As he lays their unconscious Quinns then said ”Thats too much even If its for revenge ”

”You call it revenge, I call it returning a favor ” Raven said.

After he regains consciousness he realize that he was tied up at a place he didn know. He then yells ”Hey you bitches come and let me go. Your making a big mistake ”

Scott enters the room in a mask, he then took a seat in front him and said ”They
e not here at the moment, I think they went shopping for tools to interrogate you ”

”You don scare me with your words nor with your mask. By the way who are you and what do you want? ” He said.

Scott replies ”Im Vulcan and you must be Sosa Tommy. We are here for our friend and for your sake, he better be alive ”

”So if I told you where he is youll let me go? ” He asked.

Scott replies ”After we recover him then yes, but I will have to convince the girls ”

”Are you saying you need their permission to make all your decisions ” Tommy said laughing.

He replies ”Well I don or theyll kick the shit out of me. Jus look what happened to you. ”

”Grow a pair of nuts and let me go after I tell you ” Tommy said ignoring his words.

”Where is he? Im sure the answer will make them less likely to hurt you ” John said.

He replies ”Hes at the docks with that bastard Kain, Ill take you there. Youve got my word, so let me go ”

Scott replies ”Like I can believe your word, when they return youll take us and try any funny business and I promise your brains will be on the floor long before ours ”

”Don be a pussy just let me go you bastard ” He yells at him. Scott then gets up and leaves the room.

An hour later Quinns rushes into the room with a machete and a pliers. She grabs him by the collar and said ”Are you going to talk or not, because I got no problem torturing you. Ill start with your nails then your teeth ”

”You crazy bitch, I told your friend that Ill take you guys there ” Tommy yells.

”Oh my bad, but why are you ratting out your friends? ” Quinns asks.

He replies ”Friend! More like a slave driver. Kain just uses me and every time he leaves Im knee deep in shit. Its time to get rid of that bastard ”

Quinns laugh and said ”Well get you in the next hour or so. Sit tight Jose ”

”Georgina can you promise that Ill be alive at the end of all this ” He said.

Quinns smiles and said ”Of course Jose, we have no business with you after all ” She then walks out the room and headed to where Scott was. She then said ”We
e moving out in a hour so get you gears ready ”

”Yes boss! ” Scott replies.

Raven then nods and said ”Im already geared up ” She then drops a bag of guns on the table and opens her trench coat revealing her weapons.

”You don think your over doing it? ” Scott asked.

Quinns then said ”Your forgetting Kains a spy and he caught Thorn ”

”Beside Im the Izanami , I got a name to live up to ” Raven said.

Scott laughs and said ”Very funny, look over in that box you see your ski masks ”

”Scott you do know your coming with us ” Raven said.

He replies ”Only use our code names and I wasn gonna let you girls get all the credit for saving his skin ”

”Don forget we are being monitored for our ranks. So the higher our ranks are, the more clearance well gain ” Quinns said.

Raven then said ”Not only that better cash flow ”

”Ye whatever ” He said before walking to the kitchen ”

Quinns then said ”Don eat too much ”

”Shut up and Join me, we can call it a date ” He said while laughing.

She sighs and said ”Not in your wildest dreams ”

He laughs and continues walking to the kitchen.

Few hours later, they walked into the room where Tommy was.

Scott was dressed in a black and green tracksuit with a black ski mask, Quinns was in a dark green full body tactical suit with a green ballistic skull mask and Raven was in a blood red Faux leather hoodie and leather pants with a blood red Oni half mask.

Tommy started laughing and said ”I Love how you guys think this is a movie ”

”Be quiet before I start slicing huge chunks off you ” Scott said as he pulls his knife out.

Tommy laughs and replies ”What you think your just gonna walk in and walk out in one piece. I feel pity for you lunatics but as long as your there Im gone ”

Raven cuts him loose and hands him a car key then said ”Don worry youll be there, right to the very end Sosa ”

”Don worry Jose as long as you tell them that we are your assassins youll be okay ” Quinns said.

Tommy then said You bastards! You said all I had to do was just take you there, then I can leave

”We can afford you giving them an heads up ” Scott said.

Tommy replies ”I promise I won , I beg of you ”

”A promise of a scumbag Is all we need In this pathetic world ” Scott said mockingly.

Quinns then said ”Vulcan enough and Jose get in the car, begging doesn suit you ”

”And what If I decided not to get Into the car? ” He asked.

