This is the first time Zhang Ping saw Huangfu Jie.

A strange child.
This is his first impression of him.

When they entered the yīn dark room, the forth princes were facing away from them, kneeling against the wall, kneeling straight.

“That's the imperial concubine punishing him, let him face the wall and make him learn to meditate.” Hong Xiu explained gently in Zhang Ping's ear.

“Your Highness, turn around.
I brought someone here for you to recognize.

Zhang ping was very surprised hearing the disrespectful tone from Hong Xiu toward the prince

“Servant Zhang Ping, kowtow to his Royal Highness the fourth prince.
Your highness, Long live.” Zhang Ping kneels on the back of the fourth Prince and kowtows to say his greeting.

Hong Xiu glanced at Zhang Ping and said nothing.

The fourth Prince listened to the order of Hong Xiu , turned around and looked this way.
And become face to face with Zhang Ping who saw him.

The fourth Prince's eyes are very strange.
He looks at the young man who bows deep in front of him and doesn't speak.

“Zhang Ping, you may raise your head.
Your Highness, this eunuch is called Zhang Ping, and he will take care of your daily life.”

Zhang Ping looks up in accordance with her words and sees the face as soon as he looks up….he was startled, but fortunately, he was bold and did not do anything out of the ordinary.

Seeing Zhang Ping's face only a little surprise, without panic and fear, Hong Xiu could not help but look at him again.
Even the four princes set his eyes on him like a dead fish.

“Slave Servant Zhang Ping, kowtow to His Royal Highness Four Princes.” Zhang Ping pay respect once again

“Well, Zhang Ping you get up.
Your highness, you go on.
I'll take Zhang Ping out to recognize the place.

The fourth Prince didn't say a word since they came in.
After hearing the order from Hong Xiu, he turned around and continued to face his wall.

Hongxiu took Zhang Ping and told him where he put some daily objects, lest he'll go to her directly if he didn't understand.
Finally, she took him to his room to have a look.

His room was small and very shabby.
But he has been with his brothers chuáng* since he was a child, and he is still very happy to have a separate room of his own

*chuáng= mattress/bed

” Every day after serving the meal of the four princes, you can eat in the palace dining hall with everyone.
Take this sign with you.
In the evening I will ask someone to take you there.
After that, you can go and get it yourself.
You can eat there or bring it back.
No need to worry about other things.
The fourth Prince's dine will be sent by the people from the imperial dining room.
You remember to pick it up on time at chūn to the deputy head of the imperial dining room to receive it.

Hong xiu says as she shoving him a signia.

“By the way, you don't have to pick up the fourth Prince's meal today.
In order to let him learn a lesson, imperial concubine asked him to clear his stomach for a day.


He was punished to kneel and forbidden to eat.
For the sake of her son she was really cruel, as expected as she is the virtuous concubine.
Fortunately, his mother is not such a “virtuous” person.
He made mistakes and she would spank him at most.
Thinking about it, Zhang Ping felt slight sympathy for the fourth prince who looked horrible and appeared gloomy at such a small age.

After Hongxu ordered him to leave, he cleaned up the room a little.
Hang up the new eunuch's uniform that was sent to him today, and put the other shoes and socks, as well as some of the allowed personal items he brought from home, into an old wooden cabinet.

After being busy, he sat on the Chuang and dazed

A prince doesn't have his own palace.
He lives with his mother, but he doesn't live in a beautiful palace.
Instead, he lives in a separate yard in the corner of the palace.

Maybe he didn't quite understand what kind of arrangements the emperor usually had, but he was the only one serving in such a small yard.
No matter how you look at it, no one would think it normal, right?

The attitude of Hong Xiu and other palace people was as if it is just as it is supposed to be.

No wonder they would let him as a newcomer to serve the prince.
It wasn't a step into the sky he imagined, but a foot into the abyss.
However, he's settled down now anyway.

Reaching out between his legs, he is still a little accustomed to it.
It hurt so much that he regretted it.
If he knew that it would hurt so much after being castrated, he would at least hesitate for a few more days.

He just wants to be a good filial son.
He was reluctant to let his family be so difficult, let alone his brother and nieces.

Being a hero was not so easy to do.
Zhang Ping sighed.
However, if this knife can help the family through this difficult time, it is worth it.

