The two riding on the horse were children who looked like six or seven years old and dressed in royal clothes.
The one crawling on the ground one seems to wear eunuch clothing, and the other …..

Zhang Ping's face changed greatly.

Although he took off his outer coat, But how could he not recognize the little coat he put on himself?

“Drive! Come on! Why is it so slow? Hurry up! “Prince Huangfu Jue, the sixth prince riding on Huangfu Jie, seeing that they lag behind the fifth prince, he was so angry he raised the small whip in his small hand to beat the horse.

Huangfu Jie moved a little faster, crawling forward with his elbows.

Zhang Ping rushed forward and stopped again.
Just now he thought that this little boy showing of military prowess* was very cute, but how he looks awful now.1

“Sixth brother, you will lose soon! “The eldest prince and the third prince laughed.
The second prince watched with arms folded.

Seeing that the Fifth Prince is about to reach the end, the eunuchs around the circle help their highness to cheer and shout.

The sixth prince's small leather whip pumped more frequently.

Zhang Ping's eyes were flushed with blood red, his hands clenched into fists, and he thought again and again, Suddenly, he turned around and went to a secluded place to put down the food box.
Then he went back to where he was.

Isn't it Imperial college* here? Why don't the teacher come out and stop it?1

Zhang Ping didn't know.
At the beginning, those teacher did knew how to stop them.
But it went one for many times and for a long time, and no adult appeared.As long as they don't see red or big things happen they won't want to offend these powerful princes   

The fifth princes finally reached the finish line, and cheers rang out.

The sixth princes got down from the horseback ride and kicked angrily at Huangfu jie.

Huangfu Jie uses his hand to block and avoids vital areas.

Zhang Ping watched, his teeth clenched together.
If it's his brother who's been bullied now…

“Eat mud! Eat mud! The loser will be punished for eating mud! “

Huangfu Jie knelt on the ground with expressionless expression, watching the two eunuchs grab the mud from the flower bed and deliver it to him.

“It's you who made me lose to my fifth brother! I'm losing the silver for this month! Eat quickly! Eat it all for me! “The sixth prince waved a small leather whip and was very angry.

A whip mark appeared on Huangfu Jie's face, and the child trembled with pain, but did not make a sound.

“His Royal Highness!” Zhang Ping rushed over, so what if he's not his brother? so what if he's the emperor's son? Someone hurts him, I'll be hurt ! He will be my Zhang's 3rd younger brother!

“Xian Fei* asked you to go back to the palace and said there was an emergency! “Zhang Ping picked up the child and dragged him away.1

*)the title of 4th ranked concubine

Unexpectedly, Huangfu Jie was scared when he heard that his mother was looking for him.

“Stop! Which Palace servant are you! Haven't you seen your highness here? “The eunuch, the servant of the eldest prince, looked at his Highness's eyes, and immediately stopped the two from going on their way and shouted loudly.

Zhang Ping stopped, and “plopped through” kneeling down at the child in the royal costume that seemed to be the largest, and scratched his head while saying, “Slave be damned, this slave is the ambassador of Ruihua Palace, because the concubine is in a hurry, she asked her slave to find Fourth Royal Highness quickly brought him back, and In a moment of recklessness, offended his highnesses.
The slaves deserve to die, the slaves deserve to die.


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Support the original work here: onebook.php?novelid=3121357 Who will be the one to bury mankind, Orwell or Huxley? No need to… 

Huangfu Jie stood stupidly watching Zhang Ping's kowtow to the great prince.

Hearing that Xian Fei asked Huangfu Jie to return quickly, and the great prince was not too unpleasant.
Although the Xian Fei has not been favored for many years, seeing her still sitting in Xian Fei position for so many years shows her worth to the Emperor.

This is no longer the emperor's family affairs, but the balance of the country.
Although the fourth Prince is not powerful, there is a Great General's grandfather behind him.
If it wasn't for adults not bothering to stop them, they wouldn't dare to do this to Huangfu Jie.

