In the Imperial Palace, the palace transformation is still going on.

“Imperial Father, I ask for your condolences.”

Emperor Sheng lifted his head and looked at the ugly son in front of him who was different in height from the ordinary people.
It's not only the second son who has lost his sight, but also this royal father.

Out of nowhere, he only has two sons left.
If he can continue to sit on the imperial throne, he will have other sons again, and he can train another heir to the throne that he is satisfied with.
But he obviously no longer has that opportunity.

This first generation emperor looked at the most beloved woman in his life, his heart vaguely painful.
He still failed to protected her and their son.1

“Bring me the Counselor in chief, King of Yu, Minister of the Court of Judicial Review, and the Ministry of the Central Secretariat drafter”1

“Reporting to royal father, these lords were drunk last night.
I'm afraid they can't wake up now.
As for Yu Wang, he is very old.
If the father and the emperor have orders, this son can convey them.

Emperor Sheng looked around and sighed a soft sigh, the situation has no room for him to turn back.

“His Majesty has decreed to summon the palace official to an audience.” Zhang Ping turned his head and shouted to the outside world.

Huangfu Jie waved his hand, and all his subordinates withdrew except Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping carefully placed Yang Zhaorong in his arms aside on the soft couch, walked to Huangfu Jie and stopped.
In order to ensure that she would not wake up halfway, he pressed her sleeping point by the way.

“Jin'er is resourceful, thoughtful, and knows how to kill with borrowed knife.
Unfortunately, he was so clever, but in the end he was fooled so hard that he became a knife in the hands of others.” Emperor Sheng's expression was disappointed, and his tone revealed his unfavorable opinion of King Hui.

Huangfu Jie's eyelids drooped, thick eyelashes forming a shadow under his deep eyes.

“Did your mother teach you all this?

Huangfu Jie almost laughed out, the sadness in his heart even more.
Resentment? What is there to hate? Zhang Ping is right, these people are not worth his hatred at all.

There is love to hate, without love how can we hate? But it's not worth it.
he thought that he longed that the man in front of him could support him, give him love, and take him away from all bullying and abuse.
But what did he get in the end? Not to mention that he would be trampled on the soles of his feet, and the root cause was the man he called royal father.

A warmth behind his back, a thick, warm palm gently rubbed on his back.

Huangfu Jie couldn't help but smile, intimidating hostility gradually fade away.

Emperor Sheng covered his heart, for an instant, he actually felt a terrible murderous aura that made him chill all over his body.

But now ……? Emperor Sheng gazed at his son's bizarre face, why does the smile on his face now look so gentle? What is he thinking about? What or who made him smile like that?

Emperor Sheng wondered because he couldn't see Zhang Ping behind Huangfu Jie, and naturally he couldn't see his son's back play with the person behind him squeezing each other's fingers.

Seeing that Huangfu Jie didn't answer his questions, Emperor Sheng sighed, and his face showed the fatigue that only an elderly man had.

“You have to promise me to treat your seventh brother kindly.
He is still young and doesn't understand anything, and he won't pose a threat to you.
In addition…” At the thought of the fifth son, who had not even seen him on his last day, he couldn't help but feel the pain.

“Imperial Father,” said Huangfu Jie, “this son will not only treat my seventh brother well, but I will also support you in your old age, and I can even make Yang Zhaorong the empress dowager after my father passes the throne to me, so that she can be by your side.”

“What did you say?” he never expected Huangfu Jie would say these words, if there is someone that Emperor Sheng can't let go of, it's this woman.

“This son said that if this son succeeds to the throne, the imperial Guifei Yan will be in power, which would lead to a great potential abuse of power from the empress royal relative*, and I am afraid that the dynasty of Daya will be in a precarious situation.
By then, even if this son wants to protect someone, if imperial gui fei Yan intervene ……”1

The Emperor Sheng didn't wait for Huangfu Jie to finish speaking before he knew what he meant.
Moreover, although he was selfish, he was not a senile old man after all, so he naturally didn't want the power of the dynasty to fall into the hands of the royal relative

“She's your real mother.” Something flashed through Emperor Sheng's mind so fast that he couldn't catch the hint of something different.

