King of Ning residence, Jingshui Pavilion.

Huang Fu Jie's fingers slid over the smooth chess pieces, and the touch reminded him of that night again.

He caressed that place to his heart's content.

Everything of Zhang Ping spread out in front of him, and he could treat him as he wanted to.

He had no idea whether he wanted to show it to the trainers or simply to satisfy his distorted desires.

That night, Zhang Ping was completely different from his usual self.

He was very fortunate that Zhang Ping was under the control of the trainer momo that night and couldn't look at him directly.
Otherwise, when he saw the begging in Zhang Ping's eyes, maybe he would not bear it.

But Zhang Ping never had a chance to beg for mercy*.1

He endured it all along.

Endured him to cruelly pinch and play with his nipples; endured him to treat his rear anus with unrelenting roughness; endured him to scratch and rub his body randomly; endured him to spray semen over and over Inside him.

He found that he exceptionally liked the rare appearance of Zhang Ping's anus with foreign objects plugged in it.

He used the wooden phallus to play with Zhang Ping and made him cry.
When he pulled out, there was a strong contraction in Zhang Ping, having seen that he pulled out the dick and pierced him.

At that time Zhang Ping struggled, he gave him a little lesson.
Zhang Ping may also come to his senses, and he obediently no longer resists.

Oh, in order to confirm the speculation of the Trainer, at first he asked Zhang Ping to serve him with his mouth.

Poor Zhang Ping, at that time he couldn't bear to see the fright in his eyes.

But he likes Zhang Ping's expression and feeling when he is connected with him.
He thought that in the future he would let Zhang Ping help him with his mouth rather than bare hands.
Of course, the mouth below cannot be ignored.
But I'm afraid Zhang Ping won't let him touch him again, right?

What should he do to make Zhang Ping really want to do those things?

“You and Zhang Ping…….
This old one saw the day before yesterday that Hong Xiu had brought two Trainers Momos here, what's going on?

“The name of this place was not well received, the original owner of the pavilion was probably a puddle of stagnant water like the one under the pavilion, so he named it Jingshui Pavilion.*1

Huang Fu Jie collected his mind and the hand holding black piece pondered for a moment and landed in the middle palace.1

Yang Momo watched him drop the piece, and slowly spoke, “What is your intention about Zhang Ping?” She conveniently blocked Huang Fu Jie's offensive.

Huang Fu Jie stared at the chessboard and replied casually as he played the chess piece in his hand: “Zhang Ping is my servant.”

Yang Momo smiled a smile that is neither cold nor indifferent and say, “Do you know why we are willing to stay and teach you carefully? The old man didn't want to agree to your grandfather's conditions at first, but this old one happened to be tired of living in the Yan residence.
Without any child I could teach.
Then the old man was urged to promise your maternal grandfather to enter the palace to cultivate you.

Huang Fu Jie did not lift his head.

“To be honest, at the first sight of seeing you, these old ones were both disappointed.
But then this old one finds something interesting, I begin to pay attention to you.
” Yang Momo saw Qingyun coming, waved and said kindly, “You are not required to serve here.
Go down and have a rest earlier.


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“Thanks Momo.
Wangye, this maidservant shall leave.” Qing Yun put down his tea and greeted them and left.

Yang Momo took up the tea cup and opened the lid to gently blow the tea foam.

“Zhang Ping is very defensive of you.
You remember when the old me suddenly threw you against a wall one day, he was the first to run over.
He picked you up and saw you were bleeding from the corners of your mouth, and is so anxious that he wipes you with his sleeve.
There's no way to hide that urgency*, that heartache*.”

“He looked up at this old one with hatred, although he was quick to hide it, how could he hide it from the old me, a child who's still wet behind the ears*.
Things were still normal here, At that time, the old one only thought that the little eunuch was still loyal to you.

“But when I saw that you were able to stand up as if nothing happened and look at me so calmly and ask this old one what you had done wrong to deserve punishment.
This old one thought you were a very interesting boy.”

Huang Fu Jie listened to Yang Momo's mention of the past.
His eyes sank, but he still didn't say anything.

