The bride Yan Yujie, sat withered under a large red candle.

She didn't want to marry in.
Both the man's legendary appearance and his legendary brutality towards his concubines made the marriage a nightmare.
But it could not be helped, her father gave the order, the instructions of Emperor and Imperial Consort Yan, she had to marry into the House of Ning, her task was to give birth to a healthy son for the terrible King Ning, and ……

Tonight is after all her wedding night, which girl is not full of charming fantasies about this night? But until now that person did not even enter the door.

“Squeak” As she thought, the door opened.

A stout, tall figure enters the bridal room.

“Lift the lid.” The visitor said in a deep voice.

Yan Yujie shuddered in fear and did not understand why the other side wanted the bride to lift the cover to show her face by herself.
But she did as she was told and lifted it.

Zhang Ping looking in from the window at the girl lifting her cover and seeing the face of the man opposite.
He took a breath of the freezing cold air and can not help but sigh slightly.
What a little girl.
She looks younger than her real age of 15.1

Zhang Ping suddenly admired the old general Yan a little.
, You say how come such an old man can also give birth to such a delicate daughter its quite a skill

She was only 15 years old.
And still they are cousins , thanks to madam royal gui fei.
Such a little girl in the bedroom is so scared at first sight of Huangfu Jie.
What do you say you sent her for?

Have a baby? No matter how abnormal Huangfu Jie was, he would never lay a hand on a young chick whose milk hair has not yet shed.*1

Snooping for secrets? She can't even get herself closer to the master of the palace, so what kind of secrets can she ask?

He just can't figure it out.
Because of the inability to think, Zhang Ping's vigilance raised even higher.

The man in the room poured out a glass of wine from a jug on the table.」


Yan Yujie was awakened by this sound, her trembling hands picked up the glass of wine on the table and took a small sip.
Do you even have to drink the toast yourself?

The man stood silently, seemingly sizing her up

Yan Yujie dare not lift her head, her heart crying over her own life misery, she hate how her parents could bear to marry her to such a devilish-looking man.
She is the daughter of a great general, what kind of person can't she marry, why must she marry this horrible man? And as a side concubine ……

Gradually, Yan Yujie began to feel a little dizzy.
This wine ……
is so strong, she thought so, and fell down softly before she finished thinking.

The man didn't try to help her, his face seemed to take on a hint of ridicule as he let her fall down like that.
Then the man did a very strange thing, he sat down next to the bride, lying down next to her and closed his eyes

Time passed by a little.
About a quarter of an hour later, someone came here with a lantern.
It looked like a servant girl in the mansion.

Zhang Ping's figure disappeared from the window.

A maid knocked on the door and said, “Wangye, madam, steward yan asked the servant to clear the table.

The room was quiet and no one answered her.

The maid waited and waited, and then she reached out to push the door.
The door was bolted from the inside.

The maid suddenly had an extra dagger in her hand.

The latch was picked open and the maid walked in.

Zhang Ping reappeared at the window and gently pulled open the window door that was closed by the maid.

“Have you seen enough? If you've seen enough, come to bed with me.”

Zhang Ping looked back at the visitor.
“That little girl is just a victim “

Not waiting for him to finish, the visitor interrupted him impatiently: “Not dead.”

“Uh, you don't agree with her ……
ahem, so do you want to shout?”」

“What's the hurry? I can still call out for them to come later, if people make a ruckus now I won't be able to sleep”

“It's not like it's two hours away.” Zhang Ping muttered.

The man squeezed his waist and smiled grimly:”Just in time to do one.”

Zhang Ping stumbled on his feet, and his eyebrows drooped.

The two did not take the corridor with the palace lights hanging, but walked through the deep garden, when they encountered a wall, they went right over it.
Although the pace is not slow, but how can not escape a little sneaky feeling.

“It's obviously my own royal residence and I'm sleeping with my own men, so why do I have to be so sneaky?” The tall man seems to complain more than Zhang Ping.

“This is the joy of cheating.” The Great Servant Zhang exclaimed

“Zhang Ping.

“Huh? “

“Has anyone ever said you're just a fool?”

The reaction of the great martial master is always unusually quick ……
Zhang Ping kicked his family's wangye into the pond next to him.

“Plop! “

“Come here! There are assassins──!” Zhang Ping did not do two things at once, he yelled when he opened his throat.
If you don't shout, I will shout for you.
This voice immediately awakened the whole king ning mansion who were prepared.

