“Find the right feel and emotion for the scene.
Are you ready–––” Director Tong yelled into the megaphone.

From where he is, he saw a girl wearing a yellow dress and a man wearing a scarlet robe standing side by side on the flower path like a pair of jade couple.

Tong Jing Nian’s eyebrows curved as she happily laughed, showing her teeth and making an “ok” gesture.

“Action!” Director Tong went back to his seat and fanned himself as he looks at the monitor.

When the two protagonists enter the scene, the staff around them didn’t dare to neglect their duties.

The light man followed the protagonist closely afraid that if he made a slight mistake it would affect the quality of the scene.

Jiang Tiao didn’t dare to slack off one bit.
She stood in the vicinity of the camera and kept an eye on Fu Ting Chuan’s face and hair.

During filming, the stylist’s eyes must be the most active.

Because they have to pay attention if there is any sweat on the actor’s nose and forehead, if the eyeliner is smudged, or if their hair is out of place.

When the director yells “cut” and they have to go over to touch up, that shows their neglect of duty.
It could lead to being scolded or even a deduction on wages.

Her master had already come back from studying abroad so the makeup of the main protagonists would naturally fall back to his hand.

However, Jiang Tiao doesn’t dare to remain relaxed.
She was assigned to the set.
She has to retouch the actor’s makeup and change their makeup, this process is much harder.

“Stop!” Director Tong fiercely got up from his folding chair.

Everyone held their breath and looked back at the director all at once afraid that they had done something wrong and will be called out for it.

The director walked over to the two main leads, “Xiao Tong, Teacher Fu, sorry can we do this again.
We just need to get a close-up.
The expression and movement earlier are in place, I just didn’t think about it carefully.”

He turned around and bore his fangs at the middle-aged cameraman, “Teacher Ning when Taiping goes to grab Xue Shao’s hand, get a close-up of their hands.
Make sure to capture that feeling of sprouting love! It’s necessary to capture these small details to impress the audience and resonate with them! It’s not interesting to only focus on their back and face.”

“Okay.” The cameraman surnamed Ning nodded.

Tong Jing Nian frowned and wanted to object.

Director Tong saw her expression and smiled at her in a fatherly way, “Xiao Tong, what’s the matter?”

Tong Jing Nian glanced at Fu Ting Chuan and when she saw that he isn’t looking at her, she hit Director Tong two times on the back and signaled him to go to the side to speak.

Director Tong raised his hand, “Everyone, take five.”

Seize the moment.

Jiang Tiao quickly rushed over and carefully examined Fu Ting Chuan’s face to see if he needs any touch-ups.

Fortunately, he didn’t have much makeup on.
He has dry skin so there’s not much oil production.

After one scene, the light and fine powder stuck firmly to his skin.

Jiang Tiao breathed a sigh of relief and helped Fu Ting Chuan adjust the top of his head.

She is not that tall and Fu Ting Chuan is 186 cm.
Noticing her struggles, he leaned down so she could reach it easily.

Just like they are about to kiss, his features appeared very close to her face.

“Thank you.” Jiang Tiao’s cheeks flushed.

“No need.” Fu Ting Chuan casually said.
After she finished, he straightened up.

Assistant Xu who is standing to the side with a bottle of water couldn’t help but tease, “Well, well, you two look like a young couple.”

He seldom teases Fu Ting Chuan and the other people on the crew but Jiang Tiao is different.
She isn’t bad moreover, her hands are good-looking.

Normally, he is the closest person to Fu Ting Chuan so he knows he….has a relatively special hobby.
Therefore, he also involuntarily pays attention to this makeup artist.

Jiang Tiao’s face turned a darker shade of red.

She wanted to dismiss it saying “Don’t talk nonsense” to show that she is not selfish and her conscience is clear when she was suddenly interrupted by Director Tong’s call.

“Xiao Jiang! Xiao Jiang–––”

Jiang Tiao looked over.

Tong Jing Nian was standing beside the director, waving her hands excitedly.

“Why are you standing there for! Quickly come over!” Director Tong hit the pillar next to him.

Jiang Tiao was afraid that he was angry so she didn’t dare to take her time to go over.
After taking her breath she asked, “Director Tong, is something the matter?”

Director Tong took a glance at Tong Jing Nian and slowly said, “Xiao Tong said that her hands are ugly so for the close-up, she wants to use your hand.”

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