At the beginning of the twenty eighth year of Emperor Sheng's reign, it was widely said that a peerless martial art master appeared in the capital.
The peerless master first challenged Zhou Xiang, the most famous Chief Constable in the capital.
According to Chief Constable Zhou, he didn't go through ten moves under this man's hand.

Later, this peerless martial master seemed to like Chief Constable Zhou quite a bit and helped him catch a few of the river bandits who had sneaked into the capital.
It would have been fine if these bandits were average, However, these villains are the top ones on the wanted list of heinous criminals in the Jianghu.

So this peerless master became famous.
But he didn't have a nickname at the time until he ran off to challenge Yang Xiao, the armed cavalry commandant who was known as the best martial art master in the capital.

He defeated Yang Xiao using just a twig.

It doesn't matter if Yang Xiao is defeated.
The problem is that he was on duty at the palace and the peerless master could vanish from the palace under heavy siege.

Then the fame of this master rose like a firework to the sky.
He was even given a nickname: “Misty Flying Fairy”.
As the name implies, this master came and went without a trace, no one knew the name of this peerless expert, even his face could not be recognized by many.

And those villains he caught did their best to insult him, people call him Misty Flying Fairy, but they want to call him Misty Fat Pig.
Yes, that's right.
Because the peerless expert seems to have a rounded figure, the face is unrecognizable also because of the extra flesh.

“Pig, come here.

“Who do you call a pig?” Zhang Ping tore the dough off his face and got angry.

Huangfu Jie picked up his costume and chuckled, “How did you think of using this image to go out and make a name for yourself? Sheesh!

Zhang Ping snatched the coat with thick cotton wool sewn into his hand and stuffed it into the closet, “Do you think I want to? If you agree, tomorrow I will let it be known that the famous Misty Flying Fairy is Zhang Ping, the eunuch who serves beside you.” Zhang Ping was a bit complacent when it came to the words “famous”.

“Look how happy you are!” Huangfu Jie squinted with a smile.
Zhang Ping, Zhang Ping, how can I let you go? Just stay by my side for the rest of your life.

“Have you laughed enough? If you're done laughing, go out and close the door for me.”

“Ahem, I've got business with you.” Huangfu Jie didn't fall for it, with a bit of mischievousness on his face, he leaned into Zhang Ping's ear like a child sharing a secret and gabbled away, “would you do it?”

Zhang Ping hesitated for a moment, “That's not good, is it?

“Why not? Do you want me to kill Wei Wenxin?”

“It would be a pity to kill him,” said Zhang Ping honestly

“So you still don't agree?”

” I want to rope him in, he'd be a good help.
Whether before or after you ascend the throne.

“Oh? What are your plans?

Zhang Ping beckoned to Huangfu Jie, Huangfu Jie immediately put his head over again.

“I see that Wei daren often goes to a brothel now.
There is a woman named Xiang Yun.
Her appearance is similar to that of Li, the crown princess consort.

“Oh? Interesting.” Huangfu Jie smiled wickedly.

“You would have found it even more interesting if you had known that I also saved this woman from the Eldest Princess.” Zhang Ping smiled smugly.




Title: Thousand Autumns / 千秋Author: Meng Xi Shi / 梦溪石Publisher: JJWXCCouple: Psycho Seme X Pretty Daoist Priest UkeGenre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts…

Transmigrated Into The Flim Emperor's Death…


His filming opportunities were taken by others, his boyfriend cheated on him, he gave up a rich, tall handsome fiance and devoted himself to a scumbag.
In the end, he wa…

The General's Cat always wants to climb into…


Summary:When Shen Zhifan awoke, he had become the nation's male god.The type of male god that everyone in the world, crying and shouting, wants to marry.However, beca…

The Elegant Dancing Years By Huo Li (火狸) | BL


Translator: Indus Author: Huo Li (火狸) Original Title: 韶华舞流年 Genre: Action, Adventure, Adult, Historical, Mystery, Smut, Yaoi [BL] Length: 188 Chapters + 25 Extr…

It's Over! The Major General is Bent! [Inter…


It's over! The Major General is Bent! [Interstellar BL]Chinese name: 完了,少将弯了[星际]Source: onebook.php?novelid=30Author: TianLuoShui (天洛水)When the…

The Return Of Cambrian Period – Shui Quian C…


In the history of geology, more than 500 million years ago, there was a period of the Paleozoic Era known as the Cambrian Period.
This period, being the first period of…

BL: Winner Takes All 谁把谁当真 (by: ShuiQianChen…


Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)*DISCLAIMER: I am not the origin… 

Huangfu Jie glared at Zhang Ping and grabbed him, “Ping, You are the best virtuous wife in the world! Here, let this Wangye give you a kiss.”1

“Do you still want to hear my plan?” Zhang Ping slapped him on the head in anger.

