial art in the world? It wasn't that his life goals have changed, but that reality has taught him to think.
Is it so easy for the emperor to do what he wants?1

“I think it's good to be a Peaceful Wangye , what do you think?” Zhang Ping said what he just thought.

Huang Fu Jie did not speak for a long while behind him.

Zhang Ping lowered his feet from his waist, completely unaware of how the people behind him were feeling after hearing his words, and stood up to go out to pour water.

By the time he returned, Huangfu Jie was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

“You come here.” Huang Fu Jie waved to him.

Zhang Ping walked over.

Huang Fu Jie suddenly slapped him in the face.

Zhang Ping was stunned.
It was a while before the burning pain passed into the brain.

“If someone slapped you once, how long would you remember it?”

Without waiting for Zhang Ping to answer, he muttered to himself, “for a lifetime.”

“But if you are often slapped, beaten, scolded, treated like a pig or a dog, or even worse, how long will you remember?”

Huang Fu Jie smiled: “You won't hold a grudge, because you'll gradually take it for granted.
Until the day comes when you can have the strength to fight back.
Otherwise you'll just take the bullying and insults as a matter of course for the rest of your life.”

“Big brother, do you want me to get used to their insults? Do you want me to live in their dark shadow for the rest of my life?” Do you want me to be bullied for the rest of my life?”

Zhang Ping shook his head.
Huang Fu Jie hadn't called him big brother for a long time, why would he call him that now? Was he reminding them of their past?

“Big brother, if I can reach the top, you'll be by my side.
No one will dare to bully you and look down on you in the future.
Don't you want to be the most unbridled* eunuch in the world?”1

“How can it be that easy? You think the Crown Prince and the other princes are vegetarians? Don't you forget that you have four other brothers, and either one is more likely than you.” Zhang Ping laugh at him in amusement, but draw out a breath of cool air* in pain as he pulled at the corner of his mouth.1

“So what? Sorry, does it hurt?” Huang Fu Jie reached out to touch him.

Zhang Ping shook his head, looking at him with concern in his eyes.

Huang Fu Jie smiled faintly at him and say : “Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid like forcing the emperor to abdicate ” the other hand rubbed his reddened cheek lightly.1

Zhang Ping put his heart down.

“Those in front of me will all die*, naturally it's my turn.”1

Zhang Ping jerked his head up.

“Ha ha, I'm just saying it casually.
As you said, I'm at the bottom of the six brothers.
It's not so easy to go up against the current.
I will strive for it, just because I want to live with dignity.

Zhang Ping thought for a while and nodded.

“You are right.
It's I who desire peace and comfort , but I forget that one must pay for that peace and comfort.”1

“It's okay, you just admit your mistake.
Then as a price for saying the wrong thing, will you let me touch you there?”1

Once Zhang Ping reflected where there was, his hand moved faster than his brain, and a fist smashed over first.

The teenager's laughter finally reached his eyes, not retreating but advancing, he weirdly laughed hehehe, and went forward to embrace the angry red-faced Zhang Ping into a pile.

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