Huangfu Jie emerged from the pond, wiping the water droplets on his face, pulling off the water plants hanging on the crown of his hair, his face was gloomy and frightening.

Zhang Ping stood by the pond and shouted in panic: “Wangye! Are you all right, Wangye? Wangye, this slave servant is coming down to save you!”

Zhang Ping rolled up his sleeves, Zhang Ping rolled his trouser legs, Zhang Ping took off his shoes ……
as he heard the sound of the guards rushed over.

“Quickly! Quickly get Wangye up!” Zhang Ping put the half-removed shoes back on and shouted anxiously.

Huangfu Jie stood in the pond, staring dead at Zhang Ping, the gnashing of teeth, couldn't wait to put other party's XXXX with vicious expression, the guards who were so scared that they jumped off the pool to try to save him froze and did not dare to take a step closer.1

“Where is the assassin? Servant Zhang, did you see where the assassin escaped to?” Zhu Bing, the head of the guards, commanded his subordinates to rescue King Ning from the pond while asking Zhang Ping about it.

Liu Qi Zhong blinked his eyes, he did not understand which play they were playing.
Their marshal would be forced into a pond? And so disgraceful as to let someone come to his rescue? To his loyalty to the Zhang Servant standing at the edge of the pond ready to jump but didn't jump down at the first moment? And ……
shouldn't the Wangye be in his bedroom right now, why is he running here?

Zhu Bing coughed, whatever the hell they were acting.
As the head of the guards, they just do their part.

Liu Qi Zhong received a reminder from his partner, immediately put away his puzzled face and seriously began to order people to search for assassins all over the king's residence.


Zhang Ping cried and blamed himself, “I, I didn't see it.
It was so dark, and happened suddenly, wangye avoided the assassin attack but accidentally fell into the pond.
When I shouted, the assassin ran away.
I was so focused on wangye that I didn't notice where the other side was running.”1

Zhu and Liu became more and more suspicious of the falling water incident.
Zhang Ping's martial arts depth they do not know, but they do know that Zhang Ping's skills are definitely not bad.
If it is said that Zhang Ping, who can fight againts 100,000 enemy troops, will not notice the direction of escape of a small assassin, how can it be convincing.
But before they knew the intention of the king to arrange this play, they could only pretend to see the great servant Zhang as an ordinary eunuch who does not know martial arts.

His highness King Ning finally walked out of the pond.

Poor March day, a wet clothes, just look at the man cold from the bones .
In addition to the icy cold aura overflowing from His Majesty King Ning's body, tsk!2

Zhang Ping shouted: “Your Majesty, this slave servant go get your clothes!” He ran away giggling.

Huangfu Jie made a gesture of no use to Liu Qizhong who had untied his outer robe and was ready to put it on him, eerily he commanded ,”Search! I must find the assassin from the royal residence!”

” There was a roaring response, and that night the lights of Ning's residence lit up until the next morning.

The impulsive waiter Zhang hid in the woodshed, worrying about how he had made the man angry, while thinking hard about how he could be so “cruel”.

“Bang!” The door to the woodshed was kicked open and several guards swarmed in.

“Servant Zhang?”

“Cough cough! ” Zhang Ping stood up and patted the invisible dust on his body and said, ” “The King fell into the water and got cold, I came over to get some firewood to boil hot water for him.”

The guards looked at each other, when was the Great Servant Zhang relegated to the kitchen to burn the fire? And, Servant Zhang, you said you came to carry firewood, how come you left empty-handed like this?

The guards have doubts in their hearts, but they can only see Zhang the Great Servant strutting away.

Zhang Ping pushed open the door of the room, very calmly turned back to close the door, and then very calmly crossed the two sinister eyes.

King Ning Huangfu Jie was sitting on the edge of the bed watching him methodically and meticulously washing his face with the cold water left in the copper basin.
That solemn atmosphere that those who did not know thought he was making preparations for the ritual sacrifice to heaven and earth.

Huangfu Jie was about to speak when Zhang Ping suddenly turned around at that moment and glanced at him with a very resentful look.
At this point, all the curses that Huangfu Jie was ready to export were held back in his stomach.1

“You “

Zhang Ping also sat down at the edge of the bed.

Huangfu Jie suddenly felt a little nervous, the atmosphere became subtle.

Zhang Ping suddenly pulled out a piece of his usual handkerchief pad from his arms, unfolded, turned around, and covered his head.