Huangfu Jie covered his head and said, “You tell me, I'll listen.”

“Here's what I plan to do: ……”

Their voices were getting quieter and quieter, they were talking head to head and gibbering for a long time, laughing weirdly from time to time.
A conspiracy to separate the crown prince and the Wei family was settled in the bursts of laughter between the master and the servant.

In the late spring of the 28th year of Emperor Sheng reign, Wei Wenxin suddenly resigned.
Accordingly to the Prime Minister Wei Qingzi also retire of old age.
The wonderful thing was that the Crown Prince did not even try to retain him.
Then there were rumors that Wei Xianxin and the Eldest Princess were not getting along.

The sudden resignation of the powerful father and son is already puzzling, but now there are rumors that Wei Wenxin and the Eldest Princess are at odds, that's even more remarkable.
For a time, the resignation of the Wei father and son caused a great deal of commotion in the capital.

The Crown Prince was furious and scolded the Wei family for not being good enough for great things.
It's just for one woman, why bother?

The Crown Prince didn't believe the Eldest Princess when she told him that her husband was still in love with his consort.
It was only later when he saw how Lady Li was looking at objects that make her miss its owner, that he became suspicious.
Later, Wei Wenxin even accused him to his face of playing with concubines and neglecting the princess consort and getting close to villains, it made him even angrier.

Who is he? He is the crown prince of the Daya Dynasty, so how many women does it matter if he has? When he becomes emperor, all the women of the world will be his! What is the daughter of a Minister of War? You, Wei Wenxin, are just a small Minister of Justice, how can you talk down to me!

You say that this Prince is cold to my Princess consort, but what about you? Why do you treat your wife, my sister, with respect like ice?

Of course, the Crown Prince didn't see how rude and domineering his sister was because of her princess status.

The Eldest Princess was even more furious when she learned that emperor's son-in-law had met a woman in a brothel behind her back, she immediately sent someone to the brothel to buy the woman to take back to the emperor's son-in-law's house.

The woman, who looked like Li, was tortured to near death by the Eldest Princess, Wei Wenxin got the message and tried to defend the woman, but he could defend today but not tomorrow.
Wei had no choice but to send the woman back to Wei Residence, where her father, Wei Qingzi, scolded him, but he also knew that his son and the Eldest Princess were having a hard time, seeing that the woman was really pitiful, he took her in.

But who would have thought that the Princess would forcefully search the woman out of the Wei residence by virtue of her status.
Wei Qingzi didn't get angry on the spot because of her status.
After all, the eldest princess was his son's wife and a princess in her own right, it would have been inappropriate for his son to hide a prostitute.
In spite of this, the Eldest Princess's behavior still angered the Wei family.

Wei Wenxin rushed back to his royal residence to save the woman, but learned that the woman had already been rescued halfway.
The eldest princess thought that she was saved by the Wei family, was unrelenting with Wei Wenxin, crying and saying that she wanted to let Emperor Sheng make the decision.
In the end, he scolded Li, who was already the crown prince's imperial consort and fiercely said that he wanted the crown prince to make Li look good.


Wei Wenxin has little infatuation with Li Shi, but there is always a sense of restraint.
When he think of Li's current disfavor in front of the crown prince, wouldn't it be even worse if the Eldest Princess provoked him? When he thought that he did not know whether Xiangyun was alive or dead, he argued with the Eldest Princess in resentment.

The eldest princess was so angry that she went to his brother and started talking about it, the two of them, who already had a gap, drifted further and further apart.

However, Li Shi actually spoke up for Wei WenXin, saying that the crown prince has been too close to some villains in recent years but far away from the wise ministers, and if this continues, I am afraid he will not be able to ascend to the throne.
As soon as she said this not only that the Crown Prince slapped the Crown Princess Consort, he wanted to lock her up, but considering the Ministry of Military Affairs behind her, he held back his anger.