It's said that he will never again grow some beard, and his voice will never change again.
Fortunately, it doesn't affect his height.
He wants to grow taller and stronger.

I don't want that much anymore, he'll settle as he came.
Save a lot of money in the palace, and do n't worry about eating and drinking when you leave the palace in the future, He can't really let his elder brother support him, and he wants to save money to redeem his life.
His father and mother told him that he should redeem his life by any means possible.



Of course, the most important thing is that he has to practice peerless martial arts during this period.

After tidying up his room, he cleaned the yard diligently.

He doesn't know if the princes live in this way, or only the four princes …
uh, it looks better than his home.
But the residence of the princes was far from what he had imagined

 There seems to be no one coming to the yard.
Leaves fall all over the ground.
Some flowers and plants were planted in the yard, but they were also very messy.
A locust tree with a thick thigh was planted in a corner of the yard alone, and the leaves on the ground are what falls from it.

There are three main rooms, two side room, and a small kitchen.
However the people living here are only him and the fourth prince.
, which make it quite deserted.
But fortunately, no one is watching him.
He is more free to do things, and he can get less scolding and beating.
In this way, it suddenly feels like it's good to be assigned here.
His heart is happy, even how he sweeps the floor is more energetic.

After the yard was cleaned and tidy, he became curious.

Were the fourth princes so obedient,Honestly facing the wall?

Tiptoeing he walked quietly to the door of the fourth prince's quarter and peaked in through the window.
Vaguely a shadow knelt motionless in the corner.

Huh! Really obedient! Zhang Ping admired.
Several brothers in his family have never been so obedient when punished.
When their father, mother or elder brother are not in sight, they would immediately do what they want

Seeing that it was almost dark, Zhang Ping reminded himself that he should go to pick up the meal when he heard the bell ringing outside.
Sure enough, out on the courtyard, the eunuchs who would also go to receive the meal had been ordered by Hongxiu to wait for him.

Zhang Ping has a good appearance and could talk to people well.
The eunuchs who go with him is about his age and he had a good impression of him.
At first they kept silent, but later they talked and laughed.

Zhang Ping thought that Hongxiu daren must be very strict with the people in the palace at ordinary times, otherwise the little eunuchs would never laugh at her.
Zhang Ping learned from the eunuchs Hongxiu hated people saying that she was fat, because she had a round face and had once been ridiculed by the virtuous concubine.

Zhang Ping stayed in the dining hall to have a meal in order to have a good relationship with everyone.
At the same time, he also inquired about the fourth prince.

After dinner, Zhang Ping decided to visit his little master.

It's dark in the room and nothing can be seen clearly in the middle of winter.
Zhang Ping slaps his head.
Damn it, he forgot to put on the light for the fourth prince.
He rushed back to the room to take the candle and knock on the door.

“Your Highness, your servant has come to light the lamp for you.

After a while, there was no response in the room.

Zhang Ping didn't know the people who lived in the Ruihua palace had never asked Huangfu Jie if they were allowed to enter his room, and Huangfu Jie didn't know whether to respond

Knocking on the door again, Zhang Ping was uneasy, he excused himself that he was impolite, and pushed into the room.

The dim candlelight reflected the small black shadow in the corner.
When Zhang Ping found the candlestick, he found that there was no candle.
However, he could only put down the only candle in his hand and said to the fourth prince, “Your Highness, I'm going to take some candle.
Don't be afraid.
The servant will be back soon.


古董下山 (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down The Mount…


We are fan translators! Please be nice in comments for the community 🙂 Original Author: 缘何故 Yuán hégùIn the great and mighty and advanced 21st century, an old fogey w…

轻狂 (Qing Kuang) / Reckless by 巫哲


(Unofficial/Fan) English Translation of the Chinese Danmei novel 轻狂 (Qing Kuang) by 巫哲 (WuZhe).
Title seems to be the second half of the phrase 年少轻狂 (nián shào qīng kuán…

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He originally wanted to spend his t…

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Can Ci Pin/Imperfections(残次品)BL by Priest


Author: Priest(CN).
Support the original work here: onebook.php?novelid=3121357 Who will be the one to bury mankind, Orwell or Huxley? No need to… 

The black shadow did not move.

Zhang Ping has never seen such a strange child.
How dare he stay alone in such a dark room?

He go to the side room where the sundries are placed, search for a large handful of candles, hold them and leave

The candlestick filled with candles lit up the room in a flash.