Raven quickly placed her pistol at his head and said ”I would so love to spread your brains over the whole wall ”

”You wouldn dare, because you need me ” Tommy said as he slowly turns and looks at her.

Raven then smiles and said ”I would love to add you to my kill count, just utter the words ”

”Izanami enough, without him it would be a seventy percent chance we fail ” Quinns said.

Scott then said ”Q thirty percent is starting to sound like a whole lot ”

”Q when haven we beaten the odds? ” Raven said.

Scott then said ”She has a point ”

”Spare him and save us time ” Quinns said.

Scott then replies ”We
e being graded remember so if we complete this mission In less than three days that would be great. Jose your lucky so thank god ”

Raven sighs and said ”Fine Ill spare him, so starting walking bitch ” She then shoves the gun onto his forehead. He then turns and they all entered the car.

Tommy then said ”I wish you all burn in hell ”

Scotts then pats him on the shoulder and said ”You before us ” Scotts started laughing and Tommy glares as he drove off.

Forty minutes later they arrived at an abandoned building, guards could be seen at every entrance and four at the main gate.

Quinns then looks at Tommy and asked ”Are you allowed to go in? ”

”Of course Its my building ” Tommy replies.

”Then drive ” Raven orders him. He shakes his head and drives up to the gate.

A guard walks over and said ”Oh good evening sir, what brings you here so late ”

”Thats none of your business, just tell Kain Im here to see him ASAP ” Tommy said angrily.

The guard then took up his phone and call Kain.

He then said ”Boss would like to know who are the three persons your travelling with ”

Raven then shoves her pistol to his side, reminding him what will happen If he says anything suspicious.

Tommy then said ”They
e my new guards and Im not in a good mood ”

The guard then relay the message and replies ”He would like to know what happened to the old ones ”

”They tried to kill me, I barely escaped with my life ” Tommy yells.

Once again the guards replays the message and replies ”He said you can go but check your temper ”

He glares at the guard and drives into the compound. They entered the building and stood waiting. A woman walks in and said ”He apologizes for keeping you waiting, he will see you now but you may only take one guard ”

Raven then walk out of the three and went with him to Kains office. As they entered Kain gets up and said ”Tommy my friend take a seat ”

He took a seat while Raven stood behind him, he then said ”Did you set my guards up to kill me Kain and better be honest ”

”Why would I try to kill you, when your the only supplying my stay here? ” He asked.

He looks at him and sighs ”Thats a good reply ”

”Tell me why your guards are masked up and dressed like that ” Kain asked.

Tommy laughs and said ”She an assassin, my order was that she should kill you if she sense any hint of hostility or lies towards me ”

”So I guess Im off the suspect list? ” Kain asked.

Tommy replies ”At the moment, so wheres that agent that you came here with? Is he still alive? ”

”Why do you ask? ” He asked while staring Tommy dead in the eyes.

Tommy then replies ”I would like to know if he had anything to do with It and I won leave until I get my answer ”

”Your too persistent It will be your downfall Tommy ” Kain said.

Raven then held onto her pistol, thats on her hip and Tommy then asks ”Is that a threat Kain? ”

”No, Its an advice from a friend ” He replies.

Tommy then said ”Well keep your advises and show me where he is. Im paying each of these assassins Fifty by the hour, so lets go on ”

Kain stands up and walks over to a passage way. ”Lets go then ” They quietly stroll down the passageway and came upon a single door. Kain then knocks and a female then opens then door.

John was tied up on a chair with two women guarding him.

John then looks up and said ”Tommy your back, with a friend ”

”A friend Indeed but the reason Im here is to know if your the reason my own guards attacked me ” He asked.

John laughs and said ”Its sad that they failed ”

Raven then walks up to John and gun butts him in the stomach. John then coughs and started laughing.

He then said ”Whats your problem? Kain your not gonna say nothing about this? ”

”Nope, not my problem. Tommy just don kill him, thats my task ” Kain said before exiting the room.

Raven took the safety off the pistol pointing it at his head and said ”Better answer the question and don let me get violent ”

John eyes widened as he recognizes her voice he, replies playing along ”You just heard what he said, you can kill me ”

”But I can make you bleed as long as you don die ” She replies.

John then sighs and said ”Let those bullets fly then ”

Raven then opens fire and shooting both guards killing them. She then took her knife and cut John loose before saying ”We have to be quick, I bet those could be heard all the way to the roof ”

As John was free he immediately hugs Raven and said ”Im so glad you came, after hearing your voice my spirit was lifted ”

”I couldn just leave you to rot here ” Raven replies.