But the Crown Princess consort, a weak woman, was already depressed and fell ill after being placed under house arrest by the Crown Prince.
It dragged on until the beginning of the year and then she passed away, she only left a letter to Wei Wenxin on her deathbed.1

After receiving a letter from Li's made, Wei Wenxin wept three times* until his sleeves soaked in tears after reading the letter.

One wrong step, one wrong step.

He thought he had assisted the rightful lord, and was willing to give up the woman he loved for him.
But now what did he get in return?

He is full of knowledge yet has no use for it! The two women he loved were dead and missing! Now he wants to divorce his wicked wife, but he can't because of her status! Haha!

Emperor Sheng finally allowed the Wei's father and son..
Since then, Lord Wei and his son have closed their doors not accepting visitor.

Soon, someone secretly approached Wei Wenxin

The visitor asked him only three question: Do you want to marry Xiang Yun? Do you want to be free from the Eldest Empress and the Crown Prince's faction? Do you want to return to the court again in the future?1

After the departure of the Wei family and their sons from the court, the situation in the imperial court changed repeatedly.

In June of the same year, Emperor Sheng occasionally caught a cold, what started out as a mild symptom somehow became more and more serious.
The shrewd Emperor Sheng immediately noticed that something was wrong, immediately had the eunuchs who prepared and delivered the medicine spied on, sent the prescriptions outside the palace to be checked.
This investigation really found him a problem.

At that moment, Huangfu Jie was forcing Zhang Ping to play chess with him.
When Zhang Ping didn't want to, so he tied a rope around their hands so that he couldn't get away.
Zhang Ping had no choice but to play his least favorite game of Weiqi* with a bitter face.1

After losing two games in a row, Zhang Ping refused, “I want to play gobang*!1

“Sure” The tall man agreed with a big smile.
No matter what chess game was played, Zhang Ping was sure to lose him anyway.
He likes to see Zhang Ping's furious face when he loses, hehehe.2

“Do you think this game will really bring down the Crown Prince?” When it was Huangfu Jie's turn to make a move, Zhang Ping harassed him by asking questions without any chess piece.

Huangfu Jie easily dropped down a chess piece and said, “Eight or nine is not far from ten.
If the father and son of Wei's family were still with him to assist him, it might have dragged on for a while,, but unfortunately…
Hey! No regrets, put it back, put it back!”。

When Zhang Ping didn't hear, he thought hard for a while and changed his position.

“Did the Crown Prince really change the medicine?”

“Hmm.” When Huangfu Jie saw that he was able to cheat so openly, what else could he do? He had to change his tactics to deal with this man, King Ning shamelessly took off his shoes under the table.
What for? What do you think?

” The emperor has been emperor for 28 years, the holy body has always been healthy, he might be able to be the emperor for another 10 or twenty year with no problem.
The Crown Prince is already 26 this year and can't wait for ……!Ah! “

Zhang Ping stared furiously, Huangfu Jie smiled like a cat, the toes are still rubbing against hard to him.1

Zhang Ping grabbed his foot and squeezed it hard.

Huangfu Jie cried out strangely and looked at Zhang Ping's eyes differently.
Zhang Ping was so scared that quickly let go of the colored foot.

“Stop it! Do you still want to play chess with me or not? If you still mess around I won't play chess.”

“Okay, okay.
Not messing, not messing.
” Huangfu Jie didn't take his foot back, so he put it up on Zhang Ping's thigh.

Zhang Ping knew that he would be the one to suffer if he continued to fight, so he could only swallow his anger and endure the existence of that foot.

“I'm worried about people noticing that you're pushing the envelope.”

Huangfu Jie shook his head and laughed as if he didn't care, “Yu Shan is crazy on the surface, but his work is watertight, he has Di Er to help him.
I'm afraid that our crown prince will go to the guillotine and think that his advisors have harmed him.
He could not have imagined that the powder that supposedly kills people invisibly would not kill them, but only aggravate their condition.

“Besides, if he didn't have such a heart, he wouldn't have listened to the advice of his advisors no matter how much Yu Shan and the others tried to mess with him.
It was he himself who couldn't wait to be emperor and couldn't wait any longer.
Taking risks requires being prepared to fall off a cliff, who can blame him for not being able to accept the temptation?”

“He is too impatient to wait and you urged him to do it! Because of the incident of Wei family, and the Minister of War, Li Daren, said that he wanted to get justice for his daughter , and then king Hui tied the spy sent by the crown prince to Yanmen pass and present them to the emperor.
When these incidents happened, there was a rumor that the emperor wanted to abolish him and establish the second prince as the Crown Prince, how could he sit still.
Speaking of that Di er, what exactly is he ……?” Zhang Ping couldn't help but wonder.