Zhang Ping looked at the fourth prince, who was still kneeling in the corner of the wall.
He didn't dare to say more after being told.
When he came here for the first time, he still didn't understand many things.
Even though he thought things were strange and that the fourth prince seemed to be a little pitiful, he could only withdraw quietly without any clue.

Late at night, Zhang Ping, who had finished tossing, lay on the chuáng and did not sleep very well.
First he is not very familiar right here, Second because of the twitching general pain in the lower body from time to time.

As he gently turned over, suddenly, Zhang Ping opened his eyes.
There's someone in the room!


It's quiet.
It's very quiet in the room.

Zhang Ping pricked up his ears.
He was always sensitive.There's someone in the room but He can't feel it.
Sure enough, when he listened attentively, a faint breath came from a corner of the room.

Zhang Ping gets up.

A dark shadow quickly ran to the window, and with both hands climbed to the edge of the window, trying to escape from the window

Zhang Ping moved much faster than him, and the opponent was caught by him before he jumped out the window.

“Who are you? Run to my house …” Zhang Ping hasn't finished talking, he was already dumbfounded.

He said the feeling on his hand was not right.
Such a small head, such a thin body.

God! This kid is so thin.
It's all bone.

“Your Highness? “Zhang Ping asked tentatively.

The black Shadow turned back.

With the moonlight coming in from the window, what Zhang Ping saw was a face that could frighten people to death in the middle of the night.

Compared to ordinary people the eyebrow bones are more raised, compared to ordinary people the Eyes are deeper,The blood red birthmarks on both cheeks are drawn from the eyebrow center like a herringbone.
The face pale, eyes swarthy.

Zhang Ping exhaled.This four princes are really different from ordinary people.

His mother is also a famous ugly daughter-in-law, but her features are at least five, and her face is flat at most, which is the opposite of that of the fourth prince.That's no way, that's what happened when his mother refused to come out at the time of being born and was clipped out with a clip.

For this reason, his mother suffered many crimes in her life, When she married his father, he was also hindered by his grandparents because of her ugly appearance.
Fortunately, father really likes his mother.

Zhang Ping let go.
The fourth prince, Huangfu Jie, immediately climbed out of the window.

Zhang Ping scratched his head, would he be beaten? And why does His Royal Highness Four come to his house?

Looking around the candlelight, nothing seemed to be missing.
Ah! Zhang Ping stared at the table.
He remembered that he took some leftover buns with some vegetables and brought them back.
He is often hungry at night since he was still growing, and he would take a bite before going to bed.


But now half of the steamed bread that he bit is gone.

Er, the prince stole a servant's food? No one could believe it.

The child is probably starving.
So thin How can a prince be as thin as a skeleton?

And I heard he's nine years old, right? How can he look so small? He remembered that his fifth brother was that tall when he was five or six.
No one can believe that the fourth Prince is older than his younger brother if he pulls his fifth brother in front of him.

Should he check on him? Zhang Ping hesitated.

And does he need to report this to Hongxiu daren?

After standing for a long time, Zhang Ping, unable to make a judgment, finally chose to go back to Chuáng to sleep.
At the same time, he decided not to report it.

The next day, Zhang Ping got up early.

First thing in the morning he brings some water, and then lights the unused stove to boil water.
Fortunately, there is firewood.
Then he went to get breakfast, and he got it together with the fourth Prince's share.
He thought he would see some delicacies, but the result is just ordinary, but it looks better than what he eats.

When everything was ready, the drum sound of Wu Geng* echos.
At this time, including the emperor, the princes and concubines should also rise.

* Wu Geng fifth of the five night watch periods 03:00-05:00 (old)

He prepared a face towel, hot water, and carried the copper basin outside the House of the Four Princes.
Zhang Ping stood in front of the door and whispered softly, “His Royal Highness, it's time to rise.”

There was a noise in the room.

Zhang Ping has learned that his fourth highness is going to Imperial college at Chen shi* every day.
Before that, he had an hour and a half to wash and eat.

*7-9 am (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)

Zhang Ping is ready to call again, and the door opens in front of him

His fourth Royal Highness had already put on clothes, trousers, shoes and socks, and seems ready to go out.