It was natural that he was taught to be the emperor of the future from an early age, so it is not good not to give Xian Fei a face, but even if he does, he will not be able to step down.
He waved his hand and said, “Since it was Xian Fei who called the fourth brother to go back, it was natural to return quickly.
But if you lose, you still have to be punished.
What do you say, the fourth brother?”

Huangfu Jie raised his face stupefied, he reach out to grab the mud in the eunuch's hand.

Immediately Zhang Ping stretched out his head, he grabbed the hand of the eldest prince's attendant eunuch and wiped it on his face.
After wiping, he kowtowed to the princes: “This slave servant has been ordered by the mother to follow the fourth prince.
The mother told him not to let his highness be cold, hot, frozen, injured or dirty.
Otherwise, I would die” I beg your grace and spare your servant's life.
The fourth Highness's body is noble.
If he eats mud, I'm afraid to bother the doctor.
This slave is willing to eat the mud instead of the fourth highness.

The eldest prince sneered and looked at Huangfu Jie…..
On his side Wei Wenxin, the son of the prime minister, coughs and pulls the sleeve of the prince.

Wei Wenxin is the oldest in the royal family and reading companion.
He is 15 years old.
Huangfu Huin, the eldest prince, attached great importance to him and looked back at him.

“Your Highness, wait.
” Wei Wenxin whispered in the great prince's ear,” this move must have profound meaning Xian Fei did not send a eunuch to follow the four princes before, but now she has sent one.
And it seems that the servant is very concerned about the fourth highness.
I'm afraid that Xian Fei concubine ordered him.

“Although the fourth highness is ugly and eccentric, and she is not loved by consort Xian Fei, but she has only one son.
Second Highness is also there, If the villain let you do it alone, then she will only hate you.
It would not be good.

Others naturally did not hear what Wei Wenxin said to the great prince, and then saw the eldest prince turned a little, and say to Wei Wenxin very boringly, “Well, say it early if you are hungry. Lao Second Lao third, you continue to play.
Wenxin, let's go.”

“His Royal Highness is caring.” Wei Wenxin was so relieved that Huangfu Huin was so intelligent, convinced that he had not followed the wrong person.
He immediately followed Huangfu Huin and walked towards the school.

The Second prince smiled slightly and said to the people around him, “Aren't you guys hungry?” he lifted his feet and left.

Seeing that the eldest and the second had left.
The third looked around and shouted that he was hungry.
He ran to the school.

Only the oldest five and the oldest six are playful, making people hold a lot of mud to make Huangfu Jie eat it.

Zhang Ping grabbed the eunuch's hand, ate it with relish, and smeared it all over his face and neck with mud.
Eating and talking about how it is delicious

The fifth Prince and the sixth prince are childish.
Seeing Zhang Ping eating and making strange looks, he was much more fun than the timid Huangfu Jie.
So they circle around him and leave Huangfu Jie out.
These little ghosts* watched for a while and were reminded by their attendants to have a meal, and they were content to disperse.1


Zhang Ping wiped his face with his sleeve and stood up.
looking at his fourth Prince's highness on the other side, he said, “Your Highness, would you like to go back for dinner today? “

Huangfu Jie nodded.

Zhang Ping was in front, Huangfu Jie was behind, and the two slowly walked out of the school.
As he walked out of the school, Huangfu Jie watched Zhang Ping pull out a food container from behind a stone bench.

“My mother didn't call for me, did she? “

“Right” Zhang Ping thought the little ghost wasn't too stupid.

“It will hurt your stomach when you eat the mud,” the child said again.

“Slave knows.” Zhang Ping thought that he wasn't so stupid to really ate the mud.
He covered his face with mud, spit it in his mouth, and wiped it while eating.
A group of children could not tell whether he had eaten the mud or not.

Good! Very good! I'm really unlucky to have a poor prince who everyone can ride on his head.
But it's today.
Who dares to bully him again! What's wrong with ugliness? What's wrong with being eccentric? He shouldnt be bullied.