“I'll tell you if you sleep with me tonight.”1

Zhang Ping couldn't stand it any longer and slapped the table and ran away.
Huangfu Jie looked at the broken rope and laughed helplessly.
It's not good to have a lover with high martial arts1

Who would want Emperor Sheng to get sick and even die like this?

Who wants to be an emperor so badly that he can justify it?

The doubts all point to the Crown Prince.



WARNING: Contain NSFW Content and brutality

No problems were identified at the Imperial Infirmary.
The medicine prescribed to the emperor was usually checked by three Imperial Physicians to make sure it was correct before the medicine boy could dispense it.
The prepared medicine will also be checked by someone and finally delivered to the place where it is prepared.

The eunuch who cooked the medicine could not endure the interrogation punishment and confess that Hu Rong gave him the medicine, Hu Rong told him that the medicine tonified the body.

Hu Rong shouted that he didn't know anything about it, and that the eunuch who boiled the medicine is deceitful and made a false accusation.

Emperor Sheng almost died, but even his favorite retainers became suspected at this time.
Without a second word, he had Hu Rong taken down and tortured for interrogation.1

Hu Rong was tortured in a daze and heard someone whispering and laughing in his ear.
He said that the old eunuch was a scapegoat, how could the crown prince grant him anything even in nine-thousand year it's just a dream!

Soon Hu Rong came to his senses and almost gritted his teeth and gave up the Crown prince.
Of course, he also argued that the crown prince had guaranteed that the powder would make the emperor's condition better soon, he accepted it for his filial piety.
In the end, he shouted that he did not know about the incident, but after the incident, he dared not say anything because he was afraid, asked the emperor to spare his worthless life because he had served him for many years.

Hu Rong failed to save his life.
The Crown Prince escaped instead, when he learned that Emperor Sheng was not dead but seriously ill, he knew something was wrong.
When the news of the arrest of the eunuch who was preparing the medicine came in, he fled the capital at night with his men.

When the tree topples the monkeys scatter, and When a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a push.
Not to mention this escape prove that he is indeed guilty as charged.
The mother of the late Sixth Prince, Consort De Fei, sued Empress Zheng for the death of the Sixth Prince, and found evidence – a crossbow with the Zheng family crest engraved on it.

The Empress Zheng was unable to defend herself and was placed under house arrest.
Empress Zheng was a descendant after the founding father, but Unfortunately, the founding dukes were hereditary for many generations, although they had a certain amount of power, it was reduced to almost nothing by the successive emperors.

The founding father of this dinasty had no direct descendants except for the Zheng family, which is why the Zhengs valued the Wei family's father and son.
Unfortunately, her son wasted her time and efforts in breaking up with the Wei's family.
Now she has no one to protect her.1

Shortly afterwards, Empress Zheng was given a death sentence and the Crown Prince was relegated to the status of a commoner, Emperor Sheng ordered the King of Hui to pursue Huangfu Hun and issued an edict whether he was dead or alive.
The eldest princess was also implicated and forcibly sent to a temple to be shaved.
The eldest princess, unwilling to do so, escaped from the temple but fell down the slippery mountain road and died.

The crown prince's power fell, King Hui's joy was indescribable.

On this side, King Ning, Huangfu Jie, and Zhang Ping quietly went out of the gate.

In the October month of the 28th year of Zhen Sheng's reign, the crown prince, Huangfu Hun, sailed sea from Chaozhou, after one day of the journey, when he thought he had finally escaped and closed his eyes in peace, he heard the cabin door being kicked open.

“Who? Huangfu Hun got up in shock and reached out to touch his sword under his pillow.

Cold air poured into the cabin, the huge figure in the hatch completely blocked the light.