Tommy then said ”We need to escape remember that scary part ”

John glares at him and grabs him by the neck. ”Tell me why I shouldn snap your neck ”

”Theres no time for that plus I was told to spare him because he helped ” Raven said.

John releases him and grabs both of the guards automatic rifles. He then hands one to Tommy and said lead the way ”

”Why you both have the spy shit going on ” Tommy replies.

John then said ”Because I don want you shooting me in the back. So its either that or you drop then gun ”

After hearing this Tommy quickly takes the lead and slowly strolls down the hallway, after entering the office blood was all on the walls and desks.

John then asks ”What the hell happened here ”

Quinns and Vulcan enters the room saying ”We happened ”

”No freaking way, you guys came to rescue me too ” John said laughing.

Quinns replies ”Its just us two and Izanami ”

”Whos Izanami? ” John asks.

”I am ” Raven said.

John looks at her and said ”You chose that one on purpose, didn you? ”

”I don know what you mean ” She replies.

John said ”Thorn the reaper death scythe ”

”Wait a minute wheres Kain? ” Raven asks.

Vulcan then walks outside and drags him in the office tied up with tape over his mouth. ”Hes the reason the squad of six men isn storming the building ” Quinns said.

John smiles vanishes off his face as he walks over to Kain and rips the tape off his mouth. ”The role has change hasn It Kain ” John said.

He replies ”So It may seem at the moment and I see Tommy your the traitor. Im glad I saw for myself ”

”Too bad youll be dead before your able to do anything ” Tommy said laughing.

Kain then laughs and said ”Youll be dying before me, ain that truth John? ”

”It all depends on his vibe ” John said laughing

Tommy then replies ”See Kain, Im among friends ”

”Tommy Im kidding, you have as much guilt as the other guy and you failed the vibe test. You seeing our face doesn help so who wants to do the honor of killing this snake ” John said.

Raven quickly grabs him by his shirt collar and knocks the gun out of his palms. She then drags him to the passageway and Scott follows her.

”So Thorn you have me and the codes, so Its back to your HQ ” Kain said.

John laughs and said ”You beat the shit out of me, Look at my face and my stomach. Im gonna kill you, then your six guards and then Im gonna go home to my bed ”

”Thats what I thought so let me die like a man, with a shot of tequila and a smoke ” Kain requested.

John looks at him and helped him to have a seat around his desk. He then tied his entire body to the chair and rope was attached to a rail above the office.

”All this just for me John? ” Kain asked.

John replies ”You
e a lot more resourceful than me, so of course Ill go this far ”

”I don get why you don just waste him already and let us leave ” Quinns said.

John replies saying ”Hes my partner or used to be, I understand that Its just a job. At the end of the day we
e friends on different sides of the same coin ” John then cuts his arm loose and hands him a glass.

As John walks over to the shelf to grab a bottle of tequila Kain said ”Im glad you see me as a friend, thats the nicest thing someone has every said to me other than my son. Hes the only reason I started this stupid job ”

John returns and pours drinks for the two including him self. He sits on top of the desk and said ”I could tell you
e a good guy in a bad situation so nows the time to talk ”

”After leaving the military they asked me to join and I denied because I wanted to make time up with my son. At that time he was just ten and they returned when he was sixteen saying either I join or he will. That was three years ago and I signed a contract of ten year service to them ”

He took a sip and continues ”Im afraid they
e gonna let my son complete the additional years for my incompetence ” Kain said.

Quinns then said ”So you want us to let you go so you can go rescue your son ”

”No Im tired of the lying, stealing and killing. I just wanna close my eyes and never wake up. But I can until I know my sons safe ” Kain replies.

Quinns asks ”So you want us to rescue him? ”

”Not you, John hes the only man I trust to keep his promises. So promise me that you will John ” Kain said.

Quinns said ”Not over my dead body ”

”Not over yours but his. Charles I promise to try my best to get your son to safety ” John replies.

”No one hears me when I cry, just you John and Im glad I met you ” Kain said.

John then asks ”What should I say to him? ”

”Just tell him he can read the letter I left and that Im going to see his mom. Also tell him Im watching over him ” Kain said as tears run from his eyes.

John gets up and place the gun at his head and said ”Wish this could be different. See you on the other side Charles Kain the knight of the night ”

”Thank you John the Thorn of Jongstrom. Someday youll understand my actions Agent Quinns but for now just be the best and the kindest assassin even better than me and John. John keep climbing don settle at eight ” He replies.

John nods and squeezes the trigger.

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