After he said his piece, Yuan Yang began to distribute tasks, “Jiang Tiao, help Xiao Bai remove her makeup, Sun Qing…..where’s Sun Qing?!”

“Here.” The woman carrying the costumes raised her hand.

“You help Xiao Tong with hers.”


After receiving instructions from her superior, Jiang Tiao slowly pulled herself away from Tong Jing Nian’s grasp.
She gave Tong Jing Nian two pats on the back of her hand to comfort her.

In her eyes, Tong Jing Nian is a little girl, a small flower in a greenhouse that needs to be taken care of.

Then, Tong Jing Nian suddenly burst into tears.

In her eyes, Jiang Tiao’s action was like the last straw.
She can only fall into the abyss.

It is not unreasonable for Ting Jing Nian to break down like this.

Before getting the role of “Young Taiping,” she only appeared in one ad.

She had just entered the circle and became famous overnight.
Everything went smoothly for her.
She hardly experienced any obstacles or frustrations and her mental stability is definitely not as good as others.

In addition, the male lead is Fu Ting Chuan who has recently become so popular that he has become royalty.
It would definitely be more pressuring.

For filming a hand scene, she even has to find a substitute.
This girl is simply trying to achieve perfection and is afraid of any stains.

She is extremely confident but also feels very inferior.
She enjoys praise but fears gossip.

The humiliation is too shocking.
In this state, it will be really hard for her to survive in the entertainment circle for a long time.

Jiang Yan suddenly wanted to talk to this girl.

She looked at Yuan Yang, “Master…..”

Yuan Yang, “What is it?”

Jiang Tiao then turned to Bai Rui, “Miss Bai, pardon me.
I can see that Xiao Tong isn’t very well.
Can I go outside and talk to her for a minute?”

Bai Rui sneered, “She only knows how to act pitiful.
Who is she trying to show?” She didn’t give a clear answer.

Yuan Yang glanced at Tong Jing Nian and saw that her eyelashes were filled with tears, looking very pitiful.
He irritably said, “Quickly go and come back!”

The girl still had her head lowered as she continued to sob.
She didn’t say anything and let Jiang Tiao pull her out.

The sun was beginning to set, like an orange buried into the soil.
Only, it is a sunset on the horizon.

“I’ve bought you two minutes.
Go on, cry.” The woman’s clear voice rang through the evening wind.

Tong Jing Nian immediately crouched down and cried.

She hugged her legs and cried, just like the injured little kitten from last night.

However, she is a weak kitten, while the one last night is strong.

As the minute passed by, the girl’s cry gradually stopped.
Jiang Tiao raised her arm and looked at her wristwatch.

The two minutes are almost up.
She patted Tong Jing Nian’s back and whispered, “Are you done crying?”

“En…..” Tong Jing Nian swallowed.

Jiang Tiao took something out of her trouser and put it in front of the girl’s face, “Take it.”

Probably because she thinks she looks ugly after crying with her makeup on, Tong Jing Nian didn’t dare to lift her head to say anything.
She only reached over and took it from the woman’s hand.

The girl who is crouched down froze.

She thought it was a tissue but when she touched it, she felt a cold metal.

……Unexpectedly, it is a tube…..of lipstick.

When she saw that Xiao Tong saw what it is, Jiang Tiao pretended to be magnanimous and said, “It’s for you.”

“I have this….I thought you were going to give me a tissue.” Tong Jing Nian had stopped crying.
She looked up, tears covered her entire face, ruining her makeup.
It was a bit funny and cute.

Jiang Tiao fretted, “Lipsticks are more important than tissues.”

“Hm?” The girl raised her ear to listen.

“The people who don’t like you are waiting for you to make a joke of yourself so you can’t be like this.” Jiang Tiao smiled, “What you need to do is, fix your makeup and return to the battlefield.”

She helped Tong Jing Nian up, “I’m going in first.
You hurry up and pull yourself together.
Everyone is waiting.”

Then, she walked away and didn’t look back.

Jiang Tiao remembered the first time she entered Master’s studio four years ago.
It was her first time working in a crew as well.

At that time, she was still a rookie so there are many things she still couldn’t handle.
She was also terribly scolded by her veteran colleagues that she almost fell apart.

It was also at the time that Yuan Yang called her outside just before she was about to cry and gifted her lipstick.

Calling Tong Jing Nian outside, maybe some would think that she is nosy, but she doesn’t care.
She only thinks that she is helping.

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