Title: Thousand Autumns / 千秋Author: Meng Xi Shi / 梦溪石Publisher: JJWXCCouple: Psycho Seme X Pretty Daoist Priest UkeGenre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts…

Transmigrated Into The Flim Emperor's Death…


His filming opportunities were taken by others, his boyfriend cheated on him, he gave up a rich, tall handsome fiance and devoted himself to a scumbag.
In the end, he wa…

The General's Cat always wants to climb into…


Summary:When Shen Zhifan awoke, he had become the nation's male god.The type of male god that everyone in the world, crying and shouting, wants to marry.However, beca…

The Elegant Dancing Years By Huo Li (火狸) | BL


Translator: Indus Author: Huo Li (火狸) Original Title: 韶华舞流年 Genre: Action, Adventure, Adult, Historical, Mystery, Smut, Yaoi [BL] Length: 188 Chapters + 25 Extr…

It's Over! The Major General is Bent! [Inter…


It's over! The Major General is Bent! [Interstellar BL]Chinese name: 完了,少将弯了[星际]Source: onebook.php?novelid=30Author: TianLuoShui (天洛水)When the…

The Return Of Cambrian Period – Shui Quian C…


In the history of geology, more than 500 million years ago, there was a period of the Paleozoic Era known as the Cambrian Period.
This period, being the first period of…

BL: Winner Takes All 谁把谁当真 (by: ShuiQianChen…


Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)*DISCLAIMER: I am not the origin… 

A candlestick was lit, someone had kindly lit the candles in the cabin.

A devilish, bloody face appeared in the eyes of the crown prince.
Tall stature, ferocious grin, white, devouring teeth can really scare a living grown man under the candlelight.

“Ah! “How can Huangfu hun, who has been chased by the second prince for a long time, not be afraid to see this man? After a scream, he was so scared that he held his sword tightly across the chest.

” Great Royal brother, how have you been?”

“You It's you! ” The crown prince steadied his mind and recognized the man.
“What are you doing here? Did Royal Father send you here? What about the second brother? You guys are really acting in collusion! What, look at this ……
seeing me losing my power and then all come to beat a drowning dog? Ugly Four, you're not good enough! Come on!”2

Huangfu Jie laughed, “Zhang Ping, listen to this, our crown prince himself said he is a dog, it seems he understands what he really is.”

“How dare you! Very well this Ugly Fourth! You ……
someone! Somebody!” The crown prince was so angry with him that he trembled all over.

“Hush, abolished Crown Prince, Your Highness, lower your voice.
This boatload of people have gone to the other side, you're screaming so loud that you're calling them back, wouldn't we want them to die again? That's just pathetic, don't you think?”

“What did you say?”1

“I said……..
Zhang Ping, you can tell him.


Zhang Ping, holding a candle in his hand, replied respectfully, ” To report to your highness the abolished crown prince, the people on this boat are all dead.
I and my wangye killed them one by one.
Now you are the only other survivor on this ship, only my Wangye and I are left.”

The two of them, one after the other, called Huangfu Hun abolished Crown Prince, with red eyes, he hated them and wanted to eat both them alive.

“You damned eunuch! What are you? How dare you talk to me like that! Even though I, Huangfu Hun, am no longer the crown prince, I am still the grand prince of this great Daya dynasty, you! You!” Huangfu Hun slapped Zhang Ping on the face in anger.1

Zhang Ping didn't even flinch, waiting for his opponent's palm to reach out in front of his face, he clamped down on Huang Hun's right hand, then twisted it again so gently.

“Aaaahhh!” Huangfu Hun cried out in pain, his sword fell to the ground.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!” Huangfu Jie shook his head and admired, “You're so bold.
Even I don't dare to reach out to him, but you dare to come up to him and try to slap him? Do you know who he is?”1

Zhang Ping unconsciously raised his chest.

“He's my precious sweetheart, not to mention slapping him, even if I want to bite him, I have to think of a place to do it, so if you come up here and want to hit him like this, isn't that disrespectful to me your brother?”2

Zhang Ping's face twisted a bit and his chest deflated.

Huangfu Hun didn't understand that Huangfu Jie was using the opportunity to tease his family's peerless master, he thought he was deliberately humiliating him, and now despised him, “Huh! You can only mess with eunuchs who are too inferior to show in public! It's ridiculous that a prince should allow the eunuchs to be so reckless!”1

Zhang Ping didn't get angry, but he just clamped his opponent's right hand a little bit stronger.
Then he heard His Highness the Crown Prince let out a pig-killing scream.


“Haha Ridiculous? No matter how ridiculous I am, I can't compare to you, the abolished Your Highness.
I heard that you loved the beauty but not the country.
For the sake of the beauty, you not only forced the Crown Prince Consort to die and offended the Minister of War, but also listened to the beauty and and cut off your most powerful left and right arm father and son of the Wei family with your own hands.
If the Wei family was still with you and the son, you would not have ended up like this like a drowning dog.
Don't you think so?