“Then I began to pay attention to you and the little eunuch.
Interestingly, I found a couple of the most contradictory* master and servant.
And the best thing is that you were only ten at that time.
You surprised this old one! This old one has never seen a child so able to hide his emotions, and knows how to keep your weakness unexposed* so well “

“At a very young age, you look like you don't care about anything.
Your mother checks your homework, she saw that you did not practice martial arts well, you did not respond quickly, so she ordered Hong Xiu to punish you, you didn't cry and didn't make a scene, all of it you suffer.”

“Your royal older and younger brother, older and younger sister and even some palace slaves can sneer* at you.
You never in the slightest get angry at all, and still respectful to them.
Only Zhang Ping, the waiter who serves you.”1

Huang Fu Jie “snapped” and landed a piece.

Yang Momo said with a smile “Restless.” with a piece she conveniently blocked his exit in a checkmate.

Huang Fu Jie holds the piece to ponder.

“You're totally different to him as you are to anyone else.
Maybe you think you've covered it well, but it's still not enough.
It's just that Hongxiu and your mother didn't have regular contact with you, so they didn't notice anything wrong.
But Qingyun and Bailian are already in doubt, why do you think your mother immediately ordered the trainers momo to come after hearing the rumors?”

Huang Fu Jie finally spoke, “Momo, don't you forget the ploy to use Zhang Ping was your idea.”

“Ha ha, This old one just follow your wishes* nothing more” Yang Momo laughed bitterly in her heart.
Oh Zhang Ping, I swear I really didn't think this kid really had strange thoughts about you at that time!1

Huang Fu Jie held the chess pieces between his two fingers and smiled at Yang Momo.
Although she couldn't tell by the mask he wore, the corner of his curved lip told the other he was smiling.

“Well, your mother will not allow you to have someone around who can influence you, especially a servant who is close to you.
No matter how well he behaved, Zhang Ping might have lived a little longer if he knew how to cover up.”

“But in any case, as a servant who had moistened by your rain and dew*, his end is foreseeable.
If you want to use him as a shield, he has no way to live.”1

“Even if he is good at martial arts, he has a strong hand.
If he doesn't show his martial arts, it's just that.
If he shows that he has unique martial arts, he will only bring in wave after wave of assassins pursuit “


“What's the use of strong martial arts? A pack of poison can immediately take his life.
Don't forget that although he is not stupid, he has no awareness*.
It's easy to kill him.”1

“I don't know what you mean when you tell me that, Momo?”

Yang Momo paused and smiled kindly , “I'm just telling you, learn to be willing to part with something. If you're really broad minded* and ambitious*, you should not be unable to let go.
I think you should be very clear about your position.”1

“My position? What position do I have?” Huang Fu Jie stopped thinking and casually dropped the piece.

Yang Momo looked at him drop the piece and nodded slightly.

“Your grandfather and your mother know nothing about you.”

Huang Fu Jie hand paused as he took the tea cup.

“The reason why two old ones stayed was because this old one was curious about how you were going to get to that point.
You may have the ability, you may not.
I don't know, but it's been a long time since I've seen such an interesting couple of children, especially you, this old one really curious if you can get what you want.”

“But if you like, you can take Zhang Ping with you and go with us, The world is so big there is no way you cant find a place to take shelter*” Yang Momo's eyes didn't show a trace of true feelings until now.1

Huang Fu Jie didn't hesitate for a moment and very firmly shook his head at Yang Momo.

Yang Momo seems to have known he would make such a move, and with a sigh, she stirred up the chess game with her hand.

“It's a pity that child.
He …
once came and seek this old one for you, maybe he had guessed that this old one saw that his timidity was pretended, so he wanted to stake it all on one throw.*”1

Huang Fu Jie was obviously hearing about this for the first time, and his gaze couldn't help but fix on Yang Momo.

The old woman, however, no longer wanted to look at him, “He told me of your situation, of your strength, about how your dad doesn't care and your mother doesn't love you*, he say that although you are ugly, you are the best of the best good boy in the world.

“Ha ha! He begged me to let the old man and me cultivate you and love you well, and the boy knocked his head off.
That said, the boy's nature is very much like that of one of my apprentices, unfortunately he…….”