Huangfu Jie said with a serious expression, “Yes, but I have to think about the big picture first.

Zhang Ping didn't hear anything afterwards.

“Do you really want to make Yang Zhaorong the empress dowager?” Putting aside that chill, Emperor Sheng shot up and quickly said.

“Zhang Ping.” Huangfu Jie suddenly called out softly

Zhang Ping was trying to twist Huangfu Jie's slender fingers into a knot, and when he heard him called, he had to reluctantly put down those poor fingers and walk out from behind him.1

“The servant is here.

Huangfu Jie pulled him into view and moved his fingers in passing.

Huangfu Jie looked at Zhang Ping and said with a straight face, “I will definitely install Yang Zhaorong as the Empress Dowager.”

“Oh.” Zhang Ping wondered, why are you telling me?1

Emperor Sheng also does not understand, you pull a eunuch to tell him that he will definitely make Yang Zhaorong as the empress dowager what does it mean?

After Huangfu Jie finished this sentence, he pulled Zhang Ping to his side again and said to Emperor Sheng: “Now you can rest assured, right?

Emperor Sheng, Zhang Ping ……

Emperor Sheng looked at Zhang Ping, who was wearing the eunuch's uniform.

“Is he really a eunuch? Apparently Emperor Sheng no longer remembered that there was such a retainer around the fourth son.
And this servant, back then, almost died in the inner servant prison because of his old man's golden words.


Emperor Sheng did not speak for a long time.
Even if he did not believe Huangfu Jie's words, what was the point? It is better to sell generously and bet on it.
As long as he survives today, he still has a chance to get things back.

“Imperial Father, it's almost dawn, the morning court is about to start, this son will escort father to the court.”

“Please remember, Royal Father, if you accidentally give the wrong decree, it will only end one way: this son will still claim the title of emperor, only with some censure.
But that is not a big problem, the problem is that you will immediately die, Yang Zhaorong will be buried in a mass grave, seventh brother will not be able to see the sun tomorrow, Yu Wang will go with you, and half of the ministers in the court will die, right?”2


“You threaten me?” Emperor Sheng was so angry that he trembled, thinking that he was a man who rule the world, who dared to treat him with such disrespect? In his old age, his own sons thought of his throne, but each one was more excessive than the other! Emperor Sheng shook his finger to scold this rebellious son, but he was so angry that he could not spit out another word.

Huangfu Jie said, “How could I? This son is just recounting the facts.
By the way, Royal Father, when you give the Jade Seal to this son later, please remember to return the Tiger Emblem that this son handed in last time as well.
As for the military power of King Yu and my grandfather, I have my own way to make them hand it over, so don't worry about it, Royal Father.”

Emperor Sheng was very angry, clutching his chest and panting.

Huangfu Jie looked at his imperial father and smiled faintly .

Zhang Ping looked at the father and son and thought of his own parents and family.

He had not seen him for six years, but his father, standing in the courtyard, recognized him at first glance, before he spoke, the father rushed up like a child, hugged him and called his name, and began to cry.
Later, the mother, who was still listening to the sound, pulled his father out of his arms.

The house was as lively as a festival all day, brothers and sisters and younger brothers all ran to the house, there were many nieces and nephews that he had never seen before.

Feeling of unfamiliarity soon disappeared, brothers and I punched eachother , the fight is also to understand each other's kung fu base.Hey, he's still the best!

He was suddenly pulled on his cheek, “Why are you smiling so happily? Tell you what, don't expect me to make you a great general or an idle prince or whatever, just be my personal attendant for the rest of your life!”

Zhang Ping looked at his person angrily.
Huangfu Jie glared back at him.

“You haven't even become emperor yet! Maybe God doesn't like you and someone else will be the emperor later.”

“Do you need to talk like that? Don't touch my head.”

“So what if I touch it? Its no big deal you go home and farm with me.

farming? It seems not bad ……” Huangfu Jie actually seriously considered it.

On a whim, Zhang Ping began to talk to him about the benefits of farming, and said that if taxes were not heavy and God helped, a life of self-sufficiency was actually quite good.

“I think I'd better be the emperor, If someone else is the emperor, he deliberately makes me pay heavy taxes, I can't live without killing him.