Zhang Ping looked at His Highness the Crown Prince and felt sorry for him.
His body was shaking, he was no better than a drowning dog.
After thinking about it, he let go of the abolished prince.

Huangfu Jie saw Zhang Ping let go of Huangfu Hun and didn't stop him, on the contrary, he smiled and added a sentence: “Oh, right.
This foolish brother of yours always had a soft spot for people who can't show to public , didn't you give up on the Wei father and son? I'm sure these two are not up to par in the eyes of my elder brother, so I'll take them under my wing.”

The abolished crown prince shut his mouth tightly and stared at Huangfu Jie with hateful eyes.

As if he had just remembered, Huangfu Jie looked into Huangfu Hun's eyes, smiled, and said very clearly: “Besides,” Huangfu Jie looked into Huanghun's eyes as if he had just remembered.
“You have become a drowning dog that everyone is shouting at not only because of your own stupidity, lust, and shortsightedness, but also because of the help you've been getting from someone behind you.” After a pause, “Do you want to know who this person is?”

Huangfu Hun endured and endured, but still could not endure, cursing angrily, “Who else but Lao Second!”

Huangfu Jie, with his hands behind his back, looked at Huangfu Hun with contempt.
With this glance, everything was left unsaid.

“It was You?! ?! I'll kill you, you monster!” Huangfu Hun is furious.

Of all the brothers, the one he looked down upon the most was Ugly Four! He never thought that he would be brought to such a state by this ugly fourth person whom he underestimated the most, how could he not feel anger and hatred! This ugly guy even called him incompetent to his face, so it's intolerable! In anger, he was about to throw himself on the ground to fight for his life, but was kicked to the ground by Zhang Ping.

Huangfu Hun groaned with pain holding his stomach.

Huangfu Jie stood condescendingly in front of him, one boot stepping on his dignified face, confessed pleasantly:

I understand that you can't wait to become emperor, so I had someone encourage your advisors and your advisors to encourage you to poison Royal Father.
You know that not only you can't wait to be emperor, but your beloved consort can't wait to be empress, your subordinates can't wait to be made lords, so it really isn't hard at all to encourage them.”

Huangfu Hun can't stand the thought of someone stepping on his face, reaching out and pushing, struggling and cursing at the same time.

Huangfu Jie's stomp on him harder, and Huangfu Hun screamed miserably, his nose was broken, a lot of blood gushed out from his nostrils.
The pain of having his nose stepped on was so great that Huangfu Hun almost fainted, but when Huangfu Jie's foot tip pushed a step harder, he was back to the world in pain.

“N-nooooo……! The abolished Crown Prince Huangfu Hun let out a groan full of pleas for mercy, grabbed Huangfu Jie's boots with both hands, pleaded with him with his eyes to move his feet away.

Zhang Ping sighed inwardly, knowing why he had to start today.

Huangfu Jie, as if he did not see or hear the weakness of the abolished prince, continued to hit him:


The medicine you used to poison Royal Father was also given to you by me; the spy you sent to the Wild Goose Gate to get to Liu Bai and harm me was also a gift from me to Lao Second.
It was also I who had my hand in the ration and fodder, in order to justifiably slaughter your trusted ration and fodder officer and frame you for the crime.

Huangfu Hun's eyes are anguished.

“What else have I done? Oh, it seems that I had something to do with the fact that your relationship with Wei Wenxin broke down.
By the way, the Princess's head was shaved bald because of this expert beside me.
Who asked her to scold me? My Ping hates it when people bully me.
Ping, don't you think so?”

Zhang Ping nodded his head helplessly.

Smiling, Huangfu Jie licked his sharp tiger teeth,The foot turned to run over the chest of Huangfu Hun, the abolished prince, stamped heavily on it, after hearing a scream from the other side, he said slowly and satisfactorily:

“Even the evidence that the mother of the Sixth Prince sued the Empress, your own mother, for the murder of the Sixth Prince, was provided by me.
Do you know how miserable your mother was when she died?”

Huangfu Hun roared at the top of his lungs, struggling desperately and cursing, “Huangfu Jie! You devil! So it's you! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!”

“Zhang Ping.

” Here.”

“You go out and leave the candlesticks.”

When Zhang Ping looked into Huangfu Jie's eyes, goose bumps sprouted on the back of his neck.

If he had been a wise minister, he would have advised his prince to let him have mercy where he could.
For the sake of brotherhood with the abolished prince, spare his life, or simply give him a quick death.