“Where are you going, your highness? “

Huangfu Jie looked at him strangely, as if he found the copper basin in his hand.
Now it's zhongch'en. It's still a little cold.
The steaming copper basin looks very attractive.However, he was afraid that the eunuch would give him an initial show of strength- scalding him with hot water, so he decided to go to the water tank to see if there was any water, and if so, he would get some water to wipe.

Unknowingly Zhang Ping, who was behind Huang Fuyu, found that his four princes had washed their faces with a spoon and rinsed with cold water, he could not help but widen his eyes.

Isn't he cold? He just picked it from the well early in the morning.
It's the same as ice water.
Even he can't bear it.

Zhang Ping can't care about making mistakes or not making mistakes.
Regardless of the identity of the fourth prince, this is a kid.
Since his elder sister got married, his younger brother has been brought up by him.
He has never let his younger brothers wash their cold faces in cold weather.

He put his hands on the stone table in the courtyard and rushed to take the gourd ladle from Huangfu Jie's hands.
Zhang Ping picked up the fourth Prince and just carried his person back to the room and let him sit on the stool.
Go back to bring hot water.
It's true that the water in the basin is cold.
Fortunately, he left some on the stove.

Zhang Ping refilled the water, brought it into the room, and carried the meal box in along the way.

After that, Zhang Ping was worried about the fourth Prince's anger at the beginning, But he seems quite well-behaved, even a little scared, so he was relieved.
At the same time, he doesn't know why he feels uncomfortable.

Why does he feel that this fourth Prince is not as wicked and ugly as Hongxiu or other people say?

Huangfu Jie has not dared to move around since he was taken away by Zhang Ping.
He doesn't understand why this eunuch is so fierce? Will he not even let him wash his face with cold water in the future? Or does he have to blanch him with hot water to make him tribute the food that belongs to him as before?

Will he hit him?

He looks much stronger than he is.
Although not as tall as an adult Gaoxin, he is also sufficiently threatening.
His fist must have hurt more than his brothers' fists, right?

Last night, he went to eat his steamed bread.
He must report to Hongxiu and his mother.
At that time, he didn't know how long he would be hungry.

Huangfu Jie sat on the stool with his legs suspended in the air, he closed his eyes tightly and waited for the pain to come.

It was hot.
At first, it scared him, but later, it felt very comfortable.
The hot towel rubbed on his face.+

While scrubbing the little prince, Zhang Ping thought that the prince's face didn't seem to have been washed seriously.
The smell, as if there is a smell in his hair.
Wait for him to come back from class in the afternoon he would wash him well.

He wash his face and hands, loosen his hair, and help him to comb again.
The hair was probably made by himself, but it was a child's hand after all.
It's okay to look at it from a distance,but it would be a messy from a near distance.。

As soon as the comb reached in, Zhang Ping regretted it.
You should wash his hair first, why does it look like this! There are lice.



Is this little ghost is really the fourth prince? The emperor's son?

Why is he so dirty that no one cares? Even if the personality is bad.
But he …
after all, the prince!

But at the age of fifteen, Zhang Ping, who had never left his hometown, did not understand.
Sometimes the more prosperous and richer the place, When it was unveiled the dirt under it became more and more dirty.

He didn't dare to comb too hard, for fear of pulling and hurting the little ghost, Zhang Ping had to moisten him with a cloth towel and a little water.
After finally combing the hair through the buns and buns, and the time spent washing the face, half an hour has passed.

Zhang Ping went out to pour water.
As he poured the water, he wondered why no one had come to teach him how to help the fourth Prince dress and also to tell him the necessary common sense of the fourth princes' living habits, likes and dislikes.

When Zhang Ping went out, Huangfu Jie finally dared to open his eyes.

He raised his hand and looked at it, then touched his hair.
No pain, no injury.
Then he saw the food box on the table.

When Zhang Ping came in, he found that the fourth Prince's highness was still sitting on the stool in the same way, but his eyes were open.

“Your Highness, your servant is waiting for you to eat.

Zhang Ping said as he took out all the meals in the food box.

There is a bowl of porridge, two steamed buns, two steamed dumplings, a boiled egg, and a small dish mixed with minced meat.

Zhang Ping and Huangfu Jie swallowed their saliva together.。

Huang Fuxi secretly looked at Zhang Ping, wondering if he would leave him something to eat, even a mouthful of porridge.