You see, I still have the fate of being the emperor.”

“You dream on, you! Even the emperor's fate, I haven't seen a few emperors have a good end.”

Emperor Sheng covered his chest to look at the two like a child tussling, so surprised that he even forgot to close his mouth.
If someone spoke to him like that, no matter who he was, even if it was Yang Zhaorong, he would not allow her to do so!1

What is Zhang Ping's origin? How dare he treat an imperial son, the future emperor, with such impunity? And his son, who was full of hostility, was willing to accept it?

In the midst of Emperor Sheng's suffering from a series of blows, finally, the sound of the summons of “The palace secretariat drafter came to report*” came from outside.1

“Fu.” Huangfu Jie and Zhang Ping immediately reverted to a serious look.

On the fourth day of the third month in the twenty-ninth year of Zhen Sheng reign, Emperor Sheng announced his early abdication at the morning court, giving way to his fourth son, Huangfu Jie.
And the next aim is to make all the first rank consort, headed by Imperial Gui Fei Yan , enter the nunnery to pray for him and the world, and never leave the nun's temple in their lifetime.
Those who disobey the order will be demoted to ordinary people without their status and will not be admitted to the capital for life.

The second prince Huangfu Jin break in to the palace to kill his father and brother, heaven and earth will not allow, he is now sent to the heavenly prison pending trial, a number of second prince's follower have also been under the heavenly prison.

When the decree announced, the faces of princes, generals and ministers seems like being smothered with a stick.

The emperor finally give the throne, not the second prince, nor the fifth prince, but to the ugly fourth prince that no one thought of.

however, the second prince tried to usurp the throne* , the fifth prince was killed by the second prince, and the seventh Prince still walking unsteadily.
At last,only the fourth prince can rightfully sit on the dragon chair.1

What kind of person is the fourth prince? The civil official looked at each other.
How were they going to get along with this emperor, who was known as the devil commander, in the future?

The military generals feel that such a candidate for the emperor could not be more suitable, they are fully assured* by devil commander on the throne1

The ministers are uneasy, and theold King Yu is secretly calculating.
And what surprised the ministers even more was that after passing the decree to abdicate, Emperor Sheng handed over the jade seal and the tiger talisman symbolizing one-third of the dynasty's military power to Huangfu Jie in court, without waiting for the new emperor's enthronement ceremony.。3

Emperor Sheng rose, turned his head, took one last look at the dragon chair he had been sitting in for twenty-nine years, then untied his imperial crown, handed it to the eunuch named Zhang Ping by his side, waved to the ministers, and wordlessly dragged his pace for the close attendants to help him down.

The ministers bent down to send off their respects.

Huangfu Jie slowly walked up the steps, lifted his robe and sat down on the dragon chair.

Holding the imperial crown, Zhang Ping solemnly walked up the steps to Huangfu Jie.

Huangfu Jie held up the imperial crown and put it on his head, Zhang Ping reached out to help him adjust the position.

Huangfu Jie tied his belt and took advantage of Zhang Ping's back blocking the view from his ministers to show Zhang Ping a smile that only each other know its meaning.

What do you think my mother, who is determined to become the most honorable and powerful woman in the world, will look like when she hears the holy decree?

Zhang Ping answered him with a look: that still need to ask?

Zhang Ping stepped aside and retreated to the bottom of the stage.

Huangfu Jie stretched his body, straighten his back.
Hands slowly placed on the armrests on both sides of the dragon chair.

Tall in stature, that wide dragon chair fits so well as if it was made to order for him.

High brow bones, deep eyes, and a herringbone bloody birthmark that cuts from the center of the brow to the sides of the cheeks.
The beaded curtain of the emperor's crown swayed slightly, although not wearing a dragon robe, but the aura of being an emperor has been diffused.

The cold gaze just swept around the hall, the ministers' hearts all jumped

Dragon son*, is this the true Dragon's Might of the Heavenly Dragon?4

Old General Yan was the first to step out and kneel down.

“Bow to the emperor,My Lord, long live the Emperor, long live the Emperor -! ” All the ministers fell down together and hailed the new emperor.

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