Now that the crown prince knows everything, there is no chance that he will survive.
Then, in order not to leave the King of Ning with the bad reputation of having killed his brother, he should take the initiative to help his lord prince finish off his brother.

This man has killed two brother and is now planning to torture an kill a third, If no one knows, it's OK.
If someone knows……..
But he didn't do anything, he just silently put down the candlestick and walked out of the cabin closing the cabin door on the way.1

He knew this man needed to vent.
If he doesn't let out the anger he has been holding onto for 22 years, he will never be comfortable in his life.

And he, Zhang Ping, is no saint.
The sea breeze brought the fishy smell of the sea water, but it could not hide the smell of blood from the ship.

From time to time, a scream or plea for mercy can be heard in the endless darkness of the sea, giving one the creepy feeling that it gives you the creepy feeling that the ghost is asking for your life.

The screams stopped at some point.
The hatch opened and Huangfu Jie walked out of the cabin.
He looked so calm that if it weren't for the blood splattered on his clothes, you would have thought he had just gotten out of bed.

Zhang Ping had been blowing the sea breeze for half a night, when he saw him coming out, he didn't say anything and silently walked up to him silently and took his hand.

Huangfu Jie gripped him back, tightly.
Then he smiled, a very gentle smile.
Of course this tenderness could only be seen by Ping Zhang who knew him well as himself.
When others look at Huangfu Jie's face, they can only feel his eerie smile and absolutely no hint of tenderness.

“First he cursed at me, then he started begging me for mercy.
When I tortured him a little, I asked him to lick the bottom of my shoe and he was willing.
Come to think of it back then I also did a lot of lowly things to avoid pain.
Pain is really scary, isn't it?”


“That's why there's a way to say.
The more arrogant some people seem, the more vulnerable their spirit may be.The crown prince had lived a successful life and had been held in the palm of his hand since he was a child, This kind of person could not suffer any setbacks.
If you give him some presure, he will probably collapse.
So you're amazing.
You were so small and abused, but you survived and became more and more resilient.
This is not something that ordinary people can do.”

“Really? “

” Zhang Ping nodded his head vigorously.

“I've killed another brother.”

“They deserve to die.
If you don't kill them, they will kill you.
Besides, they owe you a lot.”

“I will go on and on.
You know who I hate the most.” Huangfu Jie reached out and slowly pulled Zhang Ping's lapel open.

The sea breeze in October is cold, bitterly cold.

“Ping, I'm cold, let me in and warm up,” he said.

Zhang Ping's lips had turned purple from the sea breeze that had been blowing for half a night, even though he had internal power.
At this time, his clothes were half-open, he was so cold that goose bumps appeared, but he did not reject Huangfu Jie.

Huangfu Jie turned his body around and entered him from behind.1

This posture is very difficult.
Fortunately, the man used the healing ointment to help him lubricate it, otherwise both of them would suffer.

Huangfu Jie holds his waist and tries to raise it.
As if to pierce through him,one after another heavily and relentlessly thrusting his target

The posture of the two men is absolutely not beautiful, could simply be classified as vulgar like stray dogs mating on the street.
But the stray dogs stand on four legs, while they stand on two legs.

The dark sea, the cold sea wind, In the silent sea there is only this bloody sea boat.
The Yellow Sea lights on the boat sway in the wind.

There are two men under the mast, making the most primitive sounds and doing the most primitive things.

From time to time the man with his hands on the mast groaned and cried.

The man behind him has lost his humanity and turned into a beast.
He only knows how to plunder and destroy.

The smell of blood provoke him even more, as scenes of his dark childhood past flashed through his mind.
He hated it, so much that the whole blood stream in his body screamed! The more he tried to get the past out of his mind, the more the insulting, undignified past refused to leave him alone.

He knew that the person beneath him was not his enemy, but he couldn't help it.
He wanted to trample on him, to torture him with the most shameless and cruel means..
Seeing the man rolling and groaning under him, seeing the man begging for mercy and crying under him, he will have an ineffable satisfaction, which is the deepest darkness in his heart.

And he'll feel safe.
Every time he enter this person, in addition to the satisfaction of sexual desire, the tight and warm inner wall covers him, and gives him an indescribable sense of security.

The knowledge that this man will not abandon him, will not hurt him, but will protect him, this perception of “safety” made him even more reckless.
If only he would not leave him.
He didn't want the man to leave him, not at all.