Hump, Me Zhang San* had decided, I will cultivate the world's second best over here in the palace!

*) Zhang the third (of the family kids)

Zhang Ping went all the way, squeezing his fist all the way.
Huangfu Jie flinched his head for fear of being beaten.

Zhang Ping didn't wash his face, so he walked back to Ruihua Palace with his muddy face all the way.

The waiter in the room naturally reported to Hongxiu after seeing it.

Before reaching the gate of the courtyard, he heard someone shouting behind me, “Zhang Ping, stop right there!”

Zhang Ping turned back, Huangfu Jie turned silently.

“What's going on? Do you disgrace princess consort with this face! ” Hongxiu snapped.」

“Plop! “Zhang Ping immediately knelt down and rubbed his eyes, red.
“Hongxiu daren! “

It's still a young boy's crisp voice, which has become a little weak because of castration, and with his aggrieved tone, I feel that this little eunuch has something to say

“What's the matter? “In fact, when Hongxiu questioned she could already guess that when the princes played a trick on the fourth prince, they also bullied the servant.
But on the surface, she still had to do something.
Unexpectedly, this question would almost blew her lungs.

“I dare not hide from daren,This slave also dare not let the Hong xiu daren know, but the maidservant dare not say.
“Zhang Ping kowtowed and said in a sobbing voice.

“You say it, I will never blame you for anything.
” Hong Xiu is more curious to see him like this.
Look at the fourth Prince next to Zhang Ping.
He is still the same, but he seems a little cleaner than usual.

Zhang Ping wipes his tears, tho he doesn't know whether flowing or not, but he make it seems like it was true.

“Hong Xiu, listen to me.
At the Lord's command, This slave went to feed his highness at noon.
As a result, I went to imperial and found that his highness was being ridden by his sixth prince as a horse, while riding he said “

“Say what? ” Hongxiu frowned, thinking that it's not good to find an honest person.
He don't know how to figure her out.

“Sixth royal highness said …
Fourth highness could only serve him as a horse to ride, and also said that Xian Fei is only worthy as his mother …”


“What ?!” Hong xiu was furious.

Zhang Ping couldn't hold his head, “Hongxiu daren spare my life, this was not what the slaves said.
It was said by the Sixth Royal highness.
This slaves rushed to stop them, but were stopped by Great Prince's servants.
His Royal Highness asked which house are the slave form, I answered truthfully, and asked The Great Prince to let Sixth Royal Highness to come down from His Highness.
But His Highness said …

Hongxiu glared at him, not knowing who was angry.

Zhang Ping, regardless of her expression, said in one breath:

“Great Royal Highness said that even if you were a little eunuch, you dare to talk to this Prince .
Even your Consort Xian Fei have to bow to respect this prince.
What's wrong teaching the fourth prince a lesson ? I could kill people of your palace if I want to kill! Great Royal Highness as he speaks was pulled by a boy in Jinyi's clothing next to him.
The young man said something to the big prince, the big prince said to the slave: Who is your boss? This Prince wants to ask them how they taught you!

Listening to Zhang Ping, Hong Xiu guesses that the son of the shrewd Prime Minister of must be the one who stops his Highness's unbridled behavior.
It's true that your highness said those things correctly, but there are some things that can't be said clearly.
It would be very deceiving to say it!

Zhang Ping breathed and continued: “Slave didn't dare to say for fear of involving people in the palace.
The servant next to the big prince would stretch out and kick the slave, and I heard third-prince royal highness said on the side: “aren't all the servants in Ruihua palace taught by the woman named Hongxiu? “

When Hong xiu heard of her name mentioned, her face suddenly changed.

“Great prince asked who the rHongxiu  was.
Third prince said: It is the only a fifth grades palace maid who is responsible for teaching the prince.
Great Prince asked how do the third prince remember, is it possibly that this palace maid Hongxiu is more beautiful than the Xian Fei? Then third prince was angry and vulgarly said “What beauty! An obese old woman! I remember her because she used to meet my mother with Xian fei.
My mother insulted her and she couldn't talk back, just letting someone slapped her in the mouth.
As a result, I remember her face that is fatter than a pig.