Zhang Ping thought of the steamed bread in his food box, a little salted vegetables.
He only hoped that the other side could eat it quickly, so that he could also have time to fill his stomach.
He's so stupid.
He should have eaten before he served the little ghost

Huangfu Jie saw Zhang Ping put his chopsticks in front of him and poured porridge for him.
When it was ready, he just sit still.

Doesn't he eat?

Huangfu Jie stared at the bowl and suspecting what would be in it.

Maybe he could not endure hunger after all, but Huangfu Jie picked up the chopsticks.

When Huangfu Jie finished his breakfast and Zhang Ping also put away the boxes, he still couldn't believe that he had a beautiful breakfast today.

Will he have a stomachache later?

After thinking about it, he always thought that there would be no good thing for Huangfu Jie when Zhang Ping went back to the house, he picked up the small book bag and ran out of the yard.

So when Zhang Ping was going to tidy up his fourth Highness's clothes and send him to Imperial college and return to the house, his fourth Prince's highness had disappeared.

Zhang Ping did not know if he should send lunch for him

It happened that Hongxiu asked him to ask.
He asked by the way.

Hongxiu replied: It didn't seem to have been delivered before, but it was supposed to be delivered.

Zhang Ping didn't know what Hongxiu meant, he could only understand it according to his own understanding.

Hongxiu asked him about his impression of the fourth prince.

Zhang Ping is very honest to answer: the fourth Prince's highness is different from others, this servant dare not comment at will.


古董下山 (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down The Mount…


We are fan translators! Please be nice in comments for the community 🙂 Original Author: 缘何故 Yuán hégùIn the great and mighty and advanced 21st century, an old fogey w…

轻狂 (Qing Kuang) / Reckless by 巫哲


(Unofficial/Fan) English Translation of the Chinese Danmei novel 轻狂 (Qing Kuang) by 巫哲 (WuZhe).
Title seems to be the second half of the phrase 年少轻狂 (nián shào qīng kuán…

A on The Opposite Floor Always Thinks I'm Pr…


As a Beta, Ning An's goal in life was to make money and become rich, but he was forced by his father to enroll in a military academy.
He originally wanted to spend his t…

Chasing You and I'm Home(追声与循途) by 庸责己


追声与循途/Chasing You and I'm Home is now updating here! Summary:Mu Kang thought that he would waste his life like he already had, making a living by writing music for TV…

Doomsday rebirth of mutual pet


Title: “doomsday rebirth of mutual pet” Author: night wind Whispering Copywriter: looking at the man in front was not a human form of torture, Pei read can…

Wolf's Temptation (狼的爱恋) Chinese BL Translat…


Official Summary: In short, this is the story of the debt a Yang Bailao picks ups for a little wolf cub.Translator's Summary: Xu Bei finds himself between a rock and a…

Can Ci Pin/Imperfections(残次品)BL by Priest


Author: Priest(CN).
Support the original work here: onebook.php?novelid=3121357 Who will be the one to bury mankind, Orwell or Huxley? No need to… 

Except for his looks? Hongxiu asked again.

Zhang Ping still answers honestly: the person is a little strange, strangely afraid of people.

Hongxiu finally smiled with satisfaction, and specifically commanded: After all, the fourth princes are the fourth princes.
No matter how wicked and ugly he is, he can't cut the face of the virtuous concubine.The rules that should be obeyed before a man must be obeyed.
As for the latter, you and him will live in that yard alone.
As long as nothing serious happens, no one will take care of you.
Do you understand?

Zhang Ping understands.
He finally understood that Hongxiu daren seemed to hate Fourth His Royal Highness .I don't know what kind of expression the virtuous imperial concubine will look like if she knows someone treats her son like this?

Although Zhang Ping was a little shocked, he was not stupid at all.
Of course, he would not go to the virtuous concubine to accuse her trusted palace maid, unless he didn't want to live.

Anyway, Hongxiu just said that only he and the fourth prince lived in the courtyard, He is the only one who knows how to deal with the fourth prince.To do things, as his father said, it's good to be worthy of your conscience.

Hongxiu seemed to favor him, and unexpectedly took him personally to familiarize himself with everything.
For example, the knowhow on how to speak short and less, Who to lead with, who he can't offend, etc., at noon, he was asked to serve the concubine with her and several court eunuchs for lunch, and then gave some concubines leftovers for him to eat

Looking at the sky, Zhang Ping decides not to send lunch to the fourth Prince today.
Now he will go back to prepare bath water for his highness.