“Ping “

Zhang Ping is panting heavily.
The combination of pain and pleasure has blurred his mind.

“It's so kind of you.

Good for you and this is how you treat me? You use that thing of yours as a pestle, but my ass is not made of stone!1


It was dawn, Zhang Ping, who was sitting on the deck, watched Huangfu Jie handle Huangfu Hun's body.
A fire burns away all evidence.
Smart as he is, how could he left any witness? No matter if the person who came to greet him had no idea, no matter if that person was his henchman or not, Huangfu Jie could not let a third person know the fact that the King of Ning killed his brother.

When the corpse was so burnt that it was unrecognizable, Huangfu Jie nodded his head in satisfaction and chopped the charred corpse into several pieces, revealing a piece of flesh and blood that was not fully cooked inside.1

Zhang Ping's turned his face away, he had killed no less, but the scene was still a bit too exciting.

The broken body was thrown into the sea by Huangfu Jie piece by piece to feed the fish.
Looking at Huangfu Jie's expression, Zhang Ping knew that he was in a really good mood.

If this man were not a prince, if his goal was not to become emperor, if he were not by his side, there is no doubt that this man would have become an incarnation of devil, a kind that is the most cruel, the most abnormal and the most inhuman.

Zhang Ping suddenly felt great, he knew clearly that the biggest reason why this man still had some humanity was because of him.
If he hadn't been there to help him adjust, the world would have been in chaos, The world, which was still steady and stable, would have enveloped in the flames of war.

Zhang Ping couldn't help but feel a little smug.
It seems that he is not without contribution to the world.
He just wonders how the people would react if they knew that it was a eunuch's ass that saved them? Ha!

“What are you giggling about? Did I fuck you silly?”1

Zhang Ping glared at him and said in a resentful voice, “I'll slap you to death one day! Release the signal, I'm freezing to death.”

“Aren't you a great martial master? What's a little sea breeze?” Huangfu Jie sneered in his mouth, but his hand pulled out the signal and let it out.

“Come here, let me hug you and keep you warm.

“……No way.” Zhang Ping was lazy and didn't want to move at all.

Seeing that he didn't want to move, Huangfu Jie immediately came down to him and sat down beside him, taking the person into his arms along the way.

“Ping, after we board the ship i want more” he toke a bite of the red frozen ear.2

“Want more? OK, I'll find you a stone bowl when the boat comes! For real.
Is your thing still made of meat? Are you not afraid it would peel off after playing drums for so long! “

Huangfu Jie smiled, biting his ear and giggling, “Baby, whether my thing is made of meat, aren't youthe one who know the most? Afraid I got hurt there? So nice, that you are so worried about it.
I will let it thank you very much later.

“Get out!” Zhang Ping hates it, how did he find such a prince in the first place?

“And how can you find me a stone bowl? How can I be satisfied if it's not your treasure cave? Here is the result of eight years' hard work.
It's soft and moist with just the right tightness.
t can suck in and out.
It's hot and pleasant.
It can still come out after a long time of dry .
Do you think it's easy for me to train a dry road like this? If not, how can this prince be willing? “As he say so his hand wanders to god knows where3

“Huangfu Jie, don't think I'm afraid of you just because you're a prince! Don't make me mad at ……
What are you doing?”

 ”You're not afraid of me.
aren't you just afraid you cant come anymore? Ping, you're still wet here.
You won't have to prepare it later.

“Huangfu Jie——“

A single masted ship was approaching and someone was waving to them.
It's Di er.

Zhang Ping now knows what is special about him, since he knew that the crown prince was planning to go to the sea, Huangfu Jie sent a messenger to invite him here.
At first he didn't know why, but after seeing how familiar this man was with the sea and how he was able to steer a large ship all by himself, he understood.

When Di Er put the two boats on the board and came over, he saw Zhang Ping's honest face was red.
Looking at the red sun just rising behind him, Di Er also understood

Shortly afterwards, a great fire broke out on the sea, and the ship carrying the deposed crown prince, Huangfu Hun, and his close relatives was reduced to ashes on the sea, sinking to the bottom of the sea with hundreds of corpses.
And no one will ever know about it.
Just as no one knew that the large amount of gold, silver, and treasure that the Crown Prince had carried with him on board has loaded on another ship.

Why would King Hui keep chasing abolished Crown Prince, in addition to the idea of eradicating the root of the problem, have he not thought about this boatload of treasure? Pity!

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