Hongxiu is mad.
She screams, “shut up! ” Hongxiu is born with a round face.
She hates people saying that she is fat.
She can't help her hatred when she hears that his highness third prince insults her so much behind her.
He thought of how his mother Consort Shu Fei* had humiliated her.

*)Shu fei 2nd of the fourth high rank consort

That's Hurt, that should hurt right! Serve you right for bullying my second best in the world.
Zhang Ping is delighted in his heart as he thinks he did a good job.

“These words were not said by the slave When this heard how they were so insulting to Hongxiu darent and the consort, I reasoned with them.
As a result, the people under the great prince smear mud on this slave faces.
They also said that this was to show the people of Ruihua palace.
Later, they should hold their tails between their leg.
They also said that people in Ruihua Palace should remember it is no use to raise a prince Just a piece of mud under their feet.

“I'm really angry, so I called out that our four princes were born with the appearance of the Dragon God, and that our lady consort was a nine heaven fairy who was robbed.
One day he will shock the world.
As a result, his great highness did not like to listen, so he asked the servants to use mud to plug the mouths of the slaves.
Bohoo! “

Hongxiu did not speak for a long time.
She knew that Huangfu Jie would be bullied by the great prince and scorn by servants.
It can be said that this situation is caused by her and the consort intentionally or unintentionally.

They hate him.
When they see the fourth prince with his unusual appearance, they will think that their grief today are all caused by him.
They wish he had died early, but Huangfu Jie has survived to this day.

Where does Ruihua Palace go in the future? The consort youthfulness has passed, and the possibility of wanting to conceive a dragon again is almost zero.
Thinking of yesterday that General Yan had just came, she should persuade again to support this ugly son.
Then …
Hongxiu set his gaze on the fourth princes who had been silent beside him.

Is the unusual appearance of Dragon God coming to earth?

Maybe she should talk to the consort no matter how ugly the fourth princes are and how he is not favored by the emperor, no one can change the fact that he is a prince.
Compared to other imperial concubines, at least they have a prince, don't they?

Hongxiu herself is not stupid.
She is a girl capable of the battle of words who has steadily made her footsteps in the palace as a palace maid.
Naturally, she is intelligent

In the past nine years, Hongxiu and Xian Fei have been blinded by hatred and disappointment, and they have lost their youth in waiting and hope again and again.
They also know that they don't have any bargain chips.
If they didn't have a backup, they might have been sent to the cold palace.

They had also thought about supporting Huangfu Jie, otherwise, they would not plead again and again to The Emperor to ask Huangfu Jie to study at Imperial College.
But Huangfu Jie's appearance was really amazing and he is not very intelligent.
He timidly shrank all day.
He could bow when he saw the servant, which makes them even more angry.

Just yesterday, General Yan also analyzed the current situation for them and watched the princes grow older.
Even if they do not seek supremacy, they must learn to protect themselves.
In the next two years, even if they don't take the initiative, the prince who sees the influence behind the Yan family will also borrow an excuse to get close to them.
It's better for them to take the initiative than to wait until then.

And instead of relying on which prince will be defeated in the future, it is better to cultivate a neutral prince general who is in control of the military, who dares not offend and wants to please, this is the best for them.

Yes, it's time for them to plan.
It will be hard to support Huangfu Jie when he is older.

Hongxiu heart read like a sea, but there is no more words in the mouth.
Pretending to reprimand Zhang Ping for a few words, she let him and the four princes go back to the small yard.

From the beginning to the end, Hongxiu did not doubt Zhang Ping's words.
First, she knew very well how badly the princes bullied Huangfu Jie.
Secondly, she did not believe that the honest looking Zhang Ping, who had not been in the palace for a long time, would lie.
Besides, Zhang Ping came to Ruihua Palace for three days.
What is necessary for him to lie?

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