But what Zhang Ping didn't expect was such an ordinary business of bathing the prince would lead him to break his promise to his mother that he would mind his own business only after 3 months of entering the palace.

Picking up the child's clothes was a bit harder than he thought.

However this is but a small matter

Basically the child in his arms is surprisingly obedient.

When he came back, he warmed up the Chinese food and served him.
When he ate, the little four princes kept looking at him with a strange look.

The child can eat very much, even more than when he was so old.
He had eaten all the breakfast and a lot of mid-day meals.
Unexpectedly, he also filled all of them into his stomach, which made his stomach bulge.

While he was packing the food box, the child went to the garden to play, and Zhang Ping didn't care about him.
Such a big child is always inseparable from mud.
No one told him what the prince could or could not do, and he was happy to follow his own way.

He told his fourth highness that the bath water was ready.
He wanted to wait on him.
The child shrank obviously.
But when Zhang Ping reached out to him, he did not refuse.

Huangfu Jie dare not to refuse.

This eunuch was the strangest person he had ever met.

He didn't know what he would do to him.
He always felt that it would be the same as before.
Maybe a new palace maid would come out in a little while and mock and torture him with the new eunuch.

Why can't all eunuchs and maids die?

It's warm in the bathroom.
Zhang Ping took a lot of charcoal and firewood.
He prepared a small stove and a large pot of hot water for standby.

When Zhang Ping helped his fourth highness to undress, the child shivered and grabbed his belt with his small hand.

“Your Highness, will you wash your hair first? Zhang Ping saw that he refused, but he couldn't encourage him.
He decided to wash his hair first.


Huangfu jie gloomily looked at him with a straight face.

Perhaps his expression is not gloomy, but because of his appearance, it makes people look like his face is gloomy, like a sick little demon.

Zhang Ping's scalp is a bit numb, thinking how can a good child grow up like this? It's no wonder that Hongxiu hates him like that, or that his emperor's father no longer comes to Ruihua palace.

If he didn't have to wait on the kid, if he only saw him on the side of the road, Zhang Ping believed that he would never want to be close to him.
People inevitably have the habit of admiring the handsome and resenting ugliness.
This is human nature, and no one can escape it.

But now that he is his servant, taking care of him is what he should do.

“His Royal Highness, this slaves crossed.” As he said, Zhang Ping gently hugged His Royal Highness horizontally to his legs and let him lie down.

Huangfu Jie closed his eyes, as if he were a dead man just letting Zhang Ping fiddle with him

He had no idea what Zhang Ping was going to do to him, and his muscles became tense.

What is coming shall come alas

The hair has been untied, and the long hair has never been taken care of seriously.
Just like this child, it looks weak and feeble, it feels rough to touch, and its tail is withered

A warm hand held the back of his head, and a scoop of just the right temperature of hot water poured on his hair.

A ladle of water gradually soaked his long hair.
The eunuch didn't know what to use to spread it on his hair.
He rubbed his hands on his head together.

In fact, Zhang Ping's movements are not gentle.
As a big boy, where can you expect his movements to be gentle?

But he has the experience of taking care of his younger brothers.
Bathing and shampooing the kids is more convenient.
Naturally, he will not make water or soap liquid horn into children's eyes or ears.

He doesn't have long fingernails, and he can hold a little force when he grasps and rubs, which won't hurt the child's scalp.

Rubbing, rubbing, washing and pouring.
The hair of these four princes is really dirty! Zhang Ping is washing while trying to get rid of the lice.
Although the emperor also had three jade lice there were too many on his son.

Huangfu Jie's tense muscles relaxed a little.
It's a wonderful feeling.
He doesn't know how to describe it.

Is this how it feels to be an immortal?

Am I a fairy? Huangfu Jie is hazy and has a kind of idea that he doesn't want to wake up.
Every time the eunuch scratched and rubbed his scalp, he felt numb all over.

Zhang Ping looked at the two buckets that were full of dirty water.
He shook his head.
Thanks to his rich experience, he prepared two more buckets, otherwise, the dirty water would not know where to pour.

He twists the child's hair as much as possible, rubs it with a cloth towel and wraps it several times.
Lift His Royal Highness Four from his lap.

