A string of chords sounded.
It is the Apple marimba ringtone.

Fu Ting Chuan’s hand froze.
As if he was shocked awake from a dream, his head began to clear.

He slowly let go of Jiang Tiao’s wrist.

A breeze blew past them, rustling the bamboo leaves.

Jiang Tiao stood rigid in place for almost ten seconds as if the pain in her wrist transferred to her limbs.

When he let go of her wrist, the feeling was still present but disappeared a moment later.

She doesn’t understand at all why Fu Ting Chuan is acting like he was caught red-handed.

She wanted to say something but he had already taken out his phone.
He narrowed his eyes and answered the call.

“Okay, I’m coming, I know.” His voice is hoarse as if he hadn’t drunk water in a long time.

It’s very…..sexy, his voice teasing her ears.

At the same time, Jiang Tiao received a message on her phone.
En, it’s time to go back.

Fu Ting Chuan hung up and look at Jiang Tiao.
The blush on her face has faded leaving only the usual paleness one would have after being shocked.

Her wrist is red.
He knew very well how much force he exerted earlier.

He was embarrassed and apologetic to the woman in front of him.

Fu Ting Chuan sat up from the lounge chair and took a long breath, “Sorry.”

“It’s nothing.” Although she doesn’t know what he is apologizing for, Jiang Tiao simply followed his words.

Fu Ting Chuan’s reaction was indeed unusual but it is understandable.
Some people will be very alert when sleeping and will be sensitive to their surroundings.
Especially since Fu Ting Chuan is a big star under public scrutiny, he will definitely have a lot of pressure.

“I didn’t sleep well so I was agitated.” Fu Ting Chuan put on his actor facade again but his words were a bit harsh.

…..Indeed he didn’t sleep well and was disturbed by her which is why he took his anger out on her.

Jiang Tiao immediately went to “fan's heart aches for idol” mode, “Do you usually not sleep well? Drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed or take a sleeping pill or even listen to some light music.”

Film Emperor Fu, “….”

Guilty, he feels extremely guilty.

Ever since he found out about his illness, he was worried that this was going to happen.
He was afraid that he will become like those low-class men whom he despises.
Completely led around the nose by his lower body and was unable to make rational thoughts or decisions.

Outside of filming, if he wants to kiss a girl, it must be because he loves her, not because of his desires.

Fu Ting Chuan changed the topic, “Xu Che just called me to go back.”

“Yes, my colleague just told me.” She raised her phone, the light flashing past her face, “Should we go?”

“En.” Fu Ting Chuan stood up and hung the blanket on his arm, “Let’s go.”


The last scene was filmed quickly.
After her work was finished, Jiang Tiao hurried back to the hotel.

When she passed by the front desk, the receptionist called out to her, “Miss Jiang, there is a package for you.”

Jiang Tiao walked over and looked at the mailing address.
It is from the United States.

Sun Qing who is beside her dully said, “It must be makeup again.”

Jiang Tiao’s lips arched into a smile.
Yes, it must be the thing she ordered.

Back in her room, Jiang Tiao took out a small knife from the drawer.
Like all women who love online shopping, a blade is crucial.
In less than ten seconds, she successfully removed the packaging.

She pulled out the styrofoam from the box and revealed the item inside.
It is the Bobbi Brown limited edition holiday palette she ordered a month ago.


There are nine cool and classic colors.
There are some mattes and shimmers which can be paired to create a starry sky for the eyes.

The name of this collection is called Sterling Nights.
On her recent trip to South Africa with her family, Bobbi was overwhelmed and touched by the lush greenery.
The most memorable moment is the beauty of the star-studded sky that illuminated the forest.

The inspiration for Sterling Nights came from here.

It really is a product of the stars.
Jiang Tiao stared at the palette until she fell into a daze.
She recalled the road back with the male god.

A pair of shadows, a tall one short, a man and a woman.

Neither of them spoke as they enjoyed the autumn breeze, their hearts feeling warm and content.

It’s as if they’ve known each other for a long time.

Jiang Tiao’s body is boiling with sweetness, threatening to overflow.

Thinking so happily, she stood up and found an empty spot on the desk.
Then she placed the palette down and took a picture with her phone.

She took several photos from different angles.
The light in the room is a warm orange but her phone has a pre-installed filter.

Jiang Tiao didn’t retouch any of the photos to prevent any color distortion on the products.
After making sure they are fine, she posted them on Weibo.

She doesn’t post frequently online.
She would even post about the same product in a week.

She hasn’t used the palette yet so she can’t say anything about it.
Instead, she just expressed her mood at the moment.

“I bumped into a star tonight.”

A few minutes after it was posted, a few dozen little angels have already commented on it.
Several of them are asking: Goddess is very cultured, always saying something we don’t understand.
In a word, is this Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette very good?

Jiang Tiao was quick to reply: I haven’t used it yet but I don’t regret buying it.
The sky had always been able to make people lose reason right?

Right? Right.

In her heart, Jiang Tiao answered them as well as herself.


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