Huangfu Jie's heartbeat began to accelerate, cheeks somehow became a little hot, two hands also involuntarily clenched into fists.

A rough but warm hand covered his right hand that was resting on his knee.

Huangfu Jie swallowed.



A very small voice but put infinitely louder in the silent room.

There was a breath approaching him, and the veil that fell on his face was lifted.

Huangfu Jie slightly lowered his head, Zhang Ping reached out to lift his chin ……

Huangfu Jie raised his hand to block, Zhang Ping flipped his wrist to make a small takedown, Huangfu demolished.

At first, both of them were still like some martial expert, silently and quickly going back and forth.
But in a short time, the expert style is lost, what underhanded moves are made.
In the end, it was simply the same as two street hoodlums fighting, you tear and I bite, wrestling in a ball on the bed.1

“What's wrong with you that you kicked me in the water in the cold?”

“Who told you to screw around behind my back!”

“Fuck! When did I screw around behind your back? You don't know which woman I'm screwing!”」

“More wretch in front of me! This laozi has already put up with it, and you dare to mock me for being a fool”

“Can you hold your breath? Which eunuch who is so excited to hear that someone is getting a wife?”

“Who are you calling a eunuch! “

“It's you who's being scolded! I said you're fool and you still refuse to admit it? What idiot would castrate himself into a eunuch?”

“If I had not become a eunuch, you would have died in some corner of the palace! “

“It's better to die than to be bullied by you every day! “

“I'm bullying you? Where are you grabbing your hands!”

“You didn't bully me? You didn't bully me, yet you would kick me in the pond in this weather?”

“This Laozi jealous! Ouch ! Where did you bite…!”

Bullshit! If you could be jealous, donkeys would eat meat instead! I'll stab you to death, you donkey eunuch!”

“Ouch── It hurts! What does this have to do with donkeys ……
son of a bitch! Ugly bastard! Damn devil! I should have known you would be such an asshole, I should have thrown you in the well in the middle of the night! Take your fingers out!”

“Are you willing to give up?”

“How can I give up? I, I ……

“Well, well, I know that you damn eunuch's appetite is getting bigger and bigger.
I'll change it for you and stab you with this king's big meat stick.
Are you satisfied?”

Compassion is the best way to kill “1

“What? Baby, don't just start clamping, let me in first ……”

“……” I shouldn't have gone back to the bedroom tonight.
The degree of psychological distortion of this kid is really not light, When is it time for me to have some rest……

It was nearly four o'clock in the morning, and King Ning's bedchamber had just been laid to rest.

“Dong dong dong.”

Huangfu Jie opened his eyes, Zhang Ping rolled over in his arms, sighed and got up holding his waist.
Huangfu Jie reached out and twisted a hand on his buttocks, and Zhang Ping slapped the hairy hand away.

“Wangye , it has begun.”Outside the door came the solemn voice of the counselor, Feng yushan

After a cup of tea, Zhang Ping opened the door and a fully clothed King Ning walked out of the bedroom.

Outside the door, led by Feng Yushan, Liu Qi Zhong, Zhu Bing, Qian Ruogu in the back, the courtyard stood full of the royal guards.
Everyone's expression was serious.

“Wangye, the assassin has been caught, Madam Yan is wounded but her life is intact.” Zhu Bing stepped forward and reported.

Yushan, what's the situation now?”

Feng Yu Shan reported back: “Everything is going according to plan, General Tao has led his men to guard all the city gates.
General Zhou Zhanjiang has also planted 30,000 elite troops 30 miles away from the capital, ready for dispatch.
King Hui is now in the palace.

“What about Lao fifth?”

“The people of King Hui have entered, and now they have now confronted people of King Shu's residence.

“Follow him closely.” Huangfu Jie did not specify who to follow closely.

But Feng Yushan clearly understood who he was talking about, “Yes.”

“Did anyone notice any movement tonight?”

“Not at the moment.
The ministers have just attended your wedding banquet and each of them has had a few drinks.
His highness King of Hui probably wanted to make tonight's operation foolproof, He had the same thing put in the wedding wine used in King Ning palace today.
And as long as someone dips into this night's drink, no matter how much you drink, you will sleep until morning.

Nodding his head, Huangfu Jie's devilish face revealed a sarcastic smile, “Let's go, it's time for us to go to the palace to save the king's life.”

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