Yang Momo didn't say who this guy was, Zhang Ping or her apprentice, got up and looked towards the side house where Zhang Ping lived, shook her head and suddenly said , “It's a pity that this old one didn't take advantage of this opportunity to take him on as my disciple.
Why do you think he didn't want to be this old one's teacher? Is this old one's martial arts not good enough in his eyes?”

“He said there is only one master, and that is his father.
He couldn't betray his father, or his father would die of grief.
And you're willing to let him steal your knowledge, he already thinks of you as his second master, otherwise he wouldn't help you steal herbs* and food.”1

Huang Fu Jie didn't move, he was tidying up the chessboard, and he surprisingly restored the game that had been disturbed by Yang Momo to its original state in a bit.

Seeing that he didn't speak, Yang Momo looked back and saw that Huang Fu Jie had made up the last of the pieces, which was not bad at all.

Yang Momo's eyes flashed with wonder.
The fourth prince, who looks different from ordinary people, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.
It seems that God is still fair.
Although he took away some important things from the young prince, he also gave him a lot.1


He has boundless strength, an extraordinary retentive memory, can both bend and stretch*, his awareness* is no less comparable to the second prince, who is famous for his intelligence.
Behind him, he has the support of the Yan Family.
The most important thing is that he has a firm goal, is willing to work hard and persevere.
If he is assisted to be a ruler* properly, following the right timing and the right place perhaps he would truly be able to succeed.3

“He will not die.”

Yang Momo who has turned back and leaves stop in her tracks.

“If I can't even protect the only one person I want to protect the most, why bother talk about winning the world.”1

Since the day Zhang Ping came to me, I am no longer the humble ugly fourth from the past.

Huang Fu Jie gets up and passes by Yang Momo with a proud smile.

This is the first time that the fourth Prince shows his arrogance*, like a dragon sleeping in the abyss, and finally raises his proud head.

Both the crown prince and King of Hui fulfilled their respective promises to Huang Fu Jie

The Crown prince sent two enchanting beauties.

King Ning Huang Fu Jie visited* the two women that night.1

Don't know how Huang Fu Jie treated them, The two enchanting women were unable to hide their faces from showing fear and their bodies from shrinking into a ball when they saw Huang Fu Jie again in the future.

The Crown prince soon got the news from the spies.
There were only two sentences written on the note: Ning Wang was timid by nature, weak and incompetent to the outside, and unable to control the inside.
But he can be sexually cruel, sadistic, strong sexual desire and domineering in the bedroom”

After reading the news, the crown prince smiled to his confidant Wei Wenxin with a smile and said, “Is this ugly four don't have any abilities but know how to show authority to women.

“Nevertheless, Your Highness also needs to pay more attention to it.”

“Yeah, got it.” The Crown prince replied casually, asking the men below to inform the scouts to continue probing.

Here, King Hui faction sent a messenger to tell Huang Fu Jie that he had already came into agreement with The Minister of Revenue Qiu Daren.
As long as the emperor could personally granted a marriage to King Ning, the Qiu family was willing to agree to this marriage.

Huang Fu Jie laughed at the letter and gave him a heavy reward.
Laughing all the way back to his bedroom

Zhang Ping is grinding copper coins.

One by one, places of coin grinding.
Exceptionally careful and conscientious grinding.
Every coin is sharpened on one side, and no matter which side of the coin is sharpened, it is the same width, the same thickness.

More than half a month has passed since that night.

For most of the month, he felt that he had behaved as usual, except for grinding copper money.

He thought he had to find something to do.

At present, the courtyard named “Ningyuan” currently only lives with him and King Ning.
It feels a lot like the time when he first entered the palace to serve for the fourth prince.

But again, to some extent it's different.

For example, he's not as busy as he used to be.
Now there is more than one eunuch to serve the King of Ning, and Madam Xian Fei has arranged for three other eunuchs to come over, but they all live in the outer courtyard, and like the others are not allowed to enter without command.


His job, besides serving King Ning, was to lay out the work for the three eunuchs to do.
Compared to before, he was also considered a eunuch of rank, although only seventh grade.1

His Family Highness, who is now a Wang Ye, is not the same as when he was in the palace.

Perhaps he had changed a long time ago, but that gradual, little change, relying on him lately, was not easily perceived.

When did he feel that he was different from the past?

Was it after the death of the sixth prince?