The fourth highness was still confused and could not stand stably.
Zhang Ping quickly helped him, “Your Highness, your servant will undress you, and you must clean yourself.

Huangfu Jie opens his eyes and grabs his belt with his small hand subconsciously.

Zhang Ping noticed that he had to pull down the child's hand and stretch out his hand to take off his clothes and trousers.
He thought the little child was just shy with strangers


Huangfu Jie fist shook, no longer grabbing his clothes, he stood still and let Zhang Ping strip him.

Zhang Ping's eyes widened when the child's chest was exposed.

Who did this little ghost fight with? No wonder Hongxiu said that he had a bad personality, and it really made sense.

But is there too much purple? Zhang Ping is a little distressed, even if it's not his brother, but it's always sad to see such a small child injured.
In those days, he fought with the children in the village.
They were all bigger than themselves.
He would never fight against the smaller and shorter ones.

Taking off his shirt, he found that not only his chest but also his arm was scarred.
Zhang Ping grabbed these two arms and turned them over and looked at them.
It's not like bruises from fighting.

Inadvertently looking at the child's back, Zhang Ping's eyes were completely straight.

Is this? There seems to be something hitting in the brain, and the anger goes straight to the sky.

Which Ugly Son of a Bitch is not raised by Human beings, and can give Such A Cruel Hand to A Child! The I Fuck your Ancestors for Eighteen Generations! You just wait, Don't let me catch you fucker! Zhang the Ping's Eyes are Red.

The skin behind such a small, weak little baby is not intact.
One by one, he doesn't know what to draw out of the scar tired layer after layer, the top layer is still bleeding.

What kind of animal did these, and How could he did it?

Zhang Ping was extremely distressed and extremely uncomfortable.
At this time, he had never been so glad that he had sold himself, otherwise, maybe his brother would suffer such a crime outside in the future.
This is still a prince.
If it is a normal child who is a slave to others, it could have been worse!

He reached out and gently touched the injured spine of the child.
The child's body shook and his eyes closed tightly.

Zhang Ping burst, “fuck me! Who did this? No way! I want to tell your mother! “

Zhang Ping stood up angrily, even forgetting his modest name.
In his opinion,the fourth prince's mother must have not known.
If his own mother saw these injuries on his body, it would be strange if she didn't shout for knife and fought with others!

Hearing that Zhang Ping was going to find his mother, Huangfu Jie opened his eyes and grabbed Zhang Ping.


The little fourth Prince actually knelt down for him in the tub.

“I'm wrong.
Don't go to my mother.
I beg you, I'll give you all my food, and you can take the valuable things in the room.
Don't go to my mother, will you? ” The ugly child grabbed Zhang Ping's sleeve and begged.

This is Zhang Ping's first time listening to the child talk to him.

He heard, what did the child say?

This is the prince?

A prince kneeling to a eunuch without reason?

Is there such a humble prince in the world?

Anger, heartache and indescribable affliction made Zhang Ping's compassion and caring for the baby soar in an instant, which made his mother's orders all pushed at the back of his head.

He can't watch such a small child being bullied.
Isn't he just a little uglier and weirder than others? Why, ugly people are not human! From now on, he will do his best to protect him.
It has nothing to do with whether he is the prince or not.

Zhang Ping squats down and raises the child.

“Your Highness, you are not wrong.
I don't know why you hurt yourself, but if you let me not go to my mother, I won't go.
“Zhang Ping never spoke in such a whisper, just like he was afraid of frightening children.

“Come on, I'll wash your body for you.
Then I'll ask you to let me give you some medicine.
Only in this way can the injury get better quickly.

Zhang Ping took off the rest of the children's clothes and trousers, and saw that the child's thin body was covered with scars, some of which were made by hard objects, some of which were poked by sharp objects, some of which were scalded, and some of which were cut by knives.+

Such a small body is full of countless scars.

Are his attendants blind? Or…

Which mother can give up her child like this? Why didn't the fourth Prince let him go to his mother?

Are these all directed by Hongxiu?

Zhang Ping suddenly stood up and whirled around the child.
His fists were clenched, and he said, “Bastard!”! Not human! You'd better not fall on my Zhang Ping's hand! Otherwise, I'll beat you to tears! “

Huangfu Jie followed him with dull eyes, a little afraid in his heart.

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