Why does he always think that the death of the sixth prince is related to his Wangye?

Was it because of the kid's smile? There was a hint of smugness* in that joy, combined with that unconcerned tone of voice.
Just because he was exceptionally familiar with him, he could feel those slight differences, right?

He had always thought he was kind, he was ugly-looking but not ugly at heart, and perhaps a little twisted in character.

Huang Fu Jie may not know that he saw him kneeling at the bottom of the wall several times in the middle of the night, digging out something from the corner and putting it back.

If an average person in the middle of the night sees the person in the same bed suddenly get up to dig the corner of the wall, and then come back as if nothing happened, about nine out of ten people will be scared to death.
He was not afraid because he pitied the child.
But later he paid more attention to the idea of enlightening the child.
He tried to make him happy and feel safe.

He hadn't bothered to move that corner of the wall because he felt he should leave him a little privacy.
Who doesn't have a secret? For example, although I have lost that root*, I can hide in the room and sometimes pretend to stand and relieve myself.* It turned out badly.2

Since they moved to King Ning Mansion, the child no longer digs the wall root, but sticks to his body in a different way.

He felt that he needed to vent properly.
He knew how repressed his life was and how bad his environment was.

Shortly after he moved into the royal residence, one ordinary night, he heard some animals whimpering in the courtyard.
Looking out, he saw what he didn't want to see.

The man tied a dog's mouth, broke its limbs with a pleasant smile, and skinned it raw.

Then he hid under the window and watched helplessly as he opened the wild dog gut wide, split its corpse, and chopped it up into pieces and buried it in the dirt.

He didn't go out to stop it somehow.

He thought the wild dog was very pitiful, but he thought the cruel young man who seemed to be joyful was even more pitiful.

It was also the day when the boy was insulted by his royal sister in the imperial garden.

So he took a great risk to sneak into the palace and vent out his anger for him.
He hoped that this would make the young people's hearts a little better, and not have to suppress themselves all the time.

He was probably a bit biased, the teenager had obviously done something so cruel, but he still felt it was understandable.

But he is also anxious, he is worried.
That's why he felt it would become a reality when he heard the threat from the teenager.

Maybe he didn't want his heart to be completely twisted so he agreed to his request.

It's kind of mean to think of it that way, but it's also true.

His memory of that night was a bit fuzzy because of the drugs, but he hadn't forgotten the feelings that the one had brought him.

He felt as if he had become the wild dog he had seen that night, the teenager rampaging over him, the difference being that the brutal killing became a brutal possession by which the teenager was gaining spiritual comfort

It's a strange feeling, but it can't be erased.

It had been half a month since that night, and there had been several times in that half of the night when the man had pulled him in and wouldn't let him go, and he didn't want to do anything to him, so he simply sat on the floor and slept by his bedside.
After sleeping once or twice, the one stopped pulling at his arm and not letting go every night and he was able to go back to his bedroom on time every night.

He treats him, Somewhat different.

Dont think about it, Dont think about it.
Zhang Ping tried hard to pull back the idea of running farther and farther away.

Generally speaking, he felt that his performance during this period was really normal, but whether it was that person or Yang Momo, their eyes were always full of care.

What's wrong with them?

Did they think he was angry about that night?

No, he is not angry.
Okay, he's a little angry, well, very angry.

But this was something he had agreed on himself, and he would not go and blame anyone for such a thing.
If you really want to blame, it's how you got into the palace as a eunuch in the first place.

You see, one must make decision after thinking carefully* when making decisions for oneself.
Zhang Ping felt that he was more mature day by day, if it were him now, he would definitely think of a different solution.1

But if he hadn't entered the palace as a eunuch, he wouldn't have run into Huang Fu Jie.
You see, everything is always looped together, one loop leads to another. You never know if you're doing it right or wrong.
Alas! The more you think about it, the more complicated it gets! Zhang Ping shook his head with all his might.

Now…….he had set his sights on definitely practicing his internal power to 80% within this year.
And a handful of copper darts.
Because the palace and even today's King Ning mansion have many restrictions and many ears and eyes, Apart from the fact that he had occasionally fought with two old elders, his external power was not as good as 30% of his internal power.2

I must practice my martial arts to a state of perfection.
There's no need to think about anything